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Why we started Share Photos Luxembourg

Photography is not just a hobby, it's a passion. It's the art of capturing moments, emotions, and memories that can be cherished forever. Photo enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to share their vision of the world through their photographs. Whether it's the beauty of nature, the vibrancy of city life, or the emotions of human interactions, photographs can inspire and move people in ways that words cannot. Sharing your photos is not just about showing off your skills or seeking validation. It's about sharing your perspective and inspiring others to see the world in a different light. When you share photos, you invite others to join you on a journey of discovery and exploration. Despite being one of the most expat driven countries, Luxembourg tends to be less understood by the wider world, both within Europe and outside. We therefore invite you to share your Luxembourg life and story through beautiful visuals that you can fathom through your eyes. So join the community Share Photos Luxembourg 🇱🇺 | Facebook Joining a photography community can provide numerous benefits for photographers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Here are some of the benefits of joining our Share Photos Luxembourg community: Learning opportunities: Photography communities provide a wealth of knowledge and resources that can help photographers improve their skills. Members can share their techniques, tips, and tricks, and provide feedback and critiques on each other's work. Many communities also offer workshops, courses, and mentorship programs to help members develop their skills further. Inspiration and motivation: Being part of a community of like-minded photographers can be a great source of inspiration and motivation. Seeing the work of others can spark new ideas and creativity, and being part of a supportive community can help photographers overcome creative blocks and stay motivated to pursue their passion. Networking opportunities: Photography communities provide opportunities to connect with other photographers and industry professionals. This can lead to collaborations, job opportunities, and exposure for your work. Networking can also provide valuable insights into the industry and the business of photography. You can also join Meet People with #Photography and meet like-minded individuals Join Meet People | Luxembourg Expats Access to resources and equipment: Many photography communities have shared resources and equipment that members can use. This can include studio space, lighting equipment, cameras, and lenses, among others. Access to these resources can be especially beneficial for photographers who are just starting and may not have the budget to invest in expensive equipment. Community events and activities: We look forward to organize events and activities, such as photo walks, exhibitions, and competitions. These events provide opportunities to socialize with other photographers, showcase your work, and gain exposure. Welcome once again to Share Photos Luxembourg. If you're not already a member, join us Share Photos Luxembourg 🇱🇺 | Facebook Network with #Photography Join Meet People | Luxembourg Expats Join Luxembourg Expats 🇱🇺 | Facebook Photo credits: Jawad Ahmad, Claude Collignon, Julia Desmarquest from Share Photos Luxembourg

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Why to buy/sell/rent used items and how to in Luxembourg Expats

We had our first television for nearly 18 years. Our first TV traveled along with us in our relocations to 3 cities and 4 houses in those 18 years. Then came the HD TV that we ought to replace for better convenience and quality. And then we moved, our HD TV did not travel with us. Why? Because it was an international travel. Could we have taken the HD TV with us, yes but did not make economic sense. However, the HD TV was in perfect condition and someone could use it perfectly well. We later sold it for almost 30% of our purchase price. The buyer had a great deal. A perfectly working HD TV at 30% of its original cost and perfectly working. We saved throwing it away. This or similar situation tends to be the case for a lot of items we own and is no longer relevant in our lives but perfectly okay in others lives. We started the Buy,Sell, Rent to enable these transactions to happen by connecting buyers, sellers and renters. There are tons of benefits in buying, selling and renting things: Buying, selling, and renting used items is an excellent way also to promote sustainability. The manufacturing of new products requires a significant amount of energy, natural resources, and generates greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to environmental degradation. By using and reusing already-existing products, we reduce the demand for new products and the environmental impact that comes with their production. Here are some reasons why buying and using used items is good for sustainability: Reduced waste: Every year, millions of tons of waste end up in landfills, polluting the environment and causing harm to wildlife. By using and reusing already-existing items, we reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. By choosing to buy used items, we are diverting these products from becoming waste and giving them a new life. Conservation of resources: The production of new products requires the use of natural resources such as timber, metals, and water, which are finite and non-renewable. By purchasing used items, we reduce the demand for new resources and promote their conservation. Energy conservation: Manufacturing new products requires a significant amount of energy, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions. By buying and using used items, we reduce the need for new production, leading to a decrease in energy consumption and associated emissions. Cost-effective: Buying used items is often more affordable than buying new ones. By purchasing used items, we can save money and reduce our overall consumption. Promotion of circular economy: A circular economy is an economic model that promotes the reuse of resources and products, as opposed to the traditional linear economy of take-make-dispose. By buying and using used items, we are supporting the circular economy model and promoting a more sustainable economic system. ---- HOW TO! Maybe you got convinced with our why you need to buy used items. Now comes the how to buy, sell, and rent. It's simple. Take a photograph, think of a price and post in: - Our marketplace - we feature the links in all our social media channels for wider reach. - Our Facebook community ---- Do's and dont's of buying and selling: We rely on the goodness of the buyer and seller in our community to make good of the transaction. We do not check the items being sold or the seller and neither do we play a middle men in the sale. What we offer is a place for buyer and seller to connect and transact without our involvement in-between. We have some suggestions though: Do's - Take clear photograph - Post in the marketplace and community - Give a clear description on the status of the item, what's working and what's damaged - Quote a reasonable price and ask for a reasonable price - Be flexible with the price - Handover the items in public places, if you can. - Be honest in the transaction Dont's - Do not give money before seeing and receiving the item


Luxembourg Expats' react to why cars still rule after 3 years of free transportation

It's been 3-years since free public transportation started in Luxembourg. Many news outlets took stock: three years after Luxembourg made all public transport free in a bid to reduce congestion and pollution, the car remains the dominant mode of transport. The country has one of the highest rates of vehicle ownership in Europe, and the closure of ticket offices has not led to a surge in public transport use. Despite investing €800m ($863m) annually in transport and boasting Europe’s most highly funded tram network per capita, Luxembourg has yet to win over commuters, who often travel from other countries to work in the capital. The country is investing in green technologies as part of its aim to become carbon neutral. We shared it with our Luxembourg Expats' community, which reaches tens of thousands of expats and instant reactions followed based on personal experiences. Let's get to the core causes identified by our community why cars still rule the roost: 1. Unreliable: The buses and public transportation that goes outside are either late or they don't even turn-up in some cases. Not able to rely on it. 4. Duration: The duration to get to work by car is 1/4th or 1/5th of the time to get to work by public transportation. What takes 10mins or 15mins by car is taking 1 hour by public transportation. 2. Capacity: The trams are not having enough capacity during rush hours. Even though the car traffic is tough, the trams and public transportation is not providing a solution. 5. Timing: The timings of the public transportation are not convenient and combined that with unreliability, cars are not able to be replaced. 6. By Parents: Parents also highlighted that kids won't be able to travel alone and we do need the car. This is particularly relevant as families tend to be in suburbs for want of larger space. Even though Luxembourg's authorities have taken the leap of free public transportation with all the good intentions, the underlying primary cause for usage of car does not appear to be price. Pice was not identified as the core problem in not taking public transportation, even before it was free. It was unreliability, mismatched timing and how long it takes vis-a-vis a car are the core reasons. When people gain the confidence that they can "rely" on public transportation as in places such as London, without paying a huge "duration premium", Luxembourg has a great shot at reducing cars on the road. ----- Contributed by our community members. Luxembourg Expats is a marketplace social network community in Luxembourg.


