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Can I become a Luxembourg Citizen? Luxembourgish Citizenship

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a founding member of the European Union and being a Luxembourg citizen means you're also the citizen of the European Union. Luxembourgish passport is one of the most powerful with one can travel to 172 countries visa-free with Luxembourg passport. European Union citizens do not require any specific documentation to live and work in Luxembourg. However, people coming from outside of the European Union, commonly referred to as third-country nationals, who are adults and are looking to work here require a work-permit for establishing long-term residence in Luxembourg. The current population of Luxembourg is 634000 and is growing at more than 1% every year and is expected to soon reach a million. The country's GDP is strong, driven by the finance and associated industries. As the country grows from strength-to-strength, Luxembourg is also becoming home to many third-country nationals. In fact, 48000 non-EU residents are estimated to be in Luxembourg in 2000. Refer Statista Now, there are 10 ways to become a Luxembourg citizen, as listed here: In this post, we will focus on Case No. 7 - becoming a naturalised citizen of Luxembourg as an adult. You need to meet the following three requirements: 1. Legally resided in Luxembourg for at least 5 years. The final year of residence immediately preceding the option declaration must have been uninterrupted; 2. Have knowledge of the Luxembourgish language, as evidenced by a Luxembourgish language test pass certificate; 3. Have taken the "Vivre ensemble au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg" course or passed the test covering the topics taught in this course. These are basic requirements and is one of the most straightforward among the lowest residency requirement among the EU countries (Germany for example requires 8 years).

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Will there be an alternative to the Facebook ecosystem?

Facebook - the social network that started in early 2000 is the only platform that's available for us if you want to be on a social network. Over the years, Facebook has added two more apps that dominates our lives; WhatsApp and Instagram. Now after 20 years, its a good time to look back and take stock of the situation on where I came from, where I am now, and what I want. Facebook was not the first social network, its Friendster. But Facebook clearly ate or defeated all other apps along the way and become the dominant and only player in this space. When I started being on Facebook, I was among those who accepted all friend requests whether I know the person, I might have seen the person, or its a friend's friend or what not. Fast forward today, I don't do that anymore. In fact, I was unfriending loads whom I have no clue about and was trimming down my friends list. As I do that, "privacy" and "close-knit" are on top of my mind. As those words dominate, Facebook is going in the opposite direction. They are closely integrating Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram messages. Eventually, you can start communicating in one app and finish the conversation in the other app. Post in Facebook, automatically display in Instagram, and chat about it in WhatsApp. This worries me, as three apps that I used with different set of people, and different set of information is going to be united into one. Facebook already knows a lot about me than I do. Now with all three apps rolled-into-one, I am going to be literally having a copy of my life in Facebook's servers that I have no control over the use. This worries me, and this should be worrying us all. I did not move out of Facebook by choice, because the strongest case I made to myself was that I would lose my friends list I had built over the years from all continents. Finding them again, and connecting with them, and reminding them of a memory I shared with them seemed to be an impossible task. But Facebook did me a favor. One fine day, they blocked me. I did not really know why, but they said they are not cool with me any more and they need my passport, driving license or any ID. Well, my Facebook name is not exactly what my passport displays. 95% of Facebook names will not match their passport names. But now Facebook wants my passport. In face, Facebook already knows a whole lot about me, and the last piece to map was my passport copy perhaps. Wasn't comfortable at all. But, I still wanted my friends list back, so I shared anyway. They did not budge, and there was no explanation or appeal. Boom, more than a decade of friends list and I am blocked out of Facebook now. Naturally, I was sad, angry and frustrated. After a number of sunsetting days, I am happier than ever. Don't get me wrong. I want to be on a social network. I want to have good friends I truly want to be posting on what's going on in their lives. But, I don't want my social network to track my every move and tell me what I will need now and in the future. I want to be at peace. Look at friends' travel, see their family being happy and not pressured by someone else or give someone the power to kick-me-out anytime at their will. But, I look around for such a social network, I don't see any other choice now. Hope is there though. WhatsApp alternatives such as Signal has come-up. There should be, and there will be, a Facebook alternative that I can have only my closest, good and trusted friends and acquaintances. I can chat, share, and care about my life and be updated on their lives. That one app that gives me "privacy" and keep it "close-knit. I am confident that days will come in the next years. Until then, hoping to write more. /// Written By Kevin This is a personal opinion by the author.

