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Top neighborhoods for corporate housing in Luxembourg

Luxembourg City is one of the official capitals of the European Union and one of its financial and tech hubs. Almost half its population comes from abroad to be employed in one of the European institutions or the financial sector. If you are relocating to Luxembourg, you are faced with the dilemma of finding a new home in a market famous for its scarcity and its high prices. Given the strict regulations that come with long-term rentals in Luxembourg, your best choice is to settle first in a corporate serviced apartment in Luxembourg City, in an area close to your place of business. Here are a few tips on the most desirable neighborhoods of Luxembourg City and how to choose the one that works best for you. What to look for in a neighborhood If you are relocating to Luxembourg for a job, you need to look for accommodation in one of the central districts, close to the financial and political heart of the city. Although at first glance the city centre seems to be a landscape of skyscrapers, you can find here many leafy neighborhoods, with rows of classical buildings situated on tranquil lanes. A good neighborhood for corporate housing needs to have easy access to shops, cafés, restaurants, gyms, and parks. If you relocate to Luxembourg with your kids, you need to consider what schools and kindergartens you can find in that area. Luxembourg City has many international schools but also schools that offer teaching in one or all of the national languages: German, French, and Luxembourgish. Check in advance if the neighborhood in which you want to settle has an international school, with classes taught in English.  Top neighborhoods for corporate housing in Luxembourg There are several districts in central Luxembourg City where you can find all these amenities, namely Kirchberg, Belair, Limpertsberg, Ville Haute, and Gare. You can even venture outside the City Centre, in the southern quarters of Cloche d’Or and Gasperich. Kirchberg– is the financial, institutional, and cultural heart of Luxembourg City. It has a mall, the Kirchberg Shopping Center, where you can find everything from shoe shops to a food court. The Philharmonie concert hall and the MUDAM, the museum of contemporary art, are also located here. If you want to keep fit you can do it at the d’Coque, with its impressive Olympic-size swimming pool, or go to one of the many fitness centers in the neighborhood. Kirchberg is unique in the multitude of international schools that are located here that offer classes taught in English from primary school to university level. Choose your Luxembourg short-term apartment in this neighborhood and you will be well equipped to start your new life in the Duchy. Belair- is one of the most tranquil districts of Luxembourg City. Rows of ritzy family homes with gardens make this quarter one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city. Renting a corporate apartment in Belair comes with proximity to supermarkets Lidl and Delhaise but also with a range of specialty shops, where you can pick up your bread or wine. There are several schools that have classes in English, such as the International School of Luxembourg. Limpertsberg- is a peaceful residential neighborhood situated near Kirchberg. The district is home to many schools, some of them international, such as the Waldorf School. This district is ideal for family life, less so for shopping or going out. However, its central location and proximity to the financial quarter make it an ideal neighborhood where to choose your first corporate flat in Luxembourg. Ville Haute and Gare- are two adjacent central districts of Luxembourg City. Rental prices in these areas come at a premium. They have the greatest concentration of restaurants, cafés, and nightclubs in Luxembourg City. These quarters are ideal for outgoing people, who enjoy sharing the buzz of an active city. Cloche d’Or– is one of the newest and the greenest quarters of Luxembourg City. This is a place of sleek modern architecture where you can find a vast shopping center, the Cloche d’Or. Here you can find everything from your new outfit to the ingredients on your grocery list. Renting your Luxembourg serviced apartment in this area will ensure that you enjoy all the amenities of a newly built neighborhood. Gasperich- boasts the presence of the largest park in the city, the Parc de Gasperich, but also the biggest shopping center in the country, the Cloche d’Or, which it shares with its neighbor. The architecture of the quarter is made mainly of modern apartment buildings. All schools in this district are either French or Luxembourgish, so pupils wanting to study in English would have to commute to the neighboring quarters. Choose Gasperich for your Luxembourg corporate housing if you want to enjoy the amenities of modern architecture in a vibrant neighborhood. These are neighborhoods that fit best the requirements of an ideal corporate flat in Luxembourg City. They are in the city center or with easy access to Kirchberg, the financial and political centre. Settle here for your first months in Luxembourg and choose a serviced apartment as your base in the city.


