"Impf-Bus" mobile vaccination centre

Luxemburg, LuxembourgPosted on 22 October 2021 by Team

The City is strengthening its support for the national campaign to protect against COVID-19 by adding more vaccination centres. From Monday, 25 October to Friday, 5 November 2021 from 14:00 to 20:00, the City's new "Impf-Bus", a municipal bus converted into a vaccination centre on wheels, will stop at various locations in the city to give residents an easy way to get vaccinated without needing to make an appointment.

If you would like to get vaccinated, simply go to the location of your choice at any time. Make sure to bring your identity card and Luxembourg national health (CNS) card. The City of Luxembourg has implemented this initiative in order to support the Ministry of Health (Ministère de la Santé) in its efforts to raise awareness and offer city residents a convenient way to protect themselves and others against COVID-19.

For more info: vdl.lu/en/news/citys-impf-bus-mobile-vaccination-centre 

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