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News you can use - 29 April 2020

luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Luxembourg Expats

Luxembourg has announced to Covid19 test every one of its 613000 population within the next 1 month. Government has allocated a budget of EUR 40m to this extent.


The large scale testing strategy is formulated by a task force. Essentially done in three stages

  • Stage 1: a representative population of a contingent is tested. The results of these tests give an indication of when the contingent can be freed from restrictions and when it should be tested on a large scale
  • Stage 2: All persons in the contingent are invited to be tested on a voluntary basis.
  • Stage 3: A representative group is selected shortly after the exit measures in order to be tested a second time. This allows monitoring of whether and how the virus is spreading within the contingent.


The Tax report says that EU loses $27 billion a year because of tax avoidance in Switzerland, Netherlands, UK and Luxembourg.


Luxembourg to be the first EU country to legalise recreational cannabis


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