Top 8 Facebook Groups to Join when You Move to Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg might be one of the smallest countries in the world but it’s also one of the richest. Many European and international institutions have their headquarters in the Duchy that also attracts professionals from banking and high tech industries. Moving to a new country requires a lot of research from those about to embark on such an adventure. Moving to Luxembourg is no different. If you are planning to relocate to Luxembourg, you need to get up to speed with its lifestyle and culture. Also, you are probably looking for a new place to live. Joining a Facebook group can help you find your way in this new country and even make some new acquaintances. Facebook groups dedicated to expats usually function like notice boards, where you can find job offers, rentals, advice on topical problems (from how to find a school for your kids on what to wear to a wedding in Luxembourg), and a thriving market (people selling and buying things that they don’t need anymore). Here are the top 8 Facebook groups you should join when you plan your move to Luxembourg: Visit Luxembourg should be your first port of call if you are one of the many professionals relocating to Luxembourg. It gives you a glimpse into the life of people who have already made Luxembourg their home. You can learn more about how they settled into their new life and what they are getting up to in their spare time. Join this lively community and share your own adventures in the Duchy! Just Arrived Luxembourg aims to guide people through their Luxembourg relocation. Here you can find anything from job opportunities, to real estate advice, advice on the local legal system and how to choose your insurance, travel tips, relocation services in Luxembourg, how to start a business in Luxembourg, transportation, what’s going on in the cultural life of the city, and much more. Luxembourg Expats Lu is a private group with more than 40k members. The group offers all sorts of information and functions like a sort of dedicated newspaper for the expat community in Luxembourg. It’s a meeting place, where you can get to know new people and make some friends in your new country. It’s also a marketplace, a pinboard for job adverts, as well as a place to advertise real estate, housing and renovation posts.  This is the place where you might find your new accommodation in Luxembourg, or at least get an idea about the real estate market. À louer et à vendre Luxembourg LU, which stands for “For rent and for sale in Luxembourg”, is a similar group, with 8,4k members. In spite of its French name, the group has posts both in French and English and seems to be preferred by young professionals moving to Luxembourg who are looking for a place to rent. If you are a professional relocating to Luxembourg, it’s definitely worth a look. City Savvy Luxembourg styles itself as an ‘online lifestyle magazine in English’. Here you can find a trove of information that will help you to adjust and thrive in your new country. You can take the pulse of the city and learn what cafés and restaurants are all the hype at the moment, where you can try fun activities with your kids, what exhibitions and concerts are on, get travel and sports advice, or school recommendations. If you are relocating to Luxembourg, you should definitely join this group. International Ladies in Luxembourg is a public group that reunites more than 2k members. Here you can find posts about every imaginable topic: job ads, parenting classes, activities for kids, school recommendations, gym and sports tips. You can also find the odd rental ad, which might be helpful when you prepare your move and are looking to rent a furnished apartment in Luxembourg. What’s On for Kids is the online community you need to join if you are relocating to Luxembourg with kids.  Here you can find school and kindergarten recommendations, information about camps and kids sports, or simply get some ideas about what to do with your kids for a fun weekend. The Lux Life has as its main purpose to ‘review all the things to do, buy, and eat in Luxembourg’, so this is the place where you can find recommendations for restaurants, dental practices, gift shops, beauty salons, book clubs, hotels, but also advice about schools and parenting. Definitely worth a look if you are relocating to Luxembourg. Most of these groups are joined by people who are looking for apartments for rent in Luxembourg City. Here you can find something for all pockets, from shared apartments to high-end corporate serviced flats in Luxembourg City. If you are a professional relocating to Luxembourg, you might need to find a short-term, serviced accommodation for your first months in Luxembourg. Getting a fully serviced apartment in Luxembourg would allow you to settle in your job and start looking for your new home in the Duchy. So, join one of these groups and prepare for your move to Luxembourg and the adventure of finding a new home and forging a new life.


