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Luxembourg: Weekly Roundup

The partnership was formalized at a signing ceremony between both companies at the POST Luxembourg’s Headquarters, in presence of the Luxembourg Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot. Luxembourg City, home to European institutions since 1952, is one of the three institutional seats of the European Union. - the Grand Duchy's portal. Located in the heart of Western Europe, the Grand Duchy offers the advantages of multilingualism, quality of life, and ease of access. Luxair flight from Malaga to Luxembourg experienced delays and was diverted to Liège due to runway maintenance at Findel Airport. The United States is going to buy the satcom service from Luxembourg. UBS Luxembourg to commemorate an outstanding milestone: 50 years of service in the Grand Duchy. The royal family of Luxembourg debuted a new website to teach children about the monarchy. Foreign tourists from the EU and extra-EU countries represented 43.0% of all nights spent in EU tourist accommodations in 2022. The website is designed to look like a children’s story book complete with animations and a map which showcases the signature residencies of the family.  These include Berg Castle, the Grand Ducal Palace and Fischbach Castle. The French government has vowed action to “reassure and protect” the public as its capital Paris reports a “widespread” rise in bedbugs. French teams are subject to the principle of public service neutrality, from the moment they are selected to this end in all national and international competitions. Thus, one cannot wear a headscarf (or any other accessory or outfit demonstrating a religious affiliation) when representing France in a national or international sporting competition Sannazzaro Natta moved into the 45-roomed, turreted, fairytale Castle Sannazzaro when she was four years old.

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Conversation with Verena Miller from GemStals- Align with your divine

In our Featured Story Series (FSS), we connected with the Luxembourger and founder of GemStals, Verena Miller. We have a particular fondness for entrepreneurs, and today we would like to introduce you to one Verena Miller, who believes that our connection to the natural, outer world and elements opens the gates to access the energy all around us and to tap into the magic inside you. Let's have a quick introduction about yourself. Where are you from and what do you do? Hi, my name is Verena and I’m from the North of Germany. I’ve been living in Luxembourg for 5 years and been working for the airline industry for the majority of my work life. Travelling, new cultures, people, cuisines and unique experiences have always drawn me in. I like to experience the energy of places. What's your entrepreneurial journey? How did you get started with GemStals? I started GemStals about exactly 2 years ago with the intention to share the energy of crystals with Luxembourg and beyond. My first experiences with crystals goes back many years. I bought a hand-made necklace with a large, shiny and naturally formed Labradorite at a yoga retreat. Whenever I wore the necklace I could feel the energy of transformation, calmness and bravery. It supported me like a talisman through some rough patches in my life. The energy of the stone helped me understand myself better. I gathered many crystals over the years but this one was different. I knew it came from a resourceful place, was naturally formed and had been treated with good intention. Crystals are objects of energy. They naturally carry energy, absorb and give. There are many crystal companies out there, who sell crystals which have been artificially coloured, or been in the tumbler machine for weeks to look a certain way, have been unethically sourced and so on. What I was searching for and finally found was a family company from Brazil, which has the same focus on sustainability, natural condition, ethical work environment and keeping the crystals in their most natural form possible. is my passion project to share the energy of crystals, one stone at a time. What is the importance of your product? Who should wear/carry your product? Natural beauty and energy, lots of good energy. People who like to connect with elements from the earth. What are you most proud of about GemStals? The success we’ve been having at all exhibitions we go to. GemStals has a small, always changing product range but people seem to really connect with our products, which makes me very happy. What are your hobbies and interests? Yoga, astrology, astrocartography,, spending time in the outdoors, live concerts What's your favorite spot in Luxembourg? The Bambesch What's your favorite quote? Energy goes where intention goes What would you say would be the recommendations of people who want to start their own business today? Connect with people in your branch, learn from them, share ideas and give support where you can. Let your passion be the driver. ​ Visit and shop:


