Side effects of drinking Green Tea

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Side effects of drinking too much Green Tea One of the most sought out weight-loss drinks; Green Tea is, in fact, an herbal tea from China, which has now cemented its roots all across Asia. Known to be the oldest herbal tea, which aids digestion, Green Tea has actually no conclusive evidence that proves it triggers weight loss. If taken in moderation, Green Tea helps in lowering cholesterol and is also linked with, in fact, the risk of death by up to 5%. According to health experts, one cup of this lukewarm beverage is sufficient for a healthy living, which can be moderately increased by up to 2 cups per day. But, anywhere drinking 5 or more cups of it daily can reverse the aid, or perhaps lead to severe health consequences; especially for the people suffering through following health problems: #1. Pregnant women Those, who are either pregnant or planning to conceive, must avoid too much of Green Tea. Caffeine is a stimulant, which can easily pass through your blood into the fetus’ bloodstream, where it may take much longer to metabolize unlike in an adult’s body. This can impact the development of the foetus and may lead to several complications at a later stage. However, we advise to always consult your doctor before consuming anything that contains caffeine. #2. Anaemic People with iron deficiency are warned against drinking Green Tea, as it might be fatal for them. The herbal beverage reduces the absorption of iron from food, worsening your health if you drink too much of it. #3. Insomnia Green Tea has filtered caffeine which when consumed blocks the sleep-inducing chemicals, thus boosting the production of adrenaline. So, people who are already on treatment for insomnia or are on any kind of medication for sleep problems must avoid Green Tea; its content may alter the chemical reaction, thus jeopardizing your health. #4. Diabetics and High Blood Pressure patients No well-educated and trained medical professional would advise you to drink Green Tea, under the above-mentioned health conditions. Even if taken into the moderate amount, Green tea may interfere with blood sugar levels in your body, thus causing dizziness, anxiety, heartburn, etc. As it boosts adrenaline rush, it’s not an ideal beverage for a blood-pressure patient.

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