Jakub from On-Lang, the online language school in today's Featured Story Series

At Luxembourg Expats Network Featured Story Series’, today we are speaking to Jacob, founder of the online language institute On-Lang. Every entrepreneur's journey is filled with hope and opportunities and struggles and turbulence. By speaking, we not only highlight the journey of an entrepreneur, but we also hope this would be an inspiration for many. Without further ado, let’s jump right-in to our discussions with Jacob. Welcome to LuxExpats FSS, Jacob, let’s have a brief introduction about yourself: My name is Jakub. I am a language teacher with 10+ years of experience. Married to another great education specialist Eveline, who works as methodologist in our school – On-lang. We come from Poland, both worked as freelance teachers there, and at the beginning of 2021 we founded On-lang language school in Bitburg, Germany What's your Bitburg story? What brought you to Bitburg, and how has life in Bitburg been? We visited this area a couple of years ago. Our friends invited us. Once we’ve seen Bitburg, Trier, Eifel region, and Luxembourg of course, we thought that it might be a good place to live. Long story short, after just a few years we had a chance and we took it. Life in Bitburg is calm. People are very friendly and helpful, what we as newcomers appreciate a lot. What's your entrepreneurial journey? How did you get started with On-lang, the online language school? It started several years ago. After an adventure as a corporate employee I decided to pursue a career as a freelancer. I wanted to be able to have more influence on how my work, and life looked like. That’s how my company started to exist. For a couple of years I cooperated with various language schools, and managed to build a list of private clients. When we were planning to move to Germany, it was an obvious choice to pursue the teaching career. After analyzing the options, we decided to launch a company – On-lang language school, get some of our friends, who are fantastic educators on board and start building our future. What services do you offer? Who are your target audience? We want to help everyone who wants to learn a foreign language. We offer various learning schemes. One can learn solo, with a friend, or in a group. We are also interested in reaching companies where workers need to improve their communication skills in non-native languages. Having employees who speak a couple of languages fluently and are not scared of using them can really push a business forward, and we have already cooperated with different companies in that area. What are you most proud of in On-lang? I am super proud of being able to have fantastic people on board. We chose our teachers carefully and cooperate only with those, who have the same vision as we do  to help people break language barriers. I am very thankful for their support. The other thing I am proud of is that from this school-year we were able to offer job-contracts to some of our teachers. Though it is not the first choice of many schools, that usually employ freelancers only, we are happy to make a step forward and to make the job more stable for both our educators and ourselves. What are your hobbies and interests? I used to be a freelance photographer and that is still somewhere in my heart. I love visiting new places with my camera and taking photos. It helps to get a better, more detail-oriented perspective of a place one visits. That’s how it works for me at least 😊 What's your favorite spot in Luxembourg? Though I am relatively fresh in here, I can name a couple of spots I definitely love. From the city of Luxembourg I definitely fell in love with the Adolphe Bridge. Having a walk with the view is a breath-taking experience. It is also a perfect place to get away for a moment to be alone with ones thoughts sipping a good take-away coffee of course. What's your top 3-recommendations for a new comer in learning new language? 1. Surround yourself with the new language. Change language in your video games, phone system, Netflix default settings etc. Try to manage and don’t give up if it feels a bit upsetting or tiering at first. 2. Get professional help of a qualified teacher who can coach you through your language process. Even the best self-learning sportsmen need an assistance of a coach at some point. The same goes for the language skills, it really helps to have a professional teacher who cares about you, and your progress. Every student deserves a champion 😊 3. Go out there and use what you learn. Whenever it is possible for you, use the language you are learning. When you feel you are misunderstood, that’s why we have our hands and mimics, use them if you fail to find a word needed at the moment. The feeling of accomplishment when you manage to have a simple conversation in a language you are learning is an amazing motivator. What's your favorite quote? My favorite quote comes from one of my favorite TedTalks. It was given by a great educator Rita Pierson, who said: “Every child deserves a champion—an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” In On-lang, we believe that every our student, young or older deserves a champion 😊 What methods do you use teaching your students? We use a variety of teaching methods. Starting from Montessori/Multi-sensory methods for kids, through The Natural Approach, CLT (Communicative language learning), to our favorite – the Immersion method for adults. Actually what we like to do most is to tailor a mixture of various methods to our students. We definitely try to conduct our lessons completely in the target language as soon as it is possible. We also want to give our students the possibility to enjoy communication as early as  possible in their learning process – hence the focus on very practical, and useful skills. What would you say would be the recommendations of people who want to start their own business today? 