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luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Luxembourg Expats

What's reasonable thinking and why are we writing about it today. In the world that's on a standstill caused by the pandemic, people are understandably dismayed, angry, upset, dejected and quite frankly enduring enormous amount of pain. Coupled with a lack of world leaders to drive people to the centre to think, it is important people start to think some basic funds and drive their own thinking to be reasonable.

What's happening today in the world is, world economy is declining, environmental and social challenges that have been cast under the carpet have come to the fore, may it be George Floyd's untimely death caused protests or the widening income-gap between the rich and the poor. China is rising and USA is in a self-inflected decline, while Europe is reassessing its role in the world order. To put it bluntly, we as people are unable to agree how we deal with the pandemic caused by a virus that threaten our very lives. The point being, these issues are not going to disappear tomorrow. These are century defining issues, and one could even claim, topics that would even define humanity. That brings us to the topic of this write-up: Thinking reasonable.

Thinking reasonable means, giving up and gaining at the same time. First off, let's start with agreeing on the basics: 

- Every human has the same right on our planet. 

- Every human should have access to basics: health, food and shelter.

- Destruction of our planet should be stopped and reversed. Humanity has no other home.

- Humans deserve respect, dignity and freedom. 

While most of us would agree with these basic tenets, it is in its implementation we falter. If history is the only guide, we can rely on, we will not succeed to achieve these utopian ideals. Power, destruction, wealth, hunger, and ambition are as much part of humanity, as air and water are to human life. Given this, we can reasonably think that we cannot solve all these issues now, in the middle of the pandemic, and we need to collectively and reasonably think on how we can contain the pandemic. This is a pre-requisite to even think about addressing other survival issues affecting our lives. There are some things every individual can reasonably think and do.

  • Wear a mask.
  • Maintain distance.
  • Help when and where you can. Your safety first.
  • Work towards, if you can. Else wish or pray for a vaccine.
  • Fundamentally rethink how the world economy can be opened up.
  • How do we address mental issues.

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