Weekend Getaway Ideas from Luxembourg

Just arrived or still learning the new places to travel over a weekend from Luxembourg. There are quite a few weekend travels you can do from Luxembourg. Here is a quick summary to think about: Brussels, Belgium: Brussels can be reached via train. It has a beautiful square (Grand Place), delicious food (waffles, fries, chocolate), and hundreds of beers to try at Delirium Cafe. You can also see some quirky statues like Manneken Pis and Jeanneke Pis. Vianden, Luxembourg: Vianden is a picturesque town with a stunning castle that dates back to the 11th century. You can also visit the Victor Hugo Museum, take a chairlift to enjoy the views, or hike in the nearby forests. Paris, France: The city of love and lights, with iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Arc de Triomphe. You can also stroll along the Seine River, enjoy the cafes and bistros, or shop at the Champs-Élysées. Just take a TGV train and reach Paris in about 2 hours. Cologne, Germany: A historic city with a majestic cathedral that dominates the skyline. You can also explore the old town, visit the chocolate museum, or enjoy the carnival festivities if you go in February or March. Mullerthal, Luxembourg: A region known as Little Switzerland for its scenic landscapes and hiking trails. You can see impressive rock formations, waterfalls, caves, and castles along the way. These are just some of the possible places to travel from Luxembourg in a weekend. There are many more options depending on how far you want to go and what you want to see and do. #Luxembourg #WeekendTravel #Travel #LuxembourgExpats #Expats #LuxExpats

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Cosmetics overflowing with Toxins?

Toxic Make-up products are made up of chemical products. These chemical products help cosmetic products to stay longer. That’s because they don’t break down naturally. This shelf life comes at a cost. A cost you are bearing! The cosmetic industry is trying to hide this cost from you. It wants to make you believe all cosmetic products are safe. That there are no side effects but the truth is quite the opposite. Cosmetic products especially those containing forever chemicals have been linked to fatal health conditions like CANCER. That’s not all……. these products can also cause birth defects and serious reproductive issues. We know it sounds scary! But let us tell you this. We are just scratching the surface here. There are toxins in all kinds of cosmetics. These chemicals are usually designed to last longer in the environment. There are usually substances called PFA (Per-And Polyfluoro Alkyl). PFAs are man-made chemicals. There are about 12,000 of them roughly. They repel grease, water, stains and heat. Such properties make it useful for the cosmetic industry. They allow cosmetics on human skin for a long time. They also penetrate the skin deeper. And PFA’s are widely used these days. PFAs are found in most branded cosmetic products. What are the products which use these PFAs? ->Lipsticks  -> Foundation ->Eyeliner -> Concealer ->Mascara -> Lip Balm ->Nail Paints to name a few All most every woman uses any one of these products if not all. PFA’s can lead to a birth defect which we talked about it already and PFA’s can lead to more complicated issues like: Thyroid Liver Disease Hormonal Disruption Even decreased immunity Brands even claim that their products improve your skin health. But what you use may be a concoction of toxins. The cosmetic industry is powerful in the world. Let us see how big is the cosmetic industry! Worldwide cosmetic revenue is $100+ Billion. In 2020 the market size was close to $290 Billion. By 2028 it is projected to cross $400 Billion. The Europe Union has tough regulations and has banned more than 13 hundred chemicals in cosmetics alone. The US has just banned 11. These ingredients are mutagenic, carcinogenic, toxic for reproduction,and harsh on the skin or eyes. The EU wants to protect people from the region against products that can cause serious side health and environmental effects. Here is a list of some substances that have been banned. 1. Zinc Pyrithione In 2019, the use of Zinc Pyrithione was capped at 1% for anti-dandruff use only. Other rinse-off products were allowed to have a concentration of up to 0.5%. According to the new publication 2021/1902, any cosmetic products that contain Zinc Pyrithione will not beallowed in the EU region from 1st March. 2. Butylphenyl Methylpropional (Lilial) Scientists discovered that this ingredient is toxic for animal reproduction. The previous publications allowed 0.1% in rinse-off products and a maximum of 0.001% on other products. However, the latest Annex II amendment prohibits all cosmetic products containing Butylphenyl Methylpropional starting 1st march 2022. 3. Bis(α,α-dimethylbenzyl) peroxide This product is classified as toxic to the aquatic life of an unborn child, and it can cause serious skin and eye irritation. 4. Imiprothrin A single exposure to Imiprothrin may cause non-lethal but irreversible mutagenic effects. 5. Hymexazol Hymexazol is harmful if absorbed through the skin or swallowed directly. It's also harmful to groundwater and aquatic life with long-lasting effects. 6. Mesotrione Mesotrione is toxic to both humans and the environment. It can cause irritation when it comes into contact with your skin 7. Dichlorodioctylstannane Dichlorodioctylstannane has been prohibited because of its toxic compounds. 8. Iprovalicarb Repeated exposure to Iprovalicarb can cause organ irritation. Tests carried out by the EU in 2018 did not find any mutagenicity in this chemical compound. 9. Penflufen Penflufen causes adverse effects on internal organs. It also causes delicate parts such as the skin and the eyes. 10. Methylolacrylamide Methylolacrylamide eye irritation and mild irritation for the skin. It has also been proven to cause long-lasting harmful effects on aquatic animals. This compound can easily be absorbed by the skin and trigger an allergic reaction. 11. Flurochloridone Repeated exposure to Flurochloridone may lead to skin dryness and cracking. Besides, if swallowed, it can cause a skin allergic reaction. 12. Sodium N-(hydroxymethyl)glycinate Glycinate is added to some skincare products for skin softening. It is a chemical preservative commonly found in cosmetics that helps prevent bacterial or fungal growth.However, it can cause serious health side effects. Human and animal evidence suggests that topical use can cause sensitization and dermatitis. 13. 2-methoxyethyl acrylate 2-methoxyethyl acrylate has been prohibited from cosmetic products because of its adverse effects on the skin and eyes, such as irritation and allergic reactions. 14. Diisooctyl phthalate Diisooctyl phthalate, used in some lotions and shampoos, can cause skin irritation. If consumed, it can cause adverse body effects. 15. 2,2-bis(bromomethyl) propane-1,3-diol A study by IARC shows that poor handling of this chemical may cause skin irritations. Long exposure may increase incidences of skin tumors. 16. Paclobutrazol This chemical compound is very toxic for both humans and the environment. It's harmful when inhaled or ingested. 17. Bis(2-(2-methoxyethoxy)ethyl)ether; tetraglyme Research shows Bis(2-(2-methoxyethoxy)ethyl)ether; tetraglyme is harmful if absorbed through the skin. 18. Ipconazole Ipconazole causes eye irritation. It can also cause serious health issues if inhaled or ingested. 19. Dibenzo[def,p]chrysene; dibenzo[a,l]pyrene According to the EU research, Dibenzo[def,p]chrysene; dibenzo[a,l]pyrene is carcinogenic. 20. Dioctyltin dilaurate and stannane This compound can cause toxic reactions on the skin and cause eye irritation. 21. Tris (2-methoxyethoxy) vinylsilane; 6-(2-methoxyethoxy)- 6-vinyl-2,5,7,10-tetraoxa-6-silaundecane This chemical compound has been moved to the Annex I lists because of its adverse health and environmental effects. 22. Silicon carbide fibers Silicon carbide can irritate the nose and the eyes on contact. Repeated exposure decreases may cause a chronic disease of the lungs known as Pneumoconiosis. 23. Fluxapyroxad Fluxapyroxad can cause serious eye damage, and skin irritation, or trigger an allergic skin reaction. So what can you do? -> Check labels. -> Pare down. -> Find alternatives/ go natural. -> Avoid products with ingredients that are harmful. -> Avoid cosmetics products that boast about having long-wearing, water-resistant,   waterproof or sweatproof formulas, which are more likely to contain PFAS. ->Claims of purely natural products are no guarantee of safety. There is no legal backup for such claims. ->Also if possible consult with a doctor. Final thoughts What you used to get a killer look might be in fact killing you! So stay safe by checking the labels! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Linkedin & also subscribe to our website LuxembourgExpats Links to explore:


The Week Gone By from Luxembourg Expats

Luxembourg based Iranian origin director's short film "The Red Suitcase" is nominated for an Oscar. Cyrus Neshvad is an Iranian film director based in Luxembourg. Cyrus was born in Tehran. His family fled the country when he was five years old. He completed his secondary school education at the Lycée Michel Rodange in Luxembourg and studied film in Montpellier and Paris." Bitstamp, the Luxembourg-based company obtained licenses in other European nations over the past several months. It registered as a virtual asset service provider (VASP) in Italy in July 2022 and was authorized by the Spanish regulators in November & now it has registered with the Financial Markets Authority in France. Students from humble backgrounds who have completed secondary school education have an opportunity to further their studies free of charge at a university in Luxembourg. The European Business University (EBU) of Luxembourg is offering scholarships to students in Asia, Latin America and Africa, primarily to Kenyan learners. If you live in the U.S., a Twitter account called World of Statistics reveals that it only requires Americans around 1.8 percent of their total annual salary to purchase an iPhone 14. These statistics also reveal that if you live in Luxembourg, you have to spend less than U.S. consumers to purchase an iPhone 14. The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival will open on February 16, 2023 with the world premiere of the US production ‘She Came to Me’. Vicky Krieps, the acclaimed Luxembourg-born actor who made her breakthrough opposite Daniel Day-Lewis in 'Phantom Thread', will unveil her turn as renowned Austrian writer Ingeborg Bachmann in a biopic by veteran German director Margarethe von Trotta. The ability to perform multiple searches with Google Lens has been made available worldwide. The company has officially announced the rollout of multi-search features to Google Lens. The function enables simultaneous text and image searches using Lens. The “Search Screen” is an additional feature that has been added to Lens. Globally, tourism is expected to continue on its strong-recovery path, both domestically and internationally. International travel is expected to surge by almost 40% in 2023, as compared to an 80% growth rate in 2022. However, a report by Euromonitor claims that the decline in growth pace doesn't necessarily signify a decline a trips but simply a difference in growth, owing to inflationary pressures. In this article, we shall take a look at the 25 Best Countries for Solo Female Travelers. A small nation with deep historical roots, Luxembourg offers rich cultural stories, beautiful landscapes, fairytale architecture and depth of character. It now also counts around 500 startups and has gained a global reputation as a reliable data hub with impressive connectivity, cybersecurity and data processing capacities – as well as being regarded as a launchpad for reaching the whole EU market. The Luxembourg national statistical agency Statec published a report showing that in the summer of 2022, people made 916,000 leisure stays during the summer. The most popular vacation destinations for Luxembourgers were Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Retirement in the future may not be what it was. Retirement length has started to flatline — or even dwindle in some countries — as the pace of life expectancy increases slow and the effective age of retirement gradually increases. If you’re struggling ideas, consider using tech to your advantage. From couple’s playlists to AI-generated Valentine’s Day messages, your fave apps and software can help embellish date night. As part of Samsung's partnership with Natural Cycles, the temperature sensor on the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro will be used to track users' menstrual cycle. According to the latest data from the European Statistical Institute, the Grand Duchy had an average of 9 students per teacher in 2019 , just behind Greece (8.7 students), therefore one of the best results on the Old Continent. In the Greater Region, the neighbors do much less well with an average of one teacher for 12.7 pupils in Belgium, 15.1 in Germany and even 18.7 for French primary schools . Of a total of 10,499 people who acquired Luxembourgish nationality last year, 40 per cent of them have obtained nationality by recovery, meaning that they have national roots in Luxembourg, that date back to January 1, 1900. Three new images have been released by the Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg to mark the 42nd wedding anniversary of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. The photos were taken by court photographer, Sophie Margue. WAIFC announces the launch of the Young Academic Award 2023. WAIFC invites young academics to submit papers or essays on the future of a sustainable and inclusive financial sector.Application deadline: 15 May 2023 A report published by the Idea Foundation on 9 February found that Luxembourg’s financial sector has indirectly generated 70,000 jobs. Added to the 64,600 jobs directly generated by the sector, the report found that the sector is linked to a total of 135,000 positions. The business of Sports, "When Federer left Nike in the summer of 2018 after 24 years, moving to Japanese clothing retail chain Uniqlo on a 10-year, $300 million contract, that came as a shock to Nakajima." 2023 is already setting out to be record year for women in leadership roles. For the first time since the Fortune 500 list began 68 years ago, more than 10% of CEOs leading Fortune 500 Companies were women. Artec 3D, a developer and manufacturer of 3D hardware and software technology including 3D scanning solutions, opened an optoelectronics production facility in Luxembourg. The facility includes a 300-sq-m clean zone with ISO 7 cleanliness classification and customized temperature, pressure, and humidity control. Nine in ten adults reported knowing at least one foreign language in Sweden (96.6 %), Latvia (95.7 %), Denmark (95.7 %), Lithuania (95.6 %), Luxembourg (94.5 %), Finland (92.1 %), Malta (91.8 %) and Estonia (91.2 %). Sony's horde of valuable IP, thoughtful design, and new eye tracking tech make the PlayStation VR2 a tempting purchase. The delegation of the Egyptian artistic gymnastics team for men and women will participate in the Luxembourg Open Championship from 16 to 19 February. Known for high-income levels and a low unemployment rate, Luxembourg is the richest country in the world. Ireland, on the rise thanks to favorable corporate tax policies, is projected to hit #1 by 2027. The resource-rich land with the world's biggest economy, the United States, ranks 9th on the list. Quilling is an art form that has been around for centuries. Its the art of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls, and arranging them to form elegant filigree. Who can learn this art form? Anyone who has the passion to learn any new art form and for kids -  6 years is the best age at which a child can quill. With an adult present to guidethem / a child at the age of 4+ can create all the basic Quilling shapes. It’s an extraordinary activity for kids because it intrigues their creativity and develops their perception of geometric shapes. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Linkedin & also subscribe to our website LuxembourgExpats 

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Four Types of Intelligence to have a sustainable happy life!