1. The beginnings are never easy, so don’t give up to quickly. 2. Though you may often feel like this – don’t do everything by yourself. Try to get a support and to delegate tasks as soon as possible. 3. Gather positive people around you, and talk to them often to gain motivation to go on. Last, but not least, if you are not one yourself, find a good support of a tax advisor. I am very happy to have a support of Jegen Steuerberatungsgesellschaft GmbH from Bitburg, that provides fantastic support. Hope you enjoyed learning about Jacob and his family's entrepreneurial experience, which he has shared in a beautiful way. Are you learning a new language? check out On-lang and support local businesses in the greater region:


Tips and tricks for renting a flat in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is notoriously expensive for renters. Why? The country is small and there are not so many houses to go around, which makes the demand for housing very high. Plus, Luxembourg attracts a continuous influx of people from overseas. Almost 50% of Luxembourg’s population comes from abroad, attracted by jobs in tech, finance, justice, and politics. Luxembourg is home to European Institutions, tech giants, such as Amazon, is one of the financial hubs of Europe, and hosts NATO offices. They provide employment opportunities and attract professionals from overseas to the Grand Duchy. When you prepare your move to Luxembourg, you have to take into account that renting prices are quite steep. In 2020, the average monthly rent for an apartment in Luxembourg City was 1,585 € and around 4000 € for a house. Given the scarcity of housing and the high prices, people relocating to Luxembourg are faced with the difficult task of finding a home. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to find and rent a flat in Luxembourg City. How to find an apartment for rent in Luxembourg City In Luxembourg, most landlords rent out their property via estate agents. If you find your apartment through an estate agent, you will have to pay a commission for their services that usually amounts to a month’s rent plus VAT. You can start by checking out rental agency websites, property portals, or expat Facebook groups. If you move to Luxembourg for your job, your company might arrange for a corporate serviced apartment in Luxembourg City. Or you can use the services of a relocation agency that can arrange for your accommodation, help with the bureaucracy involved by settling in another country, and even help you find a school for your kids. The Tenancy Agreement If you find an apartment that suits your needs, the next step is to sign the tenancy agreement (contrat de bail à loyer/ mietvertrag). Bear in mind that the contract will be in one of the official languages of Luxembourg: French, German, Luxembourgish. Make sure that you understand the terms of the contract and get a translator if needed. In Luxembourg, tenancy agreements for long-term rentals are for 1 to 3 years. You will need to pay a deposit that amounts to 1 to 3 months of rent, depending on the apartment, if it’s unfurnished or furnished. Most landlords will compile an inventory of the apartment that records its condition at the beginning of the tenancy. You will need to sign it and this will be used to settle any deductions for damages from your deposit. By law, the landlord is required to provide you with the energy performance certificate of the accommodation you are renting. Throughout the tenancy, the tenant will pay for utilities, maintenance, and common expenses if the flat is situated in a shared building. The tenant is also required to get home insurance. You should also be aware of the so-called ‘Painting Clause’ that implies that you will have to completely repaint the flat if you leave it before 3 years. Most landlords tend to add this clause by default and it could become expensive for you. If at all possible, insist on having the so-called ‘Diplomatic Clause’ added to your tenancy agreement. This will allow you to end the agreement before the end of the lease, but only if you need to leave Luxembourg for work. You also need to remember that, different from other countries, Luxembourg lease agreements are automatically renewed for at least 1 full year after the lease term unless stated otherwise. The short-term apartment  solution Given the challenge of finding a long-term rental that suits your needs, you might opt for temporary housing in Luxembourg, particularly for the first months following your move. Getting a short-term let will give you the respite to look for your long-term home in Luxembourg at ease.  The options vary from getting a room in a shared flat to renting a high-end corporate serviced apartment. These apartments come furnished and, in the latter case, with 24/7 on-call guest service and weekly housekeeping. The short-term let solution is particularly suitable for people who are relocated by their companies for work, who need to find accommodation quickly and be able to start at their new job as soon as possible. These are some of your renting options upon relocation to Luxembourg. If you opt for a short-term let, you might want to consider the services of a corporate housing provider operating in Luxembourg. With your temporary accommodation taken care of, you will be able to get to know that city and choose the area and the house that suits you best.


