New resident permit maybe required for you if you've a paper-based card

LuxembourgPosted on 09 August 2023 by Team

New resident permit maybe required for you if you've a paper-based card with attached photographs. They are no longer valid.


Effective August 3, 2023, the previous-style residence cards for foreign national family members of EU citizens, those paper-based cards with attached photographs, are no longer valid. This applies regardless of whether these documents display an expiry date beyond August 3, 2023. In line with the EU's drive to enhance identity document security, Luxembourg initiated the issuance of biometric smartcards for residence permits from June 1, 2021.

Individuals holding the outdated paper-based residence documentation were given until August 3, 2023, to transition to the new biometric smartcard format. If you are among those affected, you would have received notification of this change through a letter. Failing to update your documentation could lead to complications during international travel or interactions with authorities.

To rectify this, you can acquire the new biometric smartcard for a fee of EUR 80. The process is outlined in the received letter, or you can reach out to the Luxembourg immigration authority via for further guidance. It is crucial to take action promptly to avoid any inconveniences in your travels or dealings with official bodies.

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