Psychologists view intelligence through different prisms. Today, we are looking at what types of intelligence psychologists consider and what the newest addition to the list is. 1)Intelligence Quotient (IQ) 2) Emotional Quotient (EQ) 3) Social Quotient (SQ) 4) Adversity Quotient (AQ) 1. Intelligence Quotient (IQ): this is the measure of a person's reasoning ability. It is to gauge how well one can use information & logic to answer questions or make predictions & gauge short-term and long-term memory. One needs IQ to solve puzzles, maths, and memorize or recall information. 2. Emotional Quotient (EQ): this is the measure of your ability to maintain peace with others, empathize with others, communicate effectively & manage your emotions. 3. Social Quotient (SQ): this is the measure of your ability to build relationships, create a network of friends and maintain it over a long period. Daniel Goleman, author, psychologist and journalist for the New York Times, stated that “as much as 80% of adult success comes from EQ”. His research shows that people who have higher emotional and social intelligence tend to go further in life than those with a high IQ but low EQ or SQ. According to Goleman, incidences of bullying, peer pressure, behavioural problems, violence and substance abuse are reduced in schools that focus on developing their students' EQ and SQ. This in turn leads to improved academic performance and behaviour. Now there is a 4th one, a new paradigm: 4. The Adversity Quotient (AQ): is a measure of a person's ability to manage difficulties and transform obstacles into opportunities. A person who has a high adversity quotient will also have high performance. When faced with troubles, AQ determines who will give up, who will abandon their family, and who will consider suicide. So the latest research suggests that one should get exposed to other areas of life than just Academics. Given below are a few things to practice daily to Develop IQ,as well as  EQ, SQ and AQ to have a sustainable happy life. Recognise and practice character strengths, like curiosity, persistence & collaboration. Understand and manage your emotions, like fear and anger. Work in a team, listen to and appreciate each other. Understand the consequences of your actions. You may explore for more here:

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Weekend Fun with Kids – Open Terrarium

All about terrarium: The word terrarium came from the word aquarium. Terre means land and aqua means water, viva means to live. It is usually transparent and one can keep plants or reptiles like turtles, lizards or frogs. The longest-known terrarium lasted on its own for 53 years & they may even outlast us. The purpose of terrarium, in general, is for decoration and in many cases for scientific observation or plant-animal propagation. Two different types of terrariums are open or closed and the 4 levels of layering up the terrarium are in the order from the bottom to up - pebbles,moss, soil and decorative layer. The most common terrarium types are Bonsai terrarium, Succulent terrarium, Moss terrarium, Desret terrarium , Tropical terrarium & Aqua terrarium is also called waterfall terrarium. Let us collect some things before we start. Glass bowl - You may recycle from old jam jars to large pasta containers. Pick any glass container that has enough room to place a couple of plants. Potting soil – any soil will do and we may require two handful maximum. Activated Charcoal – Optional, this keeps the terrarium water fresh and avoids bacteria from growing Sphagnum moss - Optional Tools - Pencil / Chopstick / long spoons/stick will do Sand - Optional Small rocks An assortment of small indoor plants (like succulents, moss, tropical plants). Choose an assortment of small indoor plants and slow growing like succulents/moss/cacti/ nerve plants/air plants etc. An assortment of decorations and toys—like toadstool mushrooms, plastic dinosaurs, moss, grassy rocks and craft birds.Other favourites include larger rocks, coloured sand, mini garden gnomes and fairies, other plastic animals, etc. Let your kid pick out whatever he or she wants to give the terrarium an extra special touch. Now how do we set up the Terrarium? Fill the bottom of your cleaned and dried glass bowl with small pebbles—about 2–3 cm high. This allows for proper drainage. Next, add the charcoal. Just scatter them to cover the pebbles & if you have sphagnum moss you may layer them on charcoal. Fill the glass bowl with potting soil about ¾ of the way up. Make sure there is enough soil so that the plant's roots sit comfortably inside it. Next pick your plants according to their size and the bigger plants go in first. You may use tools like a pencil to make a hole for the plant. Next, you may use moss or sand to cover up the soil. So layer them up accordingly. Let your child fill their terrarium with special objects of their choice now. Place your terrarium in a sunny indoor spot but not in direct sunlight and water when the soil becomes dry. Preferably spray them with water. Do not overwater the soil. It should remain barely moist. Feel free to tag us in a photo or share it in the Facebook group so we can see your spectacular creations  😊 Some surprising facts to explore:

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A quick guide on renting housing in Luxembourg