ICT Spring 2021: the largest physical event of the year kept all its promises

ICT Spring 2021: the largest physical event of the year kept all its promises  On September 14 and 15, at the Europe Convention Center Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, a new edition of the global tech conference ICT Spring was held. Organized by Farvest, this two day event composed of keynotes, roundtables, meetings and networking allowed experts, managers, start-ups and investors to meet and discuss topical issues and future trends in various sectors: ranging from FinTech to Space, including Cybersecurity, the digitalization of services, the Supply Chain and the development of the startups’ ecosystem at the international scale.  With 2.200+ people registered for this 2021 edition, 2350+ bilateral contacts made, 51 countries represented, 400+ meetings booked and 6000+ messages exchanged, ICT Spring kept all its promises.   Being the unmissable event since 2010 and supported by the Luxembourg government as well as an array of companies committed to the future of the tech world and of our society, ICT Spring, was the main event of the Digital ICT Week organized last September 13 to 17 by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Europe Network.   As a consequence to the current health situation, ICT Spring took place in a hybrid format, with the possibility for attendees to join either on site or either to follow the conferences broadcasted live on a dedicated platform. Two intense days during which more than 220 high-level international speakers shared their expertise on major tech trends, their impact on society and the working world. In addition, more than 55 exhibitors met and exchanged with the 2021 springers while featuring their products and services in the exhibition hall.  True to its commitments and objectives, ICT Spring 2021 has encouraged emulation and networking between business leaders, decision makers, start-ups, researchers and VCs. The participants were pleased to exchange face-to-face after months of health crisis which prevented such meetings from being held, a real “first” for the country since March 2020. To offer a 360 event experience to its digital attendees, a networking platform was also implemented -allowing participants to participate in the matchmaking and targeted networking sessions- through the use of an internal application, generating more than 1500 meetings over the 2 days.  For its inauguration, the Mastermind Summit & Competition offered a brand new conference dedicated to entrepreneurs, VCs and startups. Featuring the best international start-ups in the tech world, Mastermind Competition rewarded 3 start-ups, at the forefront of innovation, active in Deeptech, Fintech and NewSpace. The winners of this first edition are: FIN-PAY from Australia (FinTech), Encapsulate from Canada (DeepTech) and Pale Blue from Japan (NewSpace).   Website:     ---------------------  French Version  ICT Spring Europe 2021 : le plus grand événement en présentiel de l'année a tenu toutes ses promesses  Les 14 et 15 septembre, à l'Europe Convention Center Luxembourg, au cœur de l'Europe, s'est tenue une nouvelle édition de la conférence technologique internationale ICT Spring. Organisé par Farvest, cet événement de deux jours composé de keynotes, tables rondes, rencontres et networking a permis aux experts, managers, start-ups et investisseurs d'échanger sur des sujets d'actualité et sur les tendances futures dans des secteurs variés : de la FinTech au spatial, en passant par la cybersécurité, la digitalisation des services, la Supply Chain et le développement de l'écosystème des startups à l'échelle internationale.  Avec plus de 2.200 personnes inscrites pour cette édition 2021, plus de 2.500 contacts bilatéraux, 51 pays représentés, plus de 400 rendez-vous professionnels planifiés et plus de 6.000 messages échangés, ICT Spring a tenu toutes ses promesses.  Rendez-vous incontournable depuis 2010, soutenu par le gouvernement luxembourgeois et tout un panel d'entreprises investies dans l'avenir de la tech et de notre société, ICT Spring était l'événement phare de la Digital ICT Week organisée du 13 au 17 septembre par la Chambre de Commerce du Luxembourg et Enterprise Europe Network.  Du fait de la situation sanitaire actuelle, ICT Spring s'est déroulé sous un format hybride, avec la possibilité pour les professionnels, soit d’assister à l’événement sur place, soit de suivre les conférences retransmises en direct sur internet grâce une plateforme dédiée. Le programme a consisté en deux journées intenses au cours desquelles plus de 220 intervenants internationaux de haut niveau ont partagé leur expertise sur les grandes tendances technologiques, leur impact sur la société et le monde du travail. En outre, plus de 55 exposants ont pu présenter leurs dernières innovations dans le hall d'exposition.  