Essential Government Websites, Portals, and Apps for Expats in Luxembourg!

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Moving to Luxembourg, a vibrant and diverse European nation, offers a range of opportunities and experiences. However, navigating the bureaucratic landscape can be challenging for newcomers. To assist, here is a comprehensive guide to the official government websites, portals, and apps that every expat should know to smoothly navigate life in Luxembourg.



Purpose: is the primary portal for administrative procedures in Luxembourg. It provides detailed information and services for both citizens and businesses.

Key Features:

  • Resident and Work Permits: Information on obtaining residence and work permits.
  • Social Security: Guides on registering for social security and healthcare.
  • Taxes: Resources for understanding and filing taxes.
  • Family and Education: Information on family benefits, childcare, and education.



Purpose: is a secure, personalized portal linked to for managing personal administrative procedures online.

Key Features:

  • eID Login: Secure access using LuxTrust products.
  • Document Submission: Online submission of forms and documents.
  • Application Tracking: Real-time tracking of administrative procedures.
  • Notifications: Alerts for important updates and deadlines.

3. Luxtrust

Website: Luxtrust

Purpose: Luxtrust provides secure digital identities and authentication solutions, crucial for accessing many online services in Luxembourg.

Key Features:

  • Digital Certificates: For secure transactions and communication.
  • Mobile ID: Secure access to online services via smartphone.
  • Electronic Signatures: Legally binding digital signatures.

4. CNS (Caisse Nationale de Santé)

Website: CNS

Purpose: The CNS is the national health insurance fund, managing healthcare coverage and reimbursements.

Key Features:

  • Healthcare Registration: Information on how to register for health insurance.
  • Reimbursements: Procedures for claiming medical expenses.
  • Healthcare Providers: Directory of approved doctors and medical services.

5. ADEM (Agence pour le Développement de l'Emploi)

Website: ADEM

Purpose: ADEM is the national employment agency, offering support for job seekers and employers.

Key Features:

  • Job Listings: Comprehensive database of job opportunities.
  • Career Guidance: Advice and resources for job seekers.
  • Training Programs: Information on professional training and development.



Purpose: The official portal of the Luxembourg government, providing news and information about governmental activities and policies.

Key Features:

  • News: Updates on government decisions and policies.
  • Press Releases: Official statements and announcements.
  • Government Contacts: Information on ministries and government officials.

7. Luxembourg Public Transport (


App: Available on iOS and Android

Purpose: The official public transport portal, offering comprehensive information on all modes of public transportation in Luxembourg.

Key Features:

  • Journey Planner: Tools for planning routes and schedules.
  • Timetables: Up-to-date public transport schedules.
  • Real-Time Information: Live updates on service status.

8. Espace Emploi International (EURES)

Website: EURES

Purpose: EURES provides information and support for job seekers looking for employment opportunities within the European Union, including Luxembourg.

Key Features:

  • Job Mobility: Resources for job seekers moving within Europe.
  • Advisory Services: Personalized advice on living and working in Luxembourg.
  • Job Listings: Listings of vacancies in Luxembourg and the EU.

9. MFIN (Ministry of Finance)

Website: MFIN

Purpose: The Ministry of Finance oversees fiscal policy and economic regulation.

Key Features:

  • Tax Information: Guidelines on personal and corporate taxation.
  • Economic Policies: Updates on fiscal policies and economic measures.
  • Financial Services: Information on financial regulations and services.

10. STATEC (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies)

Website: STATEC

Purpose: STATEC provides statistical data and economic analysis for Luxembourg.

Key Features:

  • Statistics: Comprehensive data on various economic and social indicators.
  • Reports: Detailed analysis and reports on economic trends.
  • Publications: Access to publications and research papers.

Navigating life as an expat in Luxembourg is significantly easier with the right digital tools and resources. These websites, portals, and apps provide essential services and information, ensuring you stay informed and compliant with local regulations. Whether you are handling residency permits, seeking employment, or managing healthcare needs, these official platforms are indispensable for a smooth and successful transition to life in Luxembourg.

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