Most newcomers and even for some of us living in Luxembourg for a while, the art of renting in Luxembourg is cumbersome and unclear. We thought it would be great to have a quick summary on how renting process works in Luxembourg. Basics to get started: Rental properties in Luxembourg are on high-demand. Luxembourg's resident population, primarily driven by expats, is increasing. The availability of rental properties is not increasing at the same level as the incoming demand. Hence, both the property prices are high and the rental prices are high. The rental pricing is on the same or similar range of renting in Paris or London. What does it mean to you? It means, you need to start early looking for a property to rent. It takes few months to finalise the rental process unless you get lucky. Where do people rent? Most people working in Luxembourg rent within the Luxembourg country. However, if you're an EU citizen, you also have the option of renting and living in border areas such as Trier (Germany), Arlon (Belgium), and Metz/Thionville (France). A number of people commute across the borders to work in Luxembourg and live in other countries. If you're a non-EU citizen, your Luxembourg visa does not permit you to live in other countries - you're required to live in Luxembourg country. What are the prices like? Prices depend obviously on the size of the property, location and type of apartment and facilities. So, make your own decision on what you're renting. In general, a ball-park figure in Luxembourg city: Single room - EUR 800 - EUR 1100 Studio - EUR 1000-EUR 1300 One bed room apartment - EUR 1500-EUR 1800 Two bed room apartment - EUR 1750 - EUR 2100 Three bed room apartment / Houses - above EUR 2500 What will you be paying for? The general rents and expenses on renting are the following: - Rental deposit (2-3 months is standard) - Basic Rent - Maintanence costs (this usually includes general cleaning and maintainence of common areas, and includes/excludes garbage maintenance) - Electricity costs (usually not included in the rent) - Water costs (on-top or included within the rental price. It depends) - Internet + telephone costs (not included in the rent) - You're required to take insurance for the apartment (few hundred EUR a year) - Agency fee. If the property is with an agency, then you also pay the agency fee (agency fee is bourne by the tenant. It is usually 1-full month of basic rent, not including maintenance and other costs, + VAT). In cases where the current tenant suggests someone to the rental agency, the agency fee is half-a-month rent + VAT. About agencies: Majority number of rental properties in Luxembourg is managed by agencies. Whilst there are house owners who are renting the properties without agencies, this tends to be rather a smaller offering. Most properties are managed by agencies and the agency fee is bourne by the tentant. As mentioned above, agency fee is typically one month basic rent + VAT. If you've been referred by the current tentant to the agent, then it is usually half-a-month rent + VAT. It is normal and common to take from agency managed rental properties in Luxembourg. Do follow the process of renting though. What's the renting process? 1. Find a property from online sites, your company housing forums, and friends' references. We recommend to start with our community and online platform (post what you're looking for and scan the current offers) (scan the current offers) You can also look up in and Luxembourg Expats Premium members ( If you're looking for help to put us with some agents who can look for a property for you, write to us here: or email on (we will place you in touch with agents we refer). 2. Once you find the property, call-up and discuss, and organize a quick visit. Most good properties are rented within days, so you need to make a quick decision. It is not common to be able to rent a property if you've still not arrived in town. Some people who are coming from far away countries such as India, it can be helpful to have a trusted agent. Do check with your employer if they are providing relocation assistance and the agent can find a place for you. It is common to come and take-up a temporary Airbnb or hotel accomodation and look for a permanent rental property. 3. Once you decide on the rental property, following is the general process of renting: - you confirm that you're interested in taking the property - they will require your employment contract, passport copy and visa/work permit, and also three months of salary slips. - Most house-owners/agencies prefer CDI (unlimited) contract. CDD (Limited) from EU institutions are usually accepted. CDD from non-EU institutions might face challenges and hence might maker your search harder. - Once the agency/house owner confirms accepting you as a tenant, they will send you a rental contract. The rental contract will be in French (only French is legally valid). Agencies might provide you with an unofficial English translation but you can do this yourself with or - The contract usually cannot be quit in the middle. Yearly or three year contracts are possible. If you need to quit the contract in between, it is generally not possible by both parties, unless mutually agreed. It is however common to have what is called as "Diplomat cluase". With a Diplomat Clause, in case, you're leaving the country, then you can provide a three months notice. It is however common that the house owner accepts a replacement if you need to change in-between. Note however that the house owner might not accept any replacement but someone who's equally as good as you and having a CDI. - Once you sign-the contract, the first month rent and 3 months of deposit (or an agreed deposit) is transferred to the given bank account. Rental deposits via bank transfer or bank deposit: Rental Deposit can be done via bank transfer to the owner's account or can be done via bank deposit (most banks offer housing deposits including BIL, BCEE, ING). The deposits are held on your name but will be released only after the agreement of the land-lord. There is not much of a difference whether you transfer or hold it in deposit except that the house-owner cannot use your deposit. Otherwise, when the house owner decides a certain amount to be deducted, holding a bank deposit is as good as a bank transfer. Don't dos in renting - Do not pay money without signing contract. If anyone asks to transfer money to reserve the property, this is not the norm and is likely to be a scam. - Behave as a good tenant. Keep the flat proper, do not make unncesssary troubles to neighbours including party noise. Word of mouth travels around the small country and might find it difficult renting properties in the future. - Remember you cannot quit in-between. Most landlords accept replacement if you find a satisfactory replacement that is acceptable to the landlord. So take your commitment seriously and do not act erratically. Renting a property in Luxembourg might take 2-3months and hence always good to start early. Living far away from your work place requires commuting and also lack of social life. So it's a compromise you've to make based on whether you're single or have a family and whether you can drive or will depend on public transport. This is a quick-guide and not an extensive guide. Message us if we are missing important points, we will add-up.

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An interview with Andrea and Luca: Founders' Bivius, Hotel and Restaurant

Luxembourg Expats Network is the go-to network for expats and locals in Luxembourg for socializing, and finding everything for your life in Luxembourg. We particularly partner with local businesses in bringing great deals to the community and highlight the entrepreneurial stories of our community in our Featured Story Series (FSS). Today, we are speaking to Andrea and Luca, two Italian brothers who have founded Bivius ( Hotel and Restaurant in Luxembourg. Without further ado, let’s dig right in: As its customary, let’s start with who you are and your Luxembourg story: We are two italian brothers, Andrea and Luca We grew up in Luxembourg. Andrea always lived here, whilst Luca has been working across different continents for over 10 years since he was 20. The opportunity for us, 2 brothers, to work together reunited them again in Luxembourg. What's your entrepreneurial journey? How did you get started with Bivius? We started in 2016 by taking over the management of the former “Dany Hotel”. Over the years we have been developing our services with a major focus on quality, loyal to the values we were acquainted to throughout our various experiences in luxury hotels. Yet we kept the concept, peace and ambience rather casual and more accessible. What services does Bivius offer? Who are your target? Bivius is mainly divided in 2 parts: Hotel and Restaurant. Recently we developed our wine-shop, as we offer wine that we import directly. The online version of the shop is about to get launched soon. What are you most proud of in developing Bivius? Whilst the building is not owned and thus we are limited in certain areas, we have given the establishment an international posture, and since our beginnings we have embraced a process of continuous improvement throughout all areas of the company. Shifting gears, what are your hobbies and interests? Hobbies may vary, interests are multiple, continuously developing our knowledge is the driver. Well put. What's your favourite spot in Luxembourg? The heart of the City Center and Mullerthal. What's your favorite quote? It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult. – Seneca Brilliant line, applicable for all entrepreneurs. Anything else interesting we should've asked? Curious? Visit …  oh yes, we do also host some small corporate and private events… What would you say would be the recommendations of people who want to start their own business today? Luxembourg has its very own specificities, it’s cosmopolitan but not an international city… the House of Entrepreneurship can also be of great help! It’s great to connect with you Andrea and Luca. As rightly said, starting on your own can be daunting but when done, it's one of the most satisfying endeavours of our life. It’s always inspiring to learn such successful stories with Bivius. Thank you for sharing your story with us Andrea and Luca. Cheers to more success!

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A talk with Davide Cavanna, a certified translator and conference interpreter in Luxembourg

Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2022 from the Luxembourg Expats team. In our Featured Story Series (FSS), we highlight the personal and professional lives of expats in Luxembourg. We have a particular fondness for entrepreneurs, and today we would like to introduce you to one, Davide Cavanna, a certified translator and interpreter. It's no secret that Luxembourg is a highly multilingual society. A typical Luxembourg resident speaks at least 3 languages including English. Given that many EU institutions are here, the Grand Duchy has a large number of translators working for the EU and other organisations, but there are also translators and interpreters like Davide who are freelancers based in the country. Let’s get to it and learn more about his journey. Hi Davide, welcome to FSS LuxExpats. You are our New Year’s first interview. Let’s get started. How would you introduce yourself? My name is Davide Cavanna, I hail from Italy. I am a self-employed freelance certified translator and interpreter not only in Luxembourg, but also over the border in Germany, France and Belgium. We love to learn about everyone’s Luxembourg story, what’s yours? What brought you to Luxembourg, and how has life in Luxembourg been? I came to Luxembourg in 2013 to work as an in-house translator for Amazon. Later I switched to a German fund management company, before going solo in 2016. I lived in various nooks of the capital city and then in 2021 I settled in Bonnevoie, the same area where I lived when I first arrived in the country. What's your entrepreneurial journey? How did you get started with your career as translator and interpreter? I started translating in 2008 and I never really stopped. First as an employee and since 2016 as a freelancer. What services do you offer? Who is your target? The main services I offer are conference and business interpreting, certified (sworn) translations, financial and legal translations as well as proofreading. I do one-off as well as retainer work. My clients are a complete hotchpotch with companies of all kinds, from financial and legal professionals to other sectors, as well as private individuals who need their papers or qualifications translated for the authorities. I have five working languages: my native Italian, French, German, English and Spanish. Currently I am working to improve my Portuguese and Catalan. Mastering languages is great fun! What does Luxembourg Expats Network mean to you? It's a great opportunity to get in touch with other expats, explore common interests and potentially develop business collaborations. What are your hobbies and interests? I have a weak spot for (beach) volley, the court in Cessange Park is a great place to practice in the warmer months. I enjoy reading in any of my working languages, some swimming and I'm a budding film buff, that's why I enjoy the Cinémathèque so much! What's your favourite spot in Luxembourg? I would say the lake of Esch-sur-Sure and its many beaches, a full immersion in nature. What's your favourite quote? One of my favourite quotes is from a Ray Bradbury book. It may sound pretentious, but I like its empowering idea: "Evil has only the power that we give it. I give nothing. I take back".  What do you think? LuxExpats: It's absolutely an amazing quote and it's true. If we do not give evil the power, it has no control over us. True in every situation. Anything else interesting we should've asked? At the moment I am studying law to improve the quality of my translation and proofreading. Keeping those 'little grey cells' busy is like the proverbial apple a day. As an example: some of my teachers at interpreting school are getting on a bit, which goes to show that when you love what you do and keep on learning, age is really but a number. Curiosity killed the cat, the saying goes, but I would argue that that very same curiosity keeps it alive and kicking. LuxExpats: life-long learning is indeed the only way to go about it. What would you say would be your recommendation to people who want to start their business today? At first it might seem a daunting enterprise not to be an employee on a regular income, but if you like what you do and keep on learning, you'll do great things for sure. Take on tiny projects when you have time, get a reputation and those projects may pay back manyfold with larger and much more profitables ones. LuxExpats: This has been an amazing talk with you, Davide, thank you for taking the time. I hope everyone enjoyed and some of you got even inspired to take the next entrepreneurial step in your life. If you like to reach Davide, here is where you can do just that:


Featured Story, Dr. Milana Zoric, an entrepreneur, psychologist, mother, LuxExpat

In our Featured Story Series (FSS) we are delighted to have our next conversation with Milana Zoric, an accomplished psychologist, entrepreneur, mother and an expat. LEN: Hi Milana, welcome to FSS. Share something about yourself: Hi, my name is Milana Zoric, I am coming from Serbia, I lived in France for almost 10 years and I work in Luxembourg as psychologist in Cabinet Paramedical in Niederkorn. LEN: What's your Luxembourg story? What brought you to Luxembourg, and how has life in Luxembourg been? As my husband was a professional basketball player in France for a decade, sport brought us in this region, where we heard for the first time about Luxembourg. As he finished his studies in USA, his diploma allowed him to start a career in a banking world in Luxembourg. As I had until recently only a Serbian passport, and as I am a mother of small children far from my family (which is a common story in Luxembourg), for me it was complicated until I managed to have all the papers needed in order to find a job. Now that I have an EU passport and my Doctorate in Psychology recognized in Luxembourg, everything is in its place. LEN: What's your entrepreneurial journey? How did you get started with Doctor of Psychology? As I am highly educated, I logically firstly wanted to find a job in Luxembourg, specifically in HR services. But as most of the offers were those for the full time positions, and as my husband already had a job like this, it was hard for me, but I refused most of the full time offers as I have small children and as I feel that inner responsibility to be there and create a balance in order to have a happy and healthy family. So I was searching for some part-time jobs until I realized that it’s not that easy to find it. Then, after some time, I simply decided to create my own business and actually restart doing what I already was doing in the past. And that’s psychotherapy and psychological counseling. LEN: What services do you offer? Who are your targets? Besides my Master and Doctorate University degrees, I have 6 years of education in psychotherapy approach called Transactional analysis and more than 10 years of experience in working with people by providing psychological counseling. I am targeting all the people who found themselves in some kind of complex life situations/people under the stress/people who want to reach their full potential in life throughout reaching the balance between different important roles in their life. As I am an active provider of organization called Workplace options, I usually work with people working in companies, but also very often with stressed moms or people who found themselves in some other types of everyday problems (communication problems, self-esteem issues, emotional struggles, family problems). LEN: What are you most proud of in practicing psychological counseling? Firstly, I am really proud that I succeeded in creating a balance between all the roles I find extremely important in life and those are the roles of mother, wife and a working women. As a consequent, I am proud that I can serve to my clients as an example of someone who succeeded to resolve some really complex life situations and give them all the tools to sort out complex psychological states of being. Of course I am also proud that I can be in a service to all the people who need my help, and am satisfied by the fact that people are usually coming to my cabinet in one unpleasant state of being and stepping out almost every time with a smile and with that awakened strength they lost somewhere on their road. I am proud and happy to have that opportunity to work with people in English, French and Serbian language, as well as to have an opportunity to work in person and online also. LEN: What are your hobbies and interests? Creativity is the value I appreciate a lot. As I finished a musical school when I was a child, music stays as an important value, so I love listening to music, dancing, and singing. I also adore running and sports in generally. I was always interested in cooking and healthy nurture so I am constantly reading about and creating some delicious, but at the same time healthy foods. I adore reading and I read always some literature in order to learn more about different ways to help people. As in Luxembourg we also have your own community which contains thousands of people coming from countries from Ex Yugoslavia, I profit from hanging out with my friends whose native language is the same as mine. LEN: What's your favorite spot in Luxembourg? Muller trail definitely as I adore spending time in nature with my family. But I will also never skip the sales in Cloche d’or or in City Concord, lol. LEN: What are your top 3-recommendations for a new comer in Luxembourg? 1. Be ready for some huge changes in your rhythm and lifestyle. 2. Try to create your own zone of comfort where you will feel fine despite the high stress environment people are mostly facing. 3. Be unique and be yourself as it is highly appreciated in this international and multicultural country. LEN: What's your favorite quote? You must give in order to receive. LEN: What would you say would be the recommendations of people who want to start their own business today? 1. Creating a business definitely is not for everyone. You firstly need to have a very flexible mindset in order to adapt to all the risks, obstacles and hard times while creating your business. 2. In order to succeed, you need to create your own, unique personal and professional brand and if necessary search for some brand developing expert who will help you in that process. 3. Do something you really love, something that is driven by your own uniqueness and purpose. 4. Be patient, be open and try to connect in some way with as much people you can in order to enlarge your community. You can learn something from every single person you meet: from a lady in the bakery, from your clients as well as from you concurrency. You can get in touch with Milana for fore information about the services: Adresse: 27 rue Pierre Gansen Niederkorn E mail adresse : Phone number : +352 691 699 634 Milana Zoric on LEN: Linkedin: Instagram:

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Challenges of working abroad for expat freelancers