Fidèle à ses engagements et ses objectifs, ICT Spring Europe a favorisé l'émulation et le networking entre chefs d'entreprise, décideurs, startupers, chercheurs et investisseurs en capital-risque. Les participants ont eu le plaisir d'échanger en face-à-face après des mois de crise sanitaire qui ont empêché la tenue de telles rencontres, une véritable première pour le pays depuis mars 2020. Afin d’offrir une expérience événementielle à 360° ​​aux professionnels qui n’étaient pas présents sur place, une plateforme de networking a été mis en place, permettant des sessions de réseautage ciblées et du matchmaking grâce à l'utilisation d'une application interne, générant plus de 1500 meetings sur les deux jours.  Pour sa première, le Mastermind Summit & Competition a proposé une conférence dédiée aux entrepreneurs, investisseurs en capital-risque et startupers. Mettant en avant les meilleures start-up internationales de la tech, Mastermind Competition en a récompensé trois à la pointe de l'innovation, actives dans la Deeptech, la Fintech et le NewSpace. Les gagnants de cette première édition sont : l’australienne FIN-PAY (FinTech), la canadienne Encapsulate (DeepTech) et la japonaise Pale Blue (NewSpace).  Site internet :  


Road resurfacing on Rue de Hamm

Road resurfacing works will be carried out on Rue de Hamm from 5:30 on Saturday, 11 September to 5:00 on Monday, 13 September 2021. Rue de Hamm will be closed to all traffic on the section of this road between No. 174 and Rue Englebert Neveu for the duration of these works. The Service Circulation (Traffic Department) will ensure proper signage is provided to inform road users. Please also note the following changes to the municipal bus service during the works: On line 9, all buses bound for Hamm will end their route at the stop "Ierzkaulen" (on Rue Englebert Neveu), which will serve as a temporary terminus. The stops "Hamm-Colonie", "Hamm-Schoul", "Hamm-Kierch", "Rue Haute", "Käschtewee" and "Rue de Bitbourg" will not be served. In the opposite direction, service to Bonnevoie and the city centre will begin at "Ierzkaulen". On line 15, all buses bound for Hamm will end their route at the temporary terminus "Hamm, Kierch" (temporary stop on Rue des Peupliers). The stops "Hamm-Schoul", "Hamm-Colonie" and "Ierzkaulen" will not be served. In the opposite direction, service to Fetschenhof and Clausen will begin at "Hamm, Kierch" ((temporary stop on Rue des Peupliers). On the CN3, all buses coming from Bonnevoie will end their route at "Englebert Neveu" before changing direction and travelling back towards Bonnevoie and the city centre. No service will be provided to Pulvermühl and the upper area of Hamm. The following stops in particular will be closed: "Hamm-Colonie", "Hamm-Schoul", "Hamm-Kierch", "Peupliers", "Pulvermühl", "Hammer Dällchen" and "Général Patton" For more info: Road resurfacing on Rue de Hamm | Ville de Luxembourg ( 


Featured Story, Dr. Milana Zoric, an entrepreneur, psychologist, mother, LuxExpat

In our Featured Story Series (FSS) we are delighted to have our next conversation with Milana Zoric, an accomplished psychologist, entrepreneur, mother and an expat. LEN: Hi Milana, welcome to FSS. Share something about yourself: Hi, my name is Milana Zoric, I am coming from Serbia, I lived in France for almost 10 years and I work in Luxembourg as psychologist in Cabinet Paramedical in Niederkorn. LEN: What's your Luxembourg story? What brought you to Luxembourg, and how has life in Luxembourg been? As my husband was a professional basketball player in France for a decade, sport brought us in this region, where we heard for the first time about Luxembourg. As he finished his studies in USA, his diploma allowed him to start a career in a banking world in Luxembourg. As I had until recently only a Serbian passport, and as I am a mother of small children far from my family (which is a common story in Luxembourg), for me it was complicated until I managed to have all the papers needed in order to find a job. Now that I have an EU passport and my Doctorate in Psychology recognized in Luxembourg, everything is in its place. LEN: What's your entrepreneurial journey? How did you get started with Doctor of Psychology? As I am highly educated, I logically firstly wanted to find a job in Luxembourg, specifically in HR services. But as most of the offers were those for the full time positions, and as my husband already had a job like this, it was hard for me, but I refused most of the full time offers