Life expectancy in Europe - Liechtentstein tops, Luxembourg in top 10

Posted on 16 April 2023 by Team

A recent study conducted across Europe has shown that life expectancy can vary by up to 10 years between countries, with Spain and Switzerland being among those with the highest life expectancy, and Russia at the lower end of the spectrum. Interestingly, the study also found that there were disparities within countries, with individuals in poorer areas having a life expectancy up to 20 years lower than those in wealthier areas.

Luxembourg was among the countries with the highest life expectancy in Europe, with an average life expectancy of 82 years. However, despite the overall high life expectancy, the study revealed that there were still significant disparities between regions in Luxembourg. The researchers highlighted the role of socioeconomic factors in determining health outcomes, and suggested that addressing these inequalities would be key to improving overall life expectancy across Europe.

The study also found that some countries, including Italy and Greece, had made significant improvements in life expectancy over the past decade, while others, like the UK and Denmark, had seen little or no improvement. This may be attributed to differences in healthcare systems and social policies.

Overall, the study highlights the importance of addressing inequalities in healthcare and socioeconomic factors in order to improve health outcomes and life expectancy across Europe. While Luxembourg performed well in the study, there is still work to be done to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic status, have access to the resources and services necessary to maintain good health and quality of life.

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