WhatsApp privacy policy update - why should you care?

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WhatsApp updated privacy policy came into effect on 15 May 2021. This is an important development that deserves your attention.

Some background:

WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook were all founded as separate companies and have been operating separately. That is until Facebook acquired WhatsApp and Instagram. Even after the acquistion, these companies have operated to some extent as independent apps. Slowly Facebook decided that they want to integrate all three apps and allow users to make use of the three applications simultaneously. This makes good business sense and also perhaps more user friendly. Because you can move around the apps and perhaps (eventually) start a conversation in Faceook and continue it on Instagram or WhatsApp. Sounds nice, what's the problem?


It all boils down to whether you care about privacy. Facebook already has a lot of information on you. It definitely knows more about you than you do as data can gather a lot of intelligence than our forgetfulness. So, now this privacy policy updates Facebook with even more data; not only the information you share with FB on Faceook platform, but also on Instagram and WhatsApp. In WhatsApp, and FB, many of us are sharing so much personal information. Now FB can learn you even better and have an accurate picture.

Governments' reaction?
Governments across the globe are reacting. The German government has paused the implementationf or 3 months and the European Union is considering fighting back. The Indian government has rejected it and WhatsApp has found a loop hole to challenge the Indian government in courts. It appears WhatsApp and Facebook did not expect this reaction but somehow this has become an important issue. At the end of the day, there are limitations to what governments can do. But, luckily you have options that you can take control. Use alternatives.

Alternative platforms:

WhatsApp is clearly the market leader. But there is Telegram and Signal, which are more privacy friendly for your personal use. There is no reason you cannot use Telegram or Signal, except the fact the person whom you want to communicate with is also on Telegram or Signal.  But all, and more features, are available in Telegram than WhatsApp offers. So, you can take control and start using alternatives.

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