Why to buy/sell/rent used items and how to in Luxembourg Expats

Posted on 26 March 2023 by Team

We had our first television for nearly 18 years. Our first TV traveled along with us in our relocations to 3 cities and 4 houses in those 18 years. Then came the HD TV that we ought to replace for better convenience and quality. And then we moved, our HD TV did not travel with us. Why? Because it was an international travel. Could we have taken the HD TV with us, yes but did not make economic sense. However, the HD TV was in perfect condition and someone could use it perfectly well. We later sold it for almost 30% of our purchase price. The buyer had a great deal. A perfectly working HD TV at 30% of its original cost and perfectly working. We saved throwing it away. This or similar situation tends to be the case for a lot of items we own and is no longer relevant in our lives but perfectly okay in others lives. We started the Buy,Sell, Rent to enable these transactions to happen by connecting buyers, sellers and renters.

There are tons of benefits in buying, selling and renting things:

Buying, selling, and renting used items is an excellent way also to promote sustainability. The manufacturing of new products requires a significant amount of energy, natural resources, and generates greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to environmental degradation. By using and reusing already-existing products, we reduce the demand for new products and the environmental impact that comes