Weekly Roundup: Highlights Happening in Luxembourg.

LuxembourgPosted on 11 September 2023 by Team

The Luxair Luxembourg Airlines is announcing its brand new destination starting in April 2024: Manchester, a youthful, dynamic, and cultural city in the north of Great Britain.

The European Heritage Days will take place from 23rd September to 1st October 2023 in Luxembourg. Under the theme "Living heritage", the Heritage Days focus on intangible or living heritage.

A performance on the big stage of the Eurovision Song Contest lasts three minutes, and it will have a great repercussion on the lucky candidate. Eurovision Luxembourg. Eurovision is looking for the candidate or group from Luxembourg that will represent the country in the 68th contest in Sweden.

From two-hour queues at the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Athens capping visitors to the overcrowded Acropolis, the glut of tourists returning to Europe this summer has been difficult to miss.

Birmingham City Council's bankruptcy raises questions about financial stability. Let's stay informed and engaged in our community's future.

The law establishes two types of reorganization procedures: reorganization by collective agreement and judicial reorganization.

Experts warn that prolonged allergen seasons and higher air pollution are causing people to develop new lung problems. “The impacts of climate change on human health are pervasive, profound and substantial”

London and Paris sizzle in heat waves, while Greece prepares for floods. Climate challenges worldwide demand urgent action!

Discover the wellness wisdom of Sebastian Kneipp, a hidden guru. Dive into his story in the article below.

Discover the cheesy delight of Emmentaler, Switzerland's King of Cheeses! Check out this fascinating article for a taste of Swiss culinary heritage.

In the mid-1800s, working 70-plus hours a week was common

Secret way to the great wall of China!
A part of China's Great Wall has been severely damaged by construction workers in central Shanxi province, who used an excavator to dig through it.

Another change! Apple's latest iPhone will almost certainly feature a USB-C charge point when it is unveiled on 12 September.

Big decision! L'Occitane's owner opts not to go private. Get the scoop from the link.

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