Silicon Valley is navel gazing cities on the ocean

othersPosted on 01 January 2050 by Luxembourg Expats
Silicon Valley and Hollywood has always had a curious tandem relationship. Hollywood dreams of it and Silicon Valley realises it. In the same vein, the Hollywood dreamers have thought of utopian cities on earth to the oceans and other planets. Now, there is a real-life project taking shape, essentially a water world for the rich, but with a dream to call it a city where people live. You will have it all, solar power, recycling water, self-sustained aqua based agriculture and a ferry to the mainland where normal people live. We are not for a moment thinking we shouldn't dream as humans. But it appears though we have given up on total eradication of poverty and equality for people dreams. We would rather plan how can we escape the apocalypse. Have a read at this interesting project:

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