Just arrived in Luxembourg? Things to do.

luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Luxembourg Expats

After arriving in Luxembourg, few points to remember as immediate thing to do.

  1. You might have just arrived and staying in a temporary accommodation and looking for a place to rent, we have written about the do's and don'ts. https://luxembourgexpats.lu/stories/resources/1100000634/
  2. Open a bank account. Bank accounts are required before finalising the rental wire payments. BCEE, BIL, ING are some of the banks that offer expat friendly bank accounts.
  3. After renting a place, you can take the contract with you to register in the local commune. Communes are different based on the area your flat or house is located. So ask for what the right commune to register your arrival. Most times the contract is not required to be shown for registration. Take both the passport, and the rental contract, just in case. This registration will be important for many reasons including if you later decide to apply for Luxembourg nationality.
  4. Request the tax card. If you're working for EU institutions, this will not be required. For almost all companies, a tax card is to be requested from the tax office. It might take a month or so to receive the tax card and your company will require it. The tax card will indicate the level of tax implied based on your marital status. Without the tax card, you might be paying the highest tax rate.
  5. CNS is for medical insurance. You go to hospital, you pay yourself and get it reimbursed for CNS.
  6. Other insurance: Most home rentals have home insurance as mandatory. Pet insurance, car insurance are all available.
  7. Filing taxes: Taxes are not mandatory to be filed if your only source of income is your salary. Taxes are deducted at source. If you want to reclaim some of the paid tax, and you have other sources of income then you have to pay the tax. Usually taxes are to be filed before March every year. Please consult your tax consultant for accurate information.

If you've a different experience or have points to be added, let us know. Reach for consultations at consult@luxexpats.lu

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