Luxembourg: Weekly Roundup

Luxembourg has become the second European Union member country to legalize the possession and cultivation of cannabis for personal use after Malta. In Luxembourg the price of fuel is the same at all petrol stations, but this is not the case everywhere in Europe. Luxembourg secures Expo 2025 Osaka Pavilion deal with Naito House Co, Ltd. The circular economy-focused pavilion will connect hearts and nations. This is the first contribution from Luxembourg to FAO activities in Ukraine and the first to FAO’s emergency and resilience work in general in over a decade. New law facilitates the recruitment of third-country nationals. Easier access to the job market for third-country nationals already residing in Luxembourg The new law aims to significantly simplify the employment of third-country nationals already residing in Luxembourg. Family members of third-country nationals legally residing in Luxembourg will now have unrestricted access to the job market and will no longer require work permits. #Portugal and #Luxembourg meet in an EURO 2024 qualifier at the National Football Stadium at 20:45 CET. International Equal Pay Day, celebrated on 18 September, represents the longstanding efforts towards the achievement of equal pay for work of equal value. France is the latest country to tackle the rise in popularity of e-cigarettes among young people. Many Brits are not working ... because. The immediate cause is not disputed: more Britons than ever are classified as unwell. Data released this week showed a remarkable 2.6m people, a record, are economically inactive because of long-term sickness—an increase of 476,000 since early 2020. Sweden is exploring the possibility electric roads which charge electric vehicles as they drive. The bank raised its key rate for the 10th time in a row, to 4% from 3.75%, as it warned inflation was "expected to remain too high for too long" Changes in the #employment rate between Q1 - Q2 2023 varied across the EU. Compared with older generations today, members of Gen Z are much more likely to report experiencing negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and loneliness, according to a new study. What's the world's stinkiest fruit? The #iPhone15 will be the first model since 2012 without Apple's lightning charging port. Earth's climate, biodiversity, land, freshwater, nutrient pollution and 'novel' chemicals - human-made compounds like microplastics and nuclear waste - are all out of whack, a group of international scientists said We express our profound sadness at what happened in Libya. According to Libyan aid coordinators, the number of deaths may pass 10,000. This is a very sad moment where Mother Nature has shown us how swift she can be. With prayers and support to the Libyan people and humanity.

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8 Years of Success: Enriching Homes Worldwide with a Strong Stand Against the Black Market

In just eight years, Batmaid has evolved from an idea into a successful reality, positively impacting over 4,500 employees. Our journey is defined by purpose, reshaping the cleaning landscape, not only in Switzerland but globally. This achievement speaks to our committed team, valued partners, and loyal supporters who have been part of our story since 2015. Batmaid is more than cleaning; it's about enhancing lives. Through smart technology, we've made reliable, insured cleaning accessible, redefining convenience and trust. Though we've faced challenges, our shared commitment to improving work conditions and tackling unfair practices has made us stronger. From a small beginning, we've grown into Batgroup, extending a helping hand and offering meaningful advantages to our dedicated cleaning team. This commitment beautifully reflects the heart of our mission – to empower those who contribute to the comfort of homes. Celebrating eight years of milestones, we're expanding globally, sharing our model in 21 cities, like our start in Luxembourg in 2017. What sets us apart in the Luxembourg market is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and our personalized approach. Since 2017, we've been able to refine our services to cater to the specific needs of our discerning Luxembourg clients. Our deep understanding of the local market, coupled with our advanced technology, enables us to deliver high-quality cleaning solutions, ensuring that every home is cared for and immaculate. Our reputation for reliability and exceptional service has solidified our position as the preferred choice for trusted cleaning in Luxembourg. "The word "Batmaid" is a way for us to evoke the heroes of the shadows, who do a fantastic job every day in difficult conditions and take care of our homes. Their passion for their work and commitment is something we want to highlight", explains Andreas Schollin-Borg, CEO and co-founder of Batmaid. He goes on to emphasize “By choosing Batmaid, you're bringing more justice to the home cleaning industry”. If you're ready to partner with Batmaid for your cleaning needs and join the fight against the black market, simply visit our website to unlock your exclusive welcome offer: Let us be your cleaning solution while making a positive impact.


