Luxembourg raises solar FITs

luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Team

The grand duchy has bucked the global trend by raising its solar subsidies.

The Luxembourg government has raised feed-in tariffs for PV power generators. For installations with a generation capacity of less than 10 kW, the feed-in tariff will rise 36% to €0.165/kWh and all installations below 500 kW are set to benefit from an improved regulatory framework.

Another tweak to the guidelines will permit all systems with a capacity of up to 30 kW to cumulatively benefit from the incentives offered under the “PRIMe House” scheme as well as receiving FIT payments. The PRIMe House program is intended to encourage the construction of durable housing and sustainable energy renovation. Between March 2014 and March 2019, some 1,950 PV installations were subsidized via the initiative, to the tune of €9.6 million. Read more 

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