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Luxembourg, LuxembourgPosted on 02 October 2023 by Team

In our Featured Story Series (FSS), we connected with the Luxembourger and founder of GemStals, Verena Miller. We have a particular fondness for entrepreneurs, and today we would like to introduce you to one Verena Miller, who believes that our connection to the natural, outer world and elements opens the gates to access the energy all around us and to tap into the magic inside you.

Let's have a quick introduction about yourself. Where are you from and what do you do?

Hi, my name is Verena and I’m from the North of Germany. I’ve been living in Luxembourg for 5 years and been working for the airline industry for the majority of my work life. Travelling, new cultures, people, cuisines and unique experiences have always drawn me in. I like to experience the energy of places.

What's your entrepreneurial journey? How did you get started with GemStals?

I started GemStals about exactly 2 years ago with the intention to share the energy of crystals with Luxembourg and beyond.

My first experiences with crystals goes back many years. I bought a hand-made necklace with a large, shiny and naturally formed Labradorite at a yoga retreat. Whenever I wore the necklace I could feel the energy of transformation, calmness and bravery. It supported me like a talisman through some rough patches in my life. The energy of the stone helped me understand myself better. I gathered many crystals over the years but this one was different. I knew it came from a resourceful place, was naturally formed and had been treated with good intention.

Crystals are objects of energy. They naturally carry energy, absorb and give. There are many crystal companies out there, who sell crystals which have been artificially coloured, or been in the tumbler machine for weeks to look a certain way, have been unethically sourced and so on. What I was searching for and finally found was a family company from Brazil, which has the same focus on sustainability, natural condition, ethical work environment and keeping the crystals in their most natural form possible. is my passion project to share the energy of crystals, one stone at a time.

What is the importance of your product? Who should wear/carry your product?

Natural beauty and energy, lots of good energy. People who like to connect with elements from the earth.

What are you most proud of about GemStals?

The success we’ve been having at all exhibitions we go to. GemStals has a small, always changing product range but people seem to really connect with our products, which makes me very happy.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Yoga, astrology, astrocartography,, spending time in the outdoors, live concerts

What's your favorite spot in Luxembourg?

The Bambesch

What's your favorite quote?

Energy goes where intention goes

What would you say would be the recommendations of people who want to start their own business today?

Connect with people in your branch, learn from them, share ideas and give support where you can. Let your passion be the driver. ​

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