Weekly Roundup: Highlights Happening in Luxembourg.

The Luxair Luxembourg Airlines is announcing its brand new destination starting in April 2024: Manchester, a youthful, dynamic, and cultural city in the north of Great Britain. The European Heritage Days will take place from 23rd September to 1st October 2023 in Luxembourg. Under the theme "Living heritage", the Heritage Days focus on intangible or living heritage. A performance on the big stage of the Eurovision Song Contest lasts three minutes, and it will have a great repercussion on the lucky candidate. Eurovision Luxembourg. Eurovision is looking for the candidate or group from Luxembourg that will represent the country in the 68th contest in Sweden. From two-hour queues at the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Athens capping visitors to the overcrowded Acropolis, the glut of tourists returning to Europe this summer has been difficult to miss. Birmingham City Council's bankruptcy raises questions about financial stability. Let's stay informed and engaged in our community's future. The law establishes two types of reorganization procedures: reorganization by collective agreement and judicial reorganization. Experts warn that prolonged allergen seasons and higher air pollution are causing people to develop new lung problems. “The impacts of climate change on human health are pervasive, profound and substantial” London and Paris sizzle in heat waves, while Greece prepares for floods. Climate challenges worldwide demand urgent action! Discover the wellness wisdom of Sebastian Kneipp, a hidden guru. Dive into his story in the article below. Discover the cheesy delight of Emmentaler, Switzerland's King of Cheeses! Check out this fascinating article for a taste of Swiss culinary heritage. In the mid-1800s, working 70-plus hours a week was common Secret way to the great wall of China! A part of China's Great Wall has been severely damaged by construction workers in central Shanxi province, who used an excavator to dig through it. Another change! Apple's latest iPhone will almost certainly feature a USB-C charge point when it is unveiled on 12 September. Big decision! L'Occitane's owner opts not to go private. Get the scoop from the link.


A talk with Sven Ehmann, who has love for languages and enabling people to learn Luxembourgish fast

