Online Coding Summer Camp for Kids - by JetLearn!

Posted on 07 June 2023 by Team

Online Coding Summer Camp for Kids at JetLearn!

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with JetLearn, the pioneers in interactive learning, to offer a trio of engaging workshops for you and your child.

Here's a sneak peek of what's in store:

1. Coding    Concert – 18th June: Let your children be composers... of code!  This event will allow them to harmonise their logical thinking with their creative instincts, creating symphonies in the programming world.

2.Rubik's    Puzzle    Party – 25th June: This fun-filled party will see your little ones twisting, turning, and solving those vibrant, mind-boggling cubes.

Let's see who solves the puzzle first!

And this is not just it!

We have also partnered with JetLearn to bring a thrilling summer adventure for your children: Summer Fiesta 2023.

In this upcoming summer fest, your kids will enjoy a unique blend of hands-on activities like Neon painting, Kahoot Quiz, and more, along with AI sessions, making them a master of ChatGPT and Canva.

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