Vaccination FAQ (19 May update)

Posted on 19 May 2021 by Team

The question on top of many people's mind is, when can I get vaccinated?

When will I get the vaccine invite?

As of today, 19 May, the folks in the age range around 40 yrs are expected to get a vaccination invite within the next few weeks.

Is vaccination optional or mandatory?

Vaccination is not mandatory and is only voluntary. Many people who get the vaccine invite are not showing up at the centre.

Where are the vaccination centres?

There are at least 6 new vaccination centres are added and are proceeding at a rapid pace. Check the list of vaccination centres here

What are the available vaccines?

1. Moderna

2. Pfizer

3. Astrazenica

4. Johnson and Johson

Do I get to choose my vaccine?

The doctor on-site makes the choice of which vaccine. You can refuse the vaccine choice but you cannot choose which vaccine. Of course you can try to request and see if the doctor is accomodating but in general, its really not your choice on which vaccine.

What happens if I refuse my vaccine?

You can refuse your vaccine. In this case, you will not be vaccinated at that point. But, you can register for the waiting list and you will be called at the end of the vaccination roll call.

What are the ways I can get vaccinated?

1. You will get an invite in a roll call. You use the invite, register for an appointment, and show-up for the appointment with the invitation letter, appointment confirmation, ID card and Social Security card to get vaccinated.

2. You can register in the waiting list. This is outside of the roll call and you may get an invite earlier than the roll call.

3. You can also register for the "left over vaccine" list. As people are not showing up for their vaccine, you will be called at the end of the day from the centre for left over vaccines. You need to (a) stay within 20mins from the vaccination centre (b) you should register it every day. (Update: this option ended on 8 May and no longer an option)

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