In our Featured Story Series (FSS), we connected with the Luxembourger and founder of LuxLessons, Sven Ehmann. We have a particular fondness for entrepreneurs, and today we would like to introduce you to one Sven Ehmann, who has an immense love for languages and enables people to learn Luxembourgish fast. Let's have a quick introduction about yourself. My name is Sven, I am a 28-year-old Luxembourg native from the heart of Luxembourg. As a digital entrepreneur and educator, I am proud to have founded, a state-of-the-art online platform designed to empower students to master a substantial amount of Luxembourgish in just three months. What's your entrepreneurial journey? How did you get started with My journey into teaching Luxembourgish began at University, where I quickly recognized the great demand for modern, forward-thinking Luxembourgish instruction tailored to the unique language learning needs of expats residing in Luxembourg. At the time, I was pursuing a master's degree in conference interpreting for Arabic, a language I successfully mastered in just over five years. I started to contemplate how I could leverage my distinctive expertise in learning languages to facilitate the most effective and efficient way for students from all corners of the globe to acquire Luxembourgish. This lead me to start the Luxembourgish learning platform Unlike conventional language schools that often employ a one-size-fits-all approach, my aim was to develop a teaching methodology that takes into account the specific circumstances and challenges faced by expats learning Luxembourgish. It's essential to acknowledge that, for many expats, the return on investment in learning Luxembourgish can be quite limited, and this reality should be addressed in the teaching process. What services does LuxLessons offer? Who should contact you? Anyone interested in learning Luxembourgish and getting Luxembourg citizenship. Unlike traditional options, prioritizes practical language skills over unnecessary content. Its streamlined approach ensures rapid Sproochentest proficiency and equips you with the Luxembourgish skills that truly matter. The course ensures every moment you invest propels you towards fluency. After conquering the Sproochentest and obtaining Luxembourgish citizenship, I’m sure the robust communication skills cultivated in the course will continue to advance your language journey. And even if Luxembourgish isn't a future necessity for you (which – again – is the case for most people), you’ll have achieved a swift test success worth celebrating. What are you most proud of about LuxLessons? My most gratifying moments are those when students proudly share their amazing test results with me. It's incredibly fulfilling to know that I could contribute to simplifying and accelarating their Luxembourgish learning process and them getting the citizenship of my home country. I’m proud to help them further indulge themselves in Luxembourg’s culture and society. What are your hobbies and interests? In addition to my passion for language learning, I have a great love for basketball, world literature, geopolitics, and Arabic calligraphy. What's your favorite spot in Luxembourg? There are countless hidden gems in Luxembourg, but since I know that many expats don’t venture far beyond Ettelbruck, I'd suggest simply getting lost amid the serene landscapes of Kautebaach or Klierf and immersing yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty. Also I’d recommend the picturesque vineyards surrounding Remich. What's your top 3-recommendations for a newcomer in Luxembourg? You may get a culture shock and it may be a little cringe but go to the local parties in the centre and north of Luxembourg called “Baler” (lit. bals) or one of the “Wäifester” (wine fests) during summer in one of the wine producing towns along the Musel. In Schweidsbéng there’s one where they hook up wine to the village fountain, meaning you can literally drink wine from a fountain Most Luxembourgers speak English so it’s a great opportunity to make Luxembourgish friends which can make your settling down in Luxembourg much easier. This can otherwise be quite difficult when they sit in their public sector offices all day. It’ll also give you an additional incentive to learn Luxembourgish. What's your favorite quote? It’s from a famous 13th century persian poet and scholar called Jalāl Al-Dīn Ar-Rūmi. Translated it reads something like: Farewell only happens to those loving with their eyes. As for those loving with his heart and soul, for there will never be goodbye. )الوداع لا یقع إلا لمن یعشق بعینیھ أما ذاك الذي یحب بروحھ وقلبھ فلا ثمة انفصال أبدا( What would you say would be the recommendations of people who want to start their own business today? I’d recommend taking it step by step and not letting yourself get overwhelmed and paralysed by the entirety of the daunting road ahead. I’d also recommend making use of modern technology such as artificial intelligence, which can save a lot of time with basic tasks. If you like to reach Sven, here is where you can do just that:


Luxembourg: Weekly Roundup

Luxembourg is facing potential decline because: (a) excessive regulation (b) challenges in attracting top talent (c) less invesmtent in R&D ... what's your experience? Luxembourg parliament’s ratification of the new Luxembourg-UK double tax treaty. Luxair also operates flights from London City- nonstop flights between Manchester and the landlocked western European country. KPMG Luxembourg is betting on sustainability and on its own determination to offer one of the most creative work environments in Luxembourg. Europe's Tax Scandal Fallout! Dive into the biggest tax controversy in Europe. Get the scoop on this financial drama. Germany's financial relief plans are on the rise! Discover how they're investing in a brighter future. EU's Green Banking Metric Debate! Check out the latest insights on how it may impact stakeholders. Between immediate need vs long-term survival...we take the easy way out Discover Carmaker has unveiled first prototype of its Neue Klasse EVs. If you are a British expat living overseas, like in Dubai, then just because you have fallen out of the income and capital gains net in the UK, you are still liable to inheritance tax on your worldwide or UK assets. Are you a traveler? But if you can wait until the season winds down, the rewards can be significant – both in terms of savings and experience. And after the summer the world has had – with record heat, uncomfortably warm ocean water, devastating wildfires, epic crowds and high prices – the relative calm of traveling in September and October will be right on time for many travelers. Travel is back in full swing this summer, and so is bad behaviour by tourists. The Dawkins family from Texas – 59-year-old Nadine, 61-year-old Kim and their adult children – bought a home in the little Italian town of Latronico after tiring of the US political climate Discover St. John: The island where Robert Oppenheimer escaped his legacy. Explore the hidden history of this tiny paradise. Parisians in April voted to ban rental e-scooters but turnout was low. Check out why- TikTok-Infused Adventures! Explore how TikTok transformed vacation planning. Discover the world's hidden gems with this social media travel guide. Even a decade ago, the concept might have sounded wildly futuristic – but, if recent events are anything to go by, space tourism is becoming the latest frontier of travel. The next iPhone just weeks away! Read more here about the unveiling Sipping on Aperol Spritz, the ultimate summer elixir. Discover why it's the drink everyone's toasting to this season! In a world first, scientists say an 8cm (3in) worm has been found alive in the brain of an Australian woman.


