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Tea or Coffee? Which is healthier?

luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Team@LuxExpats
The debate is as old as the drinks themselves. The two caffeinated drinks are wildly popular around the world and are both consumed with breakfast meals although the way it is prepared differ. Both tea and coffee come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Generally, consumption of tea and coffee without milk and without sugar is considered healthier. Some effects of both Tea and Coffee Sleep quality: The biggest differences between coffee and tea may emerge once your head hits the pillow. Coffee drinkers tend to find it harder to drop off at night because of the higher caffeine content while tea drinkers in contrast, have longer and more restful slumbers. Tooth staining Coffee and tea are both known to turn our pearly whites into murky yellow and brown. Most dentists seem to agree that tea’s natural pigments are more likely to adhere to dental enamel than coffee’s. So bottom line is, depending on what kind of benefits you want to draw from your caffeinated drink, you can take your pick. If you're looking to energise your body quickly for a hectic working morning, coffee can help you much better than tea. But if you need a caffeine-fix that relaxes you and supplies your body with healing antioxidants, then go for black tea.

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