Keypoints of Brexit deal (draft) agreement explained

othersPosted on 01 January 2050 by Luxembourg Expats
The Brexit deal draft agreement is approved by the UK cabinet. Immigration is set out to be difficult, as expected. EU citizens living in the UK for 5 years by the time of Brexit will be able to apply for permanent residence. But many questions remain at this point. What about those under 5 years? There seems to be a point based system for acceptance. Then, can this all be done before 31 December 2020. What about the British citizens in EU. Will they also have some sort of cut-off and qualification mechanism. When is the cut off for the 5 year qualification? is it 29 March 2019 or the end of the transition period 31 December 2020? Unclear. If we understood it right. after 5 years of residence in the UK, non-EU citizens can apply for nationality as per the current rules in the UK. Why does the EU citizens don't have the right that any other national has. Or will this rule also change for everyone in the UK? What about those EU citizens who don't qualify in the UK? Will they be chucked out unceremoniously or they would be seen as illegal immigrants? How would the British nationals be treated overall in the EU is silent? That's for EU to say and Britain to take a stand. Immigration is the most important question for millions of EU and British nationals and hardship has been ensured in this. Businesses seem to have largely secured what they need, Britain will stay in the customs union until the transition period. Read more in the link. Leave your comments here.

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