New map to discover the spectacular rocky landscapes

Regional Tourist Office of the Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland New map to discover the spectacular rocky landscapes As part of the campaign "Lëtzebuerg, Dat ass Vakanz!", the Regional Tourist Office of the Mullerthal Region has published a new map. The map shows the geological highlights, also called geosites of the UNESCO Global Geopark Mëllerdall. A quiz invites vistors to explore the geosites in detail. In this quiz you can win for example an overnight stay for the whole family in a chalet at the Wollefsschlucht campsite in Echternach, in the immediate vicinity of the Wollefsschlucht geosite. The deadline for the competition is the end of October. The new map has been produced in cooperation with the Mëllerdall UNESCO Global Geopark and had been financed by the Ministry of Economy – Direction Générale du Tourisme. The regional tourist office is also is referring at the same time to the new geological path “Geopad”Haupeschbaach-Halerbaach" which will be inaugurated on Friday 6 October in Beaufort, along with guided hikes. This event will conclude the 2023 campaign "Lëtzebuerg, Dat ass Vakanz!" The map is available at the tourist information offices, at the Mëllerdall Nature & Geopark and at In Deutsch: Tourismusverband Region Müllerthal – Kleine Luxemburger Schweiz Neue Karte zum Entdecken der spektakulären Felsenlandschaften Im Rahmen der Kampagne „Lëtzebuerg, Dat ass Vakanz!“  hat der Tourismusverband der Region Müllerthal eine Karte für Familien herausgebracht. Auf der schön gezeichneten regionalen Karte sind die geologischen Highlights des UNESCO Global Geoparks Mëllerdall abgebildet. Auch ein Quiz lädt zum genauen Erkunden der Geotope ein. Bei den Preisen, die es zu gewinnen gibt, winkt zum Beispiel eine Übernachtung für die ganze Familie in einem Chalet auf dem Camping Wollefsschlucht in Echternach, in direkter Nähe zum Geotop „Wollefschlucht“. Der Einsendeschluss des Gewinnspiels ist Ende Oktober. Die neue Faltkarte wurde in Zusammenarbeit des Tourismusverbandes mit dem Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall erstellt und wurde finanziert vom Wirtschaftsministerium, Generaldirektion Tourismus. Bereits jetzt verweist der Tourismusverband auf die Einweihung des neuen Geo-Pads „Haupeschbaach-Halerbaach“ in Beaufort, die am Freitag, den 6. Oktober in Beaufort mit geführten Wanderungen stattfindet. Mit diesem Event ist dann die 2023er Kampagne „Lëtzebuerg, Dat ass Vakanz!“  abgeschlossen. Die Faltkarte ist erhältlich in den Tourist Infos, beim Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall und im Webshop des ORT unter In French: Office Régional du Tourisme Région Mullerthal – Petite Suisse Luxembourgeoise Nouvelle carte pour partir à la découverte des paysages rocheux spectaculaires Dans le cadre de la campagne "Lëtzebuerg, Dat ass Vakanz !", l'Office Régional du Tourisme (ORT) Région Mullerthal a publié une carte pour découvrir les formations rocheuses de la région. Sur cette carte joliment dessinée sont représentés les géosites de l’UNESCO Global Geopark Mëllerdall. Un quiz sur la carte invite à explorer les géosites en détail. Parmi les prix à gagner, il y a une nuitée pour toute la famille dans un chalet au camping Wollefsschlucht à Echternach, à proximité directe du géosite "Wollefschlucht". La date limite d'envoi du jeu-concours est fixée à fin octobre. La nouvelle carte a été réalisée en collaboration entre l'Office Régional du Tourisme et le Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall et est financée par le Ministère de l’Economie – Direction Générale du Tourisme. L’ORT fait déjà référence au nouveau sentier géologique “Geopad Haupeschbaach-Halerbaach" à Beaufort qui sera inauguré, le vendredi 6 octobre, avec des randonnées guidées. Cet événement clôturera la campagne 2023 de "Lëtzebuerg, Dat ass Vakanz !” La nouvelle carte est disponible dans les offices de tourisme, au Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall et dans la boutique en ligne de l'ORT sous

