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LuxembourgPosted on 09 October 2023 by Team

Luxembourg's prosperity is a powerful magnet for would-be migrants but while the minimum wage exceeds 2,300 euros a month, house prices start at around 10,000 euros per square metre.

Luxembourg allocates 52.7 MW in agrivoltaic tender.

"Affordable housing is scarce, especially for young people and single-parent families".Luxembourgers are crossing the border to live in Germany, Belgium or France just because rents and property prices are lower.

Luxembourg residents and nationals can enter and travel to India using an official document known as a "e-Visa" for India.

During the biggest public health crisis of our lifetimes, vaccine developers relied upon the discoveries by Dr. Weissman and Dr. Karikó, which saved innumerable lives and paved a path out of the pandemic. More than 15 years after their visionary laboratory partnership, Kati and Drew have made an everlasting imprint on medicine.

Construction on the church is expected to be finished by 2026. 

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