Luxembourg: Weekly Roundup

Posted on 07 August 2023 by Team

Luxembourg invests in a greener future with 264 new fast charge points. Making electric driving easier and more accessible!

Most expensive countries globally to send overseas workers.
U.K.: $441,608 | Japan: $370,183 | India: $354,028 | China: $313,011 | Hong Kong: $278,020

Unlocking tax insights!

The Great Resignation was unprecedented!

Travel agents, content assists are made possible by AI

Breaking sound barriers and redefining travel with Boom Supersonic!

Embark on a picturesque journey through Italy's captivating landscapes on these charming tourist trains.

Imagine a luggage-free adventure! Check out this fascinating article about the future of travel. No bags, no worries!

Voyager 2 is more than 12.3 billion miles (19.9 billion km) from Earth, where it is hurtling through interstellar space - the space between the stars.

Discover the mesmerising images of the end stages of a distant star's life have been captured by the James Webb space telescope (JWST).

Barbie takes the box office by storm, proving her timeless charm.

Breakthrough study reveals how sleep patterns influence mood and mental health.

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