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Embrace Remote Work Globally: Explore Digital Nomad Visa Opportunities

In an era marked by significant disruptions, the traditional concept of office life has undergone a profound transformation. With the advent of communication tools such as email and video conferencing, the tether to a physical workplace has been effectively severed, offering a tantalizing prospect for those yearning to break free from the monotony of a fixed location. The allure of relocating to sunnier, more affordable, or simply more enjoyable destinations has never been stronger. As countries across the world have reopened their borders to travelers, a shift towards prioritizing longer-term stays over fleeting vacations has taken hold. At the forefront of this trend, some nations have gone so far as to position themselves as idyllic havens for remote work, enticing digital nomads with innovative 'digital nomad' visas, granting the privilege to live and work in picturesque locales for extended periods, ranging from one year to even longer. Here is an insightful guide to the current list of countries offering digital nomad visas and the qualifying criteria for each. Furthermore, discover what it genuinely means to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle and gain valuable insights into how you can embark on this exciting journey. Top Destinations for Digital Nomad Visas 1. Spain: Spain's eagerly awaited digital nomad visa, part of the country's Startup Act, permits individuals to live and work remotely for an initial year, with the option to apply for temporary residency thereafter. Qualification requires a minimum monthly income of €2,200 (£1,890 or $2,415), with at least 80% of income originating from sources outside Spain. 2. Greece: Greece beckons remote workers with its digital nomad visa, granting non-EU citizens the opportunity to reside and work in the country for an initial 12 months. Eligibility criteria include a monthly income of at least €3,500 (£3,030 or $3,630), health insurance, proof of accommodation, and a clean criminal record. 3. Indonesia: If a poolside lifestyle appeals to you, Indonesia, including the famed island of Bali, may be your ideal destination. The country's digital nomad visa allows international citizens to stay for up to five years, free from taxation, provided they do not work for an Indonesian company. 4. Portugal: Portugal offers an alternative to its retiree-focused D7 visa, enabling remote workers from outside the EU or EEA to live and work for up to 12 months. Qualification necessitates a monthly income four times the current Portuguese minimum wage, approximately €2,820 (£2,430 or $3,094). 5. Costa Rica: A new law allows for a Costa Rican digital nomad visa lasting up to two years, with an exemption from income tax during the stay. Applicants must demonstrate earnings of more than $3,000 (£2,650) per month, or $5,000 (£4,420) for those traveling with family. 6. UAE (Dubai): Dubai introduces a long-term visa scheme for remote workers and their families, offering a year's stay while working for overseas firms, with a visa cost of $611 (£478) plus medical insurance. Eligibility requires a monthly income of at least $5,000 (£4,420). 7. Croatia: Conveniently situated in the heart of Europe, Croatia invites digital nomads from non-EU or EEA countries to work remotely on any European time zone for up to 12 months. Requirements include a minimum monthly income of €2,300 (£1,980 or $2,520), proof of employment, and health insurance. 8. Brazil: Brazil's digital nomad scheme, introduced in January 2022, allows anyone earning more than €1,400 ($1,500) per month with valid health insurance to live and work in the country for up to 12 months. Entire villages have been constructed for remote workers. 9. Iceland: Iceland introduces its inaugural long-term visa for non-European Economic Area residents, enabling individuals to spend six months under the 'Work in Iceland' program. Eligibility necessitates a minimum income of 1 million ISK per month, with health insurance required. 10. Barbados: The sunny beach destination offers the '12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp' for those earning $50,000 (£39,200) or more, allowing remote work from the island. 11. Panama: Indulge in an 18-month adventure spanning Central and South America with Panama's short-term remote work visa. Boasting low initial visa costs (around $300/£265) and an average yearly income requirement of $36,000/£31,873, Panama is a solid choice for digital nomads. 