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luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Luxembourg Expats
#Brexit deal rejected for the third time again on Friday. Normally UK was scheduled to leave the EU on 29th March. Now that the deal is not approved, UK will either have to crash out with no deal, or seek a longer extension for a deal. The UK has to decide which approach to take by April 12. If UK will leave with no deal, no one is prepared for it. If UK wants a longer extension, UK has no choice but to hold the EU parliamentary elections. A Luxembourg court refused to enforce US court decision to freeze Iran's assets in a Luxembourg clearing house: Luxembourg signed an agreement with China to collaborate on the Belt and Road initiative. This follows Italy, which became the first EU country to sign-up to the initiative: Travel Istanbul is putting together a number of activities for visitors: Developing countries are becoming an important source of growth. Forbes writes about traveling responsibly in developing countries: Business: Jersey's JTC is acquiring a Luxembourg corporate services firm: Luxembourg Tax reform 2019:

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