Natural Ways to Treat Acne Skin

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Picture a teenaged boy or girl in high school today and try to imagine some of the pressure and anxiety of a kid’s life. Some may be the results of being in a new country, new environment, new school, school work and need to find new friends, being accepted or not into already formed groups and the like. Not easy being the ‘outsider’ trying to fit in. Others may already part of the mainstream; fitting in well but the pressures of being a teen doesn’t go away, it can show up in many ways. While trying to cope with all of this, the teenager’s body is doing what it does naturally, it reacts to the hormonal gymnastics going on by producing acne on the face, neck chest and sometimes the back as it tries to find its own equilibrium and then stabilizes. This can sometimes last a few years. The teen finds this a catastrophic addition to his/her already ‘catastrophic’ life, and as this is the most visible part of what’s happening in their lives and the part they feel most anxious about it may cause them to become withdrawn, lose self-confidence and think less of themselves, particularly, if they are also being teased or feel left out because of their appearance. What they may not know is that while acne may develop on their skin, there are more than one cause and these causes if identified, can be diminished or eliminated, and they will benefit from clear healthy skin sooner rather than later. Poor diet choices: sugars, salts and pre-prepared or packaged foods, carbonated beverages can hinder the body and therefore the skin from getting the proper nutrients it needs. How do you identify a pimple, whitehead, blackhead or a cyst? Treating your skin can be really frustrating, especially if you don’t know what you’re dealing with. To make sure you never have a mix-up and end up making your skin worse, here’s how to identify each spot and the best way to tackle it: Whitehead: A hair follicle that’s blocked by dead skin cells piling up after the follicle opening gets blocked, but it’s smaller and less inflamed than a Cyst. You should never pop a white head but instead, apply a topical spot cream combined with retinoid cream. Blackhead: A whitehead that pushes through and is then exposed to oxygen, which oxidizes the contents and makes them turn black. To get rid of a blackhead, use a blackhead extractor. Pimple: Overgrowth of bacteria which stimulates an immune response that creates redness, swelling, pain and sometimes pus. DIY: Lightly press a hot flannel onto your skin, then dab tea tree oil or a piece of fresh ginger onto the blemish. Cyst: Cysts tend to be more painful, larger, redder and raised than a white head. Improper, or no skin cleansing routine may add to the problem. Simply making sure that the skin is properly cleansed at least twice per day, once in the morning and again before going to sleep, properly treating pimples that have formed on the skin with the right skin-care products can help to clean, treat, heal and protect the skin often without medical intervention. Water, air, sleep, exercise and diet are key components to having and maintaining healthy skin. It starts first with education, choosing to do and then doing. It’s easy once you know and then decide on a routine and kick into action. Spa Escape works with teenagers who often find themselves in the above category and want to take care of their skin and get the results. If you have any questions about what you can do, do not hesitate to contact us: +352 621 647 637

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