Parsley...Not just a garnish anymore!

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Parsley is a flowering plant native to the Mediterranean region and widely cultivated as a spice, herb, and vegetable. Parsley is a nutritional powerhouse with vitamins A, B, C and K and the minerals iron and potassium. This emerald green herb is popular among starlets who want to drop extra water weight before big events because it helps to reduce water retention and bloating (edema). Some Amazing benefits of Parsley 1. Fights Cancer Parsley contains a compound called carnosol that has been found to prevent cancer. Eating parsley can reduce the risk of cancers such as breast, digestive tract, skin and prostate. Parsley contains high levels of a flavonoid called apigenin. Not only does apigenin possesses remarkable anti-cancer properties, it’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. 2. Rejuvenates blood vessels Parsley is a good source of one of the most important B vitamins: folic acid. Folic acid helps to reduce homocysteine. Homocysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body but high levels in the blood can damage blood vessels increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. 3. Boosts Immunity The abundance of vitamin C in parsley makes it the absolute go-to food for boosting the immune system. The essential oils it contains can also suppress an over-stimulated immune response. These immune-boosting properties of parsley also help heal wounds rapidly. 4. Maintain natural hair color and promotes hair growth Parsley contains a high amount of copper, which helps to retain the hair’s natural color. It can be applied topically or can be added in large amounts to your diet. Rub powdered parsley seeds on the scalp and massage your scalp gently with it. This will stimulate scalp circulation and promote hair growth. 5. Good for skin protection The high amount of vitamin C in parsley nourishes the skin from within to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. It achieves this by boosting collagen production, by positively interacting with the amino acids in the collagen cells.

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