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Posted on 10 April 2023 by Team

Longevity in Luxembourg: Among Europe's Highest Life Expectancies despite Pandemic Challenges

Luxembourg ranks among the top 20 countries in the world for human freedom, according to the 2022 Human Freedom Index by the Cato Institute

The latest report by the Ministry of Health shows a significant drop in COVID-19 cases by 36.9% compared to the previous week. Influenza cases also decreased by 44.5% with influenza B being the predominant strain.

Did you know that Luxembourg has the highest hourly labour costs in the EU at €50.7? Despite significant gaps between EU countries, Luxembourg continues to maintain its position as a leading economy in the region.

Levidian chooses Luxembourg as its gateway to Europe, introducing advanced carbon capture technology to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability.

The Luxembourg Government launches new initiative for outdoor enthusiasts with the opening of 'Destination Camper Parking', providing a convenient and sustainable solution for camping enthusiasts to explore the natural beauty of Luxembourg.

Exploring the Limits of Dinosaur Size: Did They Reach Their Maximum Potential?

EU aims for a greener future: 2035 phaseout of CO2 cars announced in latest climate and nature news

Experience a multicultural wonderland in London's Blackstock Road, where a single street offers a dazzling array of global flavours, traditions, and lifestyles.

Introducing the revolutionary new way to plan your travels! CBS News reports on the groundbreaking Expedia Chatbot, powered by ChatGPT, bringing unprecedented ease and convenience to your travel planning experience.

Easter travel chaos looms as millions hit roads and ports, but authorities take measures to manage traffic.

Great progress. A national football school was created in 2001, with the intention of producing more young players prepared for the professional game.

The new legislation implements EU legislation finalised last year which provides for distributed ledger technology-based financial markets infrastructure to be trialed for trading and recording tokenised financial instruments, such as cryptoassets.

Land reclamation is nothing new, but during this century there has been a significant rise in the creation of artificial land by humans, with a recent study showing that developers have added more than 2,500 sq km – an area equivalent to the size of Luxembourg – to coastlines since 2000.

Discover the Ancient Bread that Survived Pompeii: The Fascinating Tale of Arculata

The Evolution of the Easter Bunny: A Cultural Symbol through the Ages.

Get ready to laugh out loud with these hilarious entries in the Comedy Pet Photo Awards!

Traveling Europe this Easter? Don't let transportation strikes catch you off guard - stay informed and plan ahead.

The truth about childhood milestones: A fascinating read on what parents often get wrong. Discover the real timeline of development and why every child is unique in their own way. Learn how to support your child's progress and celebrate their individual achievements.

Environmental Finance names LuxSE Exchange of the Year 2023: A recognition of LuxSE's commitment to sustainability and green finance.

March 2023 inflation rate drops to 3.6%. Food prices continue to rise, while petroleum products aggregate falls.

From the depths of danger to the light of hope, witness the miraculous tales of the pilots who ejected underwater and lived to tell the tale

Upcoming Infrastructure Works in Rue Benjamin Franklin and Rue Christoph Willibald Gluck from April 3rd to April 15th, 2023.

Luxembourgish replaces French on recent Luxembourg stamps

Securing its position as a top destination for talent, Luxembourg wins the title of world's best in talent attraction for the second consecutive year, ranking 15th overall alongside global powerhouses such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dublin.

Record-breaking discovery: Japan captures footage of the world's deepest living fish in the Mariana Trench.

Discover how Luxembourg transformed into a global economic powerhouse, paving the way for future prosperity and growth.

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