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Exercise, Eat well, Help others for good health

othersPosted on 01 January 2050 by Luxembourg Expats
Life in general is rather simple. We complicate it with our overblown and perceived needs and the world of business and marketing doesn't help in being simple with their enticing advertisements and allurements. The perceived creation of need. But, two things when lost are never coming back. One is time, another is health. Time and Health are factors we are not considering primarily when we think of our day. We think of things, work, family but our life is inherently defined by how our health status is and how much time we have got to live. It can be rather crude to think this way, but we can again make it simple. These two can be taken care of by simplifying our lives. Exercise, Eat well and Help others have amazing positive health impacts, writes Scientific American. We at Luxembourg Expats are doing exactly that by building a community that can help each other, share good health, travel and interaction tips to help you make your life healthier. And we trying to do this in a sustainable way. Have a read, Scientific American article is great. Leave your comments below.

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