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luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Team

British govt to put forward Brexit legislation in June; Withdrawal Agreement Bill to ensure 'swift exit' from EU. The statement came after talks between May and Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on a possible compromise that would end a deadlock on Brexit in Parliament. Report

Alabama passes bill banning abortion. The state Senate approved the law by 25 votes to six, rejecting exemptions for cases of rape or incest.Abortion would only be allowed in certain circumstances to safeguard the mother's health. BBC News

Putin smiles as Washington ties itself in knots over Russia. The Russian leader and former KGB officer could not resist some sardonic trolling on a day when the tortured legacy of the 2016 election sowed fresh mistrust and discord in Washington and the US President's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., got caught in the fallout. CNN

'Terrifying' Ebola epidemic out of control in DRC. More than 1,600 people infected in North Kivu province since outbreak began in August. 298 new confirmed cases of Ebola were reported in the DRC between 15 April and 5 May 2019. Continue

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