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Posted on 24 July 2023 by Team

Luxembourg Votes for Unity in Diversity
New Intercultural Living Law Emphasises Equality for All Residents. Effective 01/01/2024.

In 2021, Austria started to sell such a ticket that covered all public transport in the country for the price of €3 a day. In 2020, Luxembourg became the first country in Europe to provide free public transport.

The Impact of Shrinking Teams: A Thought-Provoking Read on How Workers are Navigating Increased Workload. Learn More about the Challenges Faced in the Workplace.

Greece Battles Raging Fires, Forcing Urgent Evacuations - A Grim Reminder of the Climate Crisis.

EU finalizes post-Brexit hedge fund rules, paving the way for financial stability and collaboration.

Exciting news!
EU passes groundbreaking nature restoration law to combat climate change and protect our planet's biodiversity.

In 2021, the EU witnessed a thriving creative and cultural sector, with half a million active enterprises in arts and entertainment, and an additional 12,000 in libraries, archives, and museums. Luxembourg, among the countries surveyed, registered 398 enterprises in this dynamic domain.

Exciting match! Check out the highlights and analysis on BBC Sport.

From Father of the Atomic Bomb to Caribbean Castaway: The Untold Story of Oppenheimer's Escape on St John. Witness the enigmatic scientist's journey from hero to pariah, and how the remote island shaped his final days.

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Here's what happened when this couple bought a rundown farmhouse in Portugal.

I believe it's a call for equality.

Check out Greta Gerwig's bold and inventive Barbie that breaks the mould!

Discover the magic of children's books!
Unlock timeless wisdom and nostalgia while embracing the joy of reading at any age.

Discover the hidden gems of golf courses that shaped the sport we love!

Imagining a Greener Horizon!
Discover the fascinating vision of net-zero shipping and its potential impact on our planet!

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