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Why did we create Meet People and Make Friends in Luxembourg?

We go-to school, make good friends and we have a good time. These relationships tend to be stronger. We then grow-up to college, and build beautiful friendships. Then, we find our first job, then relationships, break-ups, jobs, colleagues, marriage, kids and more. One day, we start feeling that our friendships are intact but our friends are far. We want to meet new people, we look around, and the world is filled with dating apps. We move to a new country, new city, new place, we are suddenly devoid of friends. How we wish we had a place where we can search for people, look at interests we share, get talking, and build new friendships. We felt so, and we know many of you share this feeling. That's when we attempted to create Meet People and make friends feature on LuxExpats. Meeting new people should not be difficult. In fact, it should be very easy. In fact, all of us want to make friends. Now, this has become a reality with Meet People with matching interests. Once you join Meet People with few clicks, all you've to do is simply look for shared interests and start chatting in no-time with new and interesting people. Anything that's built to last has to be sustainable. For all basic members, we enable 10 profiles for free chat, and these profiles are regularly refreshed with new people. At the cost of only buying one Cappucino a month, you can become a Premium Member and get access to all filters, preferences, searches, and unlimited chats in LuxExpats. We are constantly adding to the Premium benefits, including upcoming new ways to earn money, exclusive special discounts, and LuxExpats team support. With Meet People, filter and say hi to new people. With one button, you can find all people matching your interests. You can also share your feeling with "Feelings status" and add a description of whom do you want to reach you with simple descrptions. The world is now your oyster; meet badminton players, parents, travelers, and more in one place. More power to women: We have introduced more power to all, but particularly also to women. As a woman, you want your profile to be shown only to other women, you can simply select to show your profile to other women only. Men can do the same, or can simply leave at the default setting of meeting any gender with shared interests. Looking back: Since we started LuxExpats as a community in 2012, one of the recurring themes was how to meet new people. We now have an answer to this. This is just the beginning, and more features on language, country of origin and many more awesome features are being developed as we speak. Making friends has never been easier in the new app driven world. We are glad to be part of the LuxExpats community. Hurray!


Timely food delivered with WeDely

Food is all we live for will be an understatement. Healthy and timely food is a must for happiness, longevity and quite frankly, for a good life. Luxembourg for the longest period of time was lacking optionsto have good food delivered in a timely way. Whilst the neighbouring countriesincluding Germany, France and Belgium were enjoying good delivery options,Luxembourg’s residents were to be content with over-priced under-served delivery options. Off late things have changed for the better, particularly during the Covid19 lockdown times, restaurants and food delivery apps have sprung-up with many options to the delight of Luxembourg residents. Today, digital ordering is representing  almost half of all food delivery visits,expanding beyond traditional dinner delivery to encompass even breakfast and lunch deliveries. Let’s have a look at one of the leading Food delivery apps in Luxembourg, WeDely. WeDely gets your food delivered right at your doorstep anytime, anywhere. WeDely receives and delivers thousands of orders every day and its platform has hunrdreds of restaurants listed with all kinds of cuisine options including Indian,Italian, Luxembourgish, Sushi, Healthy, American etc. WeDely serves the centre and south of Luxembourg with new areas enlisted to be covered soon. Luxembourg is known for limited options, early-closing times and slow service. But apps like WeDely increases your options with deliveries all throughout the year between 11am-10pm. And the average delivery time only about 35mins, as opposed to more than an hour deliveries. WeDely is expat friendly, and is a partner to the Luxembourg Expats Network, offering also quick food delivery options and coupons to engage closely with customers. Good food, timely deliveries are important for a happy meal. WeDely does a great job at that. Luxembourg is not only providing a peaceful home, but also an engaging ecosystem that expats can cherish. For orders, visit [Sponsored]

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