as I have small children and as I feel that inner responsibility to be there and create a balance in order to have a happy and healthy family. So I was searching for some part-time jobs until I realized that it’s not that easy to find it. Then, after some time, I simply decided to create my own business and actually restart doing what I already was doing in the past. And that’s psychotherapy and psychological counseling. LEN: What services do you offer? Who are your targets? Besides my Master and Doctorate University degrees, I have 6 years of education in psychotherapy approach called Transactional analysis and more than 10 years of experience in working with people by providing psychological counseling. I am targeting all the people who found themselves in some kind of complex life situations/people under the stress/people who want to reach their full potential in life throughout reaching the balance between different important roles in their life. As I am an active provider of organization called Workplace options, I usually work with people working in companies, but also very often with stressed moms or people who found themselves in some other types of everyday problems (communication problems, self-esteem issues, emotional struggles, family problems). LEN: What are you most proud of in practicing psychological counseling? Firstly, I am really proud that I succeeded in creating a balance between all the roles I find extremely important in life and those are the roles of mother, wife and a working women. As a consequent, I am proud that I can serve to my clients as an example of someone who succeeded to resolve some really complex life situations and give them all the tools to sort out complex psychological states of being. Of course I am also proud that I can be in a service to all the people who need my help, and am satisfied by the fact that people are usually coming to my cabinet in one unpleasant state of being and stepping out almost every time with a smile and with that awakened strength they lost somewhere on their road. I am proud and happy to have that opportunity to work with people in English, French and Serbian language, as well as to have an opportunity to work in person and online also. LEN: What are your hobbies and interests? Creativity is the value I appreciate a lot. As I finished a musical school when I was a child, music stays as an important value, so I love listening to music, dancing, and singing. I also adore running and sports in generally. I was always interested in cooking and healthy nurture so I am constantly reading about and creating some delicious, but at the same time healthy foods. I adore reading and I read always some literature in order to learn more about different ways to help people. As in Luxembourg we also have your own community which contains thousands of people coming from countries from Ex Yugoslavia, I profit from hanging out with my friends whose native language is the same as mine. LEN: What's your favorite spot in Luxembourg? Muller trail definitely as I adore spending time in nature with my family. But I will also never skip the sales in Cloche d’or or in City Concord, lol. LEN: What are your top 3-recommendations for a new comer in Luxembourg? 1. Be ready for some huge changes in your rhythm and lifestyle. 2. Try to create your own zone of comfort where you will feel fine despite the high stress environment people are mostly facing. 3. Be unique and be yourself as it is highly appreciated in this international and multicultural country. LEN: What's your favorite quote? You must give in order to receive. LEN: What would you say would be the recommendations of people who want to start their own business today? 1. Creating a business definitely is not for everyone. You firstly need to have a very flexible mindset in order to adapt to all the risks, obstacles and hard times while creating your business. 2. In order to succeed, you need to create your own, unique personal and professional brand and if necessary search for some brand developing expert who will help you in that process. 3. Do something you really love, something that is driven by your own uniqueness and purpose. 4. Be patient, be open and try to connect in some way with as much people you can in order to enlarge your community. You can learn something from every single person you meet: from a lady in the bakery, from your clients as well as from you concurrency. You can get in touch with Milana for fore information about the services: Adresse: 27 rue Pierre Gansen Niederkorn E mail adresse : Phone number : +352 691 699 634 Milana Zoric on LEN: Linkedin: Instagram:

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