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Things You Need to Know About ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System)Before It Becomes Effective in November 2023

Europe is introducing a new authorisation system for visa-exempt visitors to the European Union or the Schengen Area. It is expected to become effecting starting November 2023. More about ETIAS below. European Travel Information and Authorisation System is a planned electronic authorisation system of the European Union for visa-exempt visitors travelling to the European Union or the Schengen Area (including EFTA countries), except for the Republic of Ireland which is a member common travel area. It is similar to other electronic travel authorisations like the ESTA in the United States. Australia, Canada, on the other hand, operates a scheme called ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) and New Zealand as New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority. The United Kingdom is also working on a similar system, which for now is being called Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA),and will serve the same purpose as the ETIAS. This means that once the UK ETA becomes effective, travellers from the EU will need to obtain one to enter the territory of the UK. ETIAS travel authorisation will be required for travel to the Schengen Area as well as Bulgaria, Cyprus & Romania. Ireland is the only EU member state that will continue to have its visa policy. It was expected that ETIAS would be available from May 2023, but now it would be implemented only from November 2023. Application Procedure for ETIAS Applying for ETIAS is so much easier than for a visa. Prospective visitors will have to complete an online application & €7 fee from those between 18 and 70. The only document required is your valid passport. It is expected to process the applications automatically by providing an immediate response. The whole application procedure will not take more than 10 minutes. If approved, the ETIAS will be valid for 3 years or until the expiry date of the travel document whichever is earlier. General Information: The website through which applicants will apply for an ETIAS has not been launched yet, but the EU authorities are working on it. The ETIAS website will be under the domain. Some Links to access to have more insights on ETIAS: 9Things You Need to Know About ETIAS Before It Becomes Effective in November ETIAS - European TravelInformation and Authorisation System ( Schengen Visa - Comprehensiveinformation about EU Visa ( Which CountriesAre Not Part of Schengen Area? - Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Linkedin & also subscribe to our website LuxembourgExpats 


Road resurfacing on Rue de Hamm

Road resurfacing works will be carried out on Rue de Hamm from 5:30 on Saturday, 11 September to 5:00 on Monday, 13 September 2021. Rue de Hamm will be closed to all traffic on the section of this road between No. 174 and Rue Englebert Neveu for the duration of these works. The Service Circulation (Traffic Department) will ensure proper signage is provided to inform road users. Please also note the following changes to the municipal bus service during the works: On line 9, all buses bound for Hamm will end their route at the stop "Ierzkaulen" (on Rue Englebert Neveu), which will serve as a temporary terminus. The stops "Hamm-Colonie", "Hamm-Schoul", "Hamm-Kierch", "Rue Haute", "Käschtewee" and "Rue de Bitbourg" will not be served. In the opposite direction, service to Bonnevoie and the city centre will begin at "Ierzkaulen". On line 15, all buses bound for Hamm will end their route at the temporary terminus "Hamm, Kierch" (temporary stop on Rue des Peupliers). The stops "Hamm-Schoul", "Hamm-Colonie" and "Ierzkaulen" will not be served. In the opposite direction, service to Fetschenhof and Clausen will begin at "Hamm, Kierch" ((temporary stop on Rue des Peupliers). On the CN3, all buses coming from Bonnevoie will end their route at "Englebert Neveu" before changing direction and travelling back towards Bonnevoie and the city centre. No service will be provided to Pulvermühl and the upper area of Hamm. The following stops in particular will be closed: "Hamm-Colonie", "Hamm-Schoul", "Hamm-Kierch", "Peupliers", "Pulvermühl", "Hammer Dällchen" and "Général Patton" For more info: Road resurfacing on Rue de Hamm | Ville de Luxembourg ( 


Include these Essentials while you pack your Gym bag

Working out can be extremely rewarding and is only further enhanced with the right accessories to accompany it. Whether you choose to lift weights in the gym, do Zumba at a studio or run in the park, there are a few essentials that will refresh, hydrate and nourish your body so it's best to have them on hand, especially if you're heading straight to work or a meeting.    Before you workout next, add these to your exercise bag :   1. SmartShake You need to refuel as soon as possible after exercising if you want to maximize the effects of your workout and recover properly. Shakes are a great way of doing this, and a SmartShake is the best way of storing them.   2. Hair Kit Pack an elasticated headband, a bottle of your favourite dry shampoo, some sturdy clips and a styling product. Using these accessories you can tie your hair back. It's always a smart choice to keep  Dry Shampoo in hand until you have time to wash your hair with water.    3. Moisturisers The gym puts your skin through a lot, so when you finish your workout you need to nourish your skin with decent moisturisers. As well as a body and face moisturiser and a lip balm too.   4. Water Bottle If you’re not comfortable with drinking out of public taps and water fountains you need a water bottle. This will help to keep you hydrated as you work out.   5. Weight Lifting Gloves For those of you who lift weights at the gym, you’ll know there’s nothing more annoying than having to interrupt a set because you lose your grip. Weight lifting gloves alleviate this problem by providing a more solid grip than your bare hands can achieve.   6. Gym Towel Pack a gym towel which you can either sit on our use to wipe sweat down before you use other equipments.   7. A pair of Bluetooth earbuds or  Earphones Listening to motivating or favourite playlists will help to stay motivated and you will enjoy the workout session even more.   8.  A tube of deodorant Deodorants are often alcohol-based and some have  antibacterial power to temporarily kill bacteria which will stop the stink before it starts.   9.  A first aid kit No matter how coordinated you are or like to think you are accidents happen. When you're in a room surrounded by heavy weights and the occasional sharp edges, those odds become even higher.  Put stuff  like bandages, tape, and gauze in the kit for safety.    10. A lock to store your gym bag Its always safe to to lock your bag so that you dont loose your stuffs.

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