Luxembourg work permit procedure for non-EU nationals (third-country nationals)

LuxembourgPosted on 19 August 2023 by Team

August 2023 published - procedure may vary from time-to-time

Luxembourg is an attractive country for working in Europe. The country has high availability of professionals jobs, particularly in finance, legal and IT roles. c. 48% of the entire residents in Luxembourg are non-Luxembourgers. This is well-recognised and the country is welcoming to its expats population.

We here outline the general procedure for securing Luxembourg work-permit for third-country nationals (non-EU nationals). Luxembourg has good resources published to this extent. However, the resources can be overwheling and we therefore aim this to be a good starting point with relevant references. Note that this is a general procedure and might change or be different depending on your individual situation.

The general procedure for non-EU nationals:

1. Get a temporary authorisation (before entering the country)

- procedure for temp authorisation

2. Get a long-term visa (type D) (before entering the country)

- apply for an entry visa

- This step can be skipped IF "If the non-EU national has a residence permit as a family member of an EU citizen or a valid residence permit issued by another EU Member State, a visa is not required."  source:

3. Arrive in Luxembourg

4. Register in the local commune (after entering the country)

- Declaration of arrival:

- You need a rental agreement or an electricity bill to do this. Hotel and Airbnb stays are not accepted.

5. Undergo a medical check (after entering the country)


6. Apply for residence permit within 3 months of arrival to Luxembourg (after entering the country)

- At this point you should have done the medical check, registered in the local commune before applying for the residence permit.

- Apply within 3 months of arrival in Luxembourg

- Register to MyGuichet (Luxembourg government portal)

- Apply online using MyGuichet

The above must serve as a good starting point. Don't forge to adapt to your individual situations.

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