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luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Luxembourg Expats
Here are some of the top stories in Luxembourg THIS WEEK: Contaminated eggs: There has been controversy in Luxembourg about contaminated eggs being sold. Some, apparently, were sold in AlDI Luxembourg. At best, it seems like it's a good idea to stay away from eggs until this controversy dies down a bit. Asylum seeking: Luxembourg is said to have received more than 1500 applications seeking Asylum in Luxembourg. The country is obviously a place with high quality of life and has a welcoming asylum environment. With the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, and many parts of Africa, asylum seekers continue to arrive in Luxembourg. Brexit spoils: Luxembourg continues to attract asset management firms from the spoils of Brexit. Standard Life CEO's sees the Luxembourg environment in the same light. However, there is fierce competition from Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin, and Amsterdam for many of the Brexit spoils. We will continue to see more engagement here: Space mining law: Luxembourg has introduced space mining law, with some calling it cutting-edge, and others taking issue with it to starting the race of claiming the space resources to a country. Space mining as a space for business is just at the very beginning. There are many more debates to happen before things are coming to a stable agreement. One thing however is clear, Luxembourg has raised its hand that it wants to be an important player as and when space mining takes off. Kudos to Luxembourg to be an early mover and positioning itself in the midst of this debate. IP taxation: Intellectual Property taxation has been given some special treatment in Luxembourg. This according to EU and other requirements cannot be that straightforward and some of the special treatments are to be done away with. read more here: New HQ for LuxCargo: And finally today, LuxCargo has plans for building a new HQ in Sandweiler.

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