Pegan diet and its benefits

luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Luxembourg Expats
As one can guess, this diet is basically a combination of the paleo diet and the vegan diet. What makes the pegan diet a healthier one is that a good portion of it is plant-based which pushes you to shop for a whole lot of fruits and vegetables. However, peganism also encourages the consumption of meat as a side dish, preferably that of grass-fed and sustainably-raised animals. If you want to go pegan, plan to shop for a variety of deeply colored fruits and vegetables — they’ll make up about 75 percent of your diet. The diet also emphasizes fatty fish and flaxseed which is a great source of omega-3. The pegan diet also limits gluten-free grains like quinoa, brown rice, oats and amaranth.

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