Is it time to treat sugar like smoking & alchocol?

othersPosted on 01 January 2050 by Team

Initially, people didn’t know that cigarettes were bad for their health. Because people didn’t feel pain or sickness after smoking just a few cigarettes, no one suspected tobacco of inflicting any hazardous effects on the body and so it took years for doctors to associate cigarettes with bad lungs and cancer. 

People loved cigarettes because it made them calm and relieved stress, and many doctors promoted its use for these reasons. Years later cigarette smokers have faced the harmful truths of smoking, but many are unable to quit because of the addictive nature of nicotine. 

Sugars may come in the innocent form of Little Debby cakes and gummy bears, but this sweet substance can be every bit as poisonous as smoking cigarettes. Sugar is everywhere and is nearly impossible to avoid. Even if you try to avoid the obvious foods such as candy, chocolate, cake, and brownies, you will still find hidden sugars in our regular foods such as smoothies, yogurt, bread, and ketchup. 

 According to a study abou 35 million deaths occur worldwide each year, from diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, an even greater burden on public health than infectious diseases. Sugar can lead to obesity which causes 17 million deaths per year. Click here to read more about suagr and alternatives that can be used to avoid it.

Today our society has realized the harmful effects of cigarettes, but we have yet to realize the harmful effects of sugar. We see ourselves making the same mistake with sugar as we did with cigarettes. Can we stop this killer before it’s too late?

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