Life as an expat can be a little tricky at the start: living in a totally new environment, having to make new friends, learning a different language and many others. If you are a freelancer, then getting settled will be even more challenging. Here are the reasons why. The first challenge any expat will face is connecting with new people and friends, and starting to feel like home. However, most of the friends we make are from our work circles and office colleagues. As a freelance worker, you will not have an office environment to make new friends. Therefore, making new friends will be slightly more challenging and you can feel lonely sometimes. However, this is not a red flag that should stop you from being an expat freelancer. You can always make new friends from other environments besides the office. For an instance, you can participate in community gatherings and social events to meet new people. Besides that, the language barrier will also be a hassle if you are an expat in a country that has a different primary language. Conversing with clients will be much more difficult and any client would prefer business with people that are easier to converse with. This is also not a huge problem that will stop you from being an expat freelancer. Just enroll in language courses and you will improve and be more confident in no time. This is probably the most significant barrier any freelancer, especially an expat freelancer, would face. If you are starting your career as a freelancer in a new country, just like starting freelance work in any country, you will not have many clients to begin with. You will initiate small-scale and it will take a while for it to bloom. Until your freelance work reaches a stable point, you might encounter financial struggles and hitches. If you manage to soldier through the difficult start by finding a part-time job, you can overcome the initial struggle with ease. Overall, just like any career, it will be difficult at first but everything will surely get better with time. Being an expat freelancer would mean you have to restart your freelance career, but it is only for a while. Besides, there are so many amazing things you can do as a freelance expat. As a freelancer, you can manage your schedule on your own and with that, you can find time to explore the new country and visit new places. Post your offers in Request or Offer in Luxembourg Expats Join us in Meetpeople Join Meet People | Luxembourg Expats

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Request or Offer, get matched and earn € in Luxembourg Expats

How about a place we can request something and get matched with people who offer what are looking for? That's what we have done. Luxembourg Expats has just launched a request and offer matching platform for our members in Luxembourg.  If you post a request, all people Offering in the same category will be instantly notified. They can pick-up the gauntlet and reach you easily and make offers. Sounds simple, because it is. Our ambition is to instantly match people requesting and offer just about anything. As of now we are matching the following: Time, Cleaning Services, Mover, Airport Shuttle / Taxi,  Babysitting, Carpentry, Plumbing, Language exchange, Flooring, Bathroom,  Fixing, House Renovation, Jobs & Mini-Jobs, Goods, Help, Gardening,  Tutoring, Carpooling, Colocation/Flat sharing, Volunteering, Others,  Handyman, Electrician, Ironing / Washing, Sports, Housing, Photography We have to say, our team's favourite among all the above categories is Time. You can request and offer your Time, the most valuable resource of our lives. You can share Time with others. How cool is it? You tell us :) And you know what. We have also turned into a place where micro entrepreneurs can earn money. You can offer your time or services for Free or mention a price or discuss the price later. How about some change for a quick drop in Airport or helping out in moving. If you can imagine doing it, you can now do it and earn as you like. Request and offer in Luxembourg

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Will there be an alternative to the Facebook ecosystem?

Facebook - the social network that started in early 2000 is the only platform that's available for us if you want to be on a social network. Over the years, Facebook has added two more apps that dominates our lives; WhatsApp and Instagram. Now after 20 years, its a good time to look back and take stock of the situation on where I came from, where I am now, and what I want. Facebook was not the first social network, its Friendster. But Facebook clearly ate or defeated all other apps along the way and become the dominant and only player in this space. When I started being on Facebook, I was among those who accepted all friend requests whether I know the person, I might have seen the person, or its a friend's friend or what not. Fast forward today, I don't do that anymore. In fact, I was unfriending loads whom I have no clue about and was trimming down my friends list. As I do that, "privacy" and "close-knit" are on top of my mind. As those words dominate, Facebook is going in the opposite direction. They are closely integrating Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram messages. Eventually, you can start communicating in one app and finish the conversation in the other app. Post in Facebook, automatically display in Instagram, and chat about it in WhatsApp. This worries me, as three apps that I used with different set of people, and different set of information is going to be united into one. Facebook already knows a lot about me than I do. Now with all three apps rolled-into-one, I am going to be literally having a copy of my life in Facebook's servers that I have no control over the use. This worries me, and this should be worrying us all. I did not move out of Facebook by choice, because the strongest case I made to myself was that I would lose my friends list I had built over the years from all continents. Finding them again, and connecting with them, and reminding them of a memory I shared with them seemed to be an impossible task. But Facebook did me a favor. One fine day, they blocked me. I did not really know why, but they said they are not cool with me any more and they need my passport, driving license or any ID. Well, my Facebook name is not exactly what my passport displays. 95% of Facebook names will not match their passport names. But now Facebook wants my passport. In face, Facebook already knows a whole lot about me, and the last piece to map was my passport copy perhaps. Wasn't comfortable at all. But, I still wanted my friends list back, so I shared anyway. They did not budge, and there was no explanation or appeal. Boom, more than a decade of friends list and I am blocked out of Facebook now. Naturally, I was sad, angry and frustrated. After a number of sunsetting days, I am happier than ever. Don't get me wrong. I want to be on a social network. I want to have good friends I truly want to be posting on what's going on in their lives. But, I don't want my social network to track my every move and tell me what I will need now and in the future. I want to be at peace. Look at friends' travel, see their family being happy and not pressured by someone else or give someone the power to kick-me-out anytime at their will. But, I look around for such a social network, I don't see any other choice now. Hope is there though. WhatsApp alternatives such as Signal has come-up. There should be, and there will be, a Facebook alternative that I can have only my closest, good and trusted friends and acquaintances. I can chat, share, and care about my life and be updated on their lives. That one app that gives me "privacy" and keep it "close-knit. I am confident that days will come in the next years. Until then, hoping to write more. /// Written By Kevin This is a personal opinion by the author.

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Why did we create Meet People and Make Friends in Luxembourg?

We go-to school, make good friends and we have a good time. These relationships tend to be stronger. We then grow-up to college, and build beautiful friendships. Then, we find our first job, then relationships, break-ups, jobs, colleagues, marriage, kids and more. One day, we start feeling that our friendships are intact but our friends are far. We want to meet new people, we look around, and the world is filled with dating apps. We move to a new country, new city, new place, we are suddenly devoid of friends. How we wish we had a place where we can search for people, look at interests we share, get talking, and build new friendships. We felt so, and we know many of you share this feeling. That's when we attempted to create Meet People and make friends feature on LuxExpats. Meeting new people should not be difficult. In fact, it should be very easy. In fact, all of us want to make friends. Now, this has become a reality with Meet People with matching interests. Once you join Meet People with few clicks, all you've to do is simply look for shared interests and start chatting in no-time with new and interesting people. Anything that's built to last has to be sustainable. For all basic members, we enable 10 profiles for free chat, and these profiles are regularly refreshed with new people. At the cost of only buying one Cappucino a month, you can become a Premium Member and get access to all filters, preferences, searches, and unlimited chats in LuxExpats. We are constantly adding to the Premium benefits, including upcoming new ways to earn money, exclusive special discounts, and LuxExpats team support. With Meet People, filter and say hi to new people. With one button, you can find all people matching your interests. You can also share your feeling with "Feelings status" and add a description of whom do you want to reach you with simple descrptions. The world is now your oyster; meet badminton players, parents, travelers, and more in one place. More power to women: We have introduced more power to all, but particularly also to women. As a woman, you want your profile to be shown only to other women, you can simply select to show your profile to other women only. Men can do the same, or can simply leave at the default setting of meeting any gender with shared interests. Looking back: Since we started LuxExpats as a community in 2012, one of the recurring themes was how to meet new people. We now have an answer to this. This is just the beginning, and more features on language, country of origin and many more awesome features are being developed as we speak. Making friends has never been easier in the new app driven world. We are glad to be part of the LuxExpats community. Hurray!