12. Estonia: The picturesque Baltic nation of Estonia has unveiled its long-awaited 'digital nomad' program. To qualify for this opportunity, you'll need a monthly income threshold of €3,504 (£3,020, $3,845) and employment outside Estonia, your own registered foreign company, or freelance work predominantly for non-Estonian clients. 13. Georgia: Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia beckons international visitors with an open-ended digital nomad visa program. This opportunity is available to citizens from all countries, targeting freelancers and the self-employed who can demonstrate a monthly income of $2,000 (£1570). 14. Colombia: With a relatively affordable monthly income requirement of $700 (£549), Colombia's digital nomad scheme offers ease of qualification. Secure your spot with health insurance and proof of employment, and you can relish up to two years in the country. 15. Anguilla: Embrace the allure of Anguilla's year-long visas, designed to accommodate 'longer-stay visitors.' You can apply for a 12-month stay via an online form, with fees ranging from $2,000 (£1,570) for individuals to $3,000 (£2,355) for families of four. 16. Bahamas: Bahamas presents the 'Extended Access Travel Stay' program, granting remote workers and students the opportunity to work or study remotely across its 16 captivating islands for up to a year. Simply complete the application and pay a fee of $1,000 (£785) for the head of the household, or $500 (£400) for each dependent, as a student. 17. Malta: If the Mediterranean beckons, Malta offers the 'Nomad Residence Permit,' permitting non-EU citizens to work from the island for a year, provided they maintain a monthly income exceeding €2,700 (£2,325, $2,960) and work for a foreign company. 18. Malaysia: Experience Malaysia's accessible digital nomad scheme with the 'DE Rantau Nomad Pass,' requiring a minimum yearly income of $24,000 (£18,800). The initial visa fee stands at 1,000 ringgit (£171, $220), with an additional 500 ringgit (£85, $110) per dependent. 19. Cayman Islands: The 'Global Citizen Concierge Programme' in the Cayman Islands welcomes non-residents for up to two years, provided they earn an annual salary of at least $100,000 (£78,500), or $150,000 (£117,700) for couples. 20. Seychelles: Not only is Seychelles an idyllic holiday paradise, but its digital nomad visa program is exceptionally generous. The 'Workcation Retreat Program,' established since May 2021, requires only health/travel insurance and proof of income, with eligibility assessed on a case-by-case basis. Digital nomads in Seychelles enjoy tax exemptions and need only pay a €45 (£38) admin fee. 21. Dominica: Imagine participating in Zoom calls from a sun lounger in the Caribbean paradise of Dominica. This island allows remote workers to reside and work there for up to 18 months, provided they earn an income of $50,000 (£39,250) or more, with visa costs ranging from $800 (£630) to $1,200 (£940) for families. 22. Latvia: Following Estonia's lead, Latvia introduces a visa program for remote workers, permitting stays of up to two years for digital nomads from OECD countries. Qualifications include health insurance, proof of employment, and a monthly income that's 2.5 times the average Latvian salary, currently around £2,460 per month. 23. Ecuador: Ecuador invites remote workers to live and work in this South American gem for up to two years, requiring an income three times the country's 'basic income,' equivalent to a minimum of $1,275 (£1,000) per month. 24. Uruguay: Uruguay joins the ranks of digital nomad destinations, offering an accessible visa without a minimum income requirement. Clean criminal records and non-Uruguayan status are prerequisites, with exemptions from taxes for tech workers. 25. Canada: To address national skills shortages, particularly in the tech sector, Canada introduces a digital nomad visa. While remote workers can already stay for up to six months on a visitor visa, a dedicated nomad visa is in the works, with details forthcoming on the official government website." Please note that visa regulations and requirements may change, so it's advisable to verify the most up-to-date information through official government channels before planning your digital nomad journey.

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