Timely food delivered with WeDely

Food is all we live for will be an understatement. Healthy and timely food is a must for happiness, longevity and quite frankly, for a good life. Luxembourg for the longest period of time was lacking optionsto have good food delivered in a timely way. Whilst the neighbouring countriesincluding Germany, France and Belgium were enjoying good delivery options,Luxembourg’s residents were to be content with over-priced under-served delivery options. Off late things have changed for the better, particularly during the Covid19 lockdown times, restaurants and food delivery service have sprung-up with many options to the delight of Luxembourg residents. Today, digital ordering is representing  almost half of all food delivery visits,expanding beyond traditional dinner delivery to encompass even breakfast and lunch deliveries. Let’s have a look at one of the leading Food delivery apps in Luxembourg, WeDely. WeDely gets your food delivered right at your doorstep anytime, anywhere. WeDely receives and delivers thousands of orders every day and its platform has hunrdreds of restaurants listed with all kinds of cuisine options including Indian,Italian, Luxembourgish, Sushi, Healthy, American etc. WeDely serves the centre and south of Luxembourg with new areas enlisted to be covered soon. Luxembourg is known for limited options, early-closing times and slow service. But apps like WeDely increases your options with deliveries all throughout the year between 11am-10pm. And the average delivery time only about 35mins, as opposed to more than an hour deliveries. WeDely is expat friendly, and is a partner to the Luxembourg Expats Network, offering also quick food delivery options and coupons to engage closely with customers. Good food, timely deliveries are important for a happy meal. WeDely does a great job at that. Luxembourg is not only providing a peaceful home, but also an engaging ecosystem that expats can cherish. For orders, visit [Sponsored]

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Healthy Morning Routine

Take a moment to think about today morning...Did you feel stressed or lost ? Were you running late ? Did you feel you have not rested well ? If this how most mornings begin for you, it would help to plan a morning routine that can help set the tone for a productive & fulfilling day...  How you spend the first hour of your morning matters; here are a few suggestions to create a routine that works:  1. Wake up early  Plan to wake up atleast 30 mins earlier than you need to, this way you have some quiet time for yourself. Make sure that you don’t snooze your alarm, get up when you need to.  2. Stay off your phone for the first 20-30 minutes  Laying in bed and starting your day off on your phone does not set a great tune for the day and also it can upset your morning schedule. Allow your brain time to wake up and start functioning before you feed new information from your phone ! This will help boost productivity in addition to being better for your mental wellness.  3. Make your bed  As trivial as it sounds, this act helps create order first thing in the morning. By creating a sense of order and organisation around you, you’ve already got a day of productivity underway. And you’ll be more motivated to take on the next task.   4. Drink water  Start your morning with drinking a glass of water before you start with the coffee. Better still add a few drops of lemon juice with few drops of honey to warm water & drink up for a quick detox.   5. Meditate  Spending a few moments in stillness and silencing your mind is empowering. Use guided apps to help you create atleast 10 mins of calm. Meditation is all about gaining mental clarity so that you’re calm & ready to tackle the day.  If meditation has never really been your thing,listen to a podcast which is a great self-development tool too.   6. Maintain a journal  Spending a few minutes writing down a few thoughts or documenting what you’re grateful for gives your mind a moment to create. It’s also a peaceful and uplifting addition to your healthy morning routine.  7. Exercise  Adding exercise to your morning routine is a great way to have a more productive day & boost your energy levels.Exercising seems like a chore when you’re not used to it, try a few stretches or a quick workout video or go for a walk outside. Even fifteen minutes can be fantastic.  8. Spend a few minutes outside  A dose of sunlight combined with fresh air can really wake up you. Even simply drinking your water or coffee outside can really lift you up not to mention that sunlight is important to help our bodies process Vitamin D.   9. Eat a healthy breakfast  Eating a healthy breakfast is not only an important step to replenish nutrients for your body but also takes care of any mid-day cravings. An ideal breakfast should be high in protein. Skip sugary cereals,add a teaspoon of unsalted seeds & nuts for essential fatty acids.  If you struggle for time in the morning, try putting together some yoghurt, chopped fruit in a jar in the refrigerator before going to bed & carry along some nuts & seeds for a quick but healthy breakfast on the way to work. 10. Review your calendar for the day  Check what your day looks like by reviewing your planner or calendar. Set yourself up for a successful day by knowing what is in store for you. You may use planning apps if you need help in organising your tasks better. Check for the next days schedule before you end the day to be better planned for the next day.  11. Tackle the most important task first  Pick out either the most important task or the task you dread the most and get it dealt with right away.It will help you have a less stressful and more productive day.  12. Plan short breaks between tasks  Most days can be filled with deadlines & can leave you stressed out. Plan for short 5 min breaks between tasks. You may say hello to your colleague or listen to music or nibble on a snack or just do some stretching but plan for breaks during the day. This will help you calm your mind & help re-focus between tasks.  When you are planning your routine, remember to add the ones you choose gradually. Preferably, not more than 2 habits a month. That way you can really make sure it sticks & it helps you from getting overwhelmed which can happen if you add too many at once.  Remember to always be patient with yourself. Best of luck in adding some new positive morning routine habits to your day !


Vaccination FAQ (19 May update)

The question on top of many people's mind is, when can I get vaccinated? When will I get the vaccine invite? As of today, 19 May, the folks in the age range around 40 yrs are expected to get a vaccination invite within the next few weeks. Is vaccination optional or mandatory? Vaccination is not mandatory and is only voluntary. Many people who get the vaccine invite are not showing up at the centre. Where are the vaccination centres? There are at least 6 new vaccination centres are added and are proceeding at a rapid pace. Check the list of vaccination centres here What are the available vaccines? 1. Moderna 2. Pfizer 3. Astrazenica 4. Johnson and Johson Do I get to choose my vaccine? The doctor on-site makes the choice of which vaccine. You can refuse the vaccine choice but you cannot choose which vaccine. Of course you can try to request and see if the doctor is accomodating but in general, its really not your choice on which vaccine. What happens if I refuse my vaccine? You can refuse your vaccine. In this case, you will not be vaccinated at that point. But, you can register for the waiting list and you will be called at the end of the vaccination roll call. What are the ways I can get vaccinated? 1. You will get an invite in a roll call. You use the invite, register for an appointment, and show-up for the appointment with the invitation letter, appointment confirmation, ID card and Social Security card to get vaccinated. 2. You can register in the waiting list. This is outside of the roll call and you may get an invite earlier than the roll call. 3. You can also register for the "left over vaccine" list. As people are not showing up for their vaccine, you will be called at the end of the day from the centre for left over vaccines. You need to (a) stay within 20mins from the vaccination centre (b) you should register it every day. (Update: this option ended on 8 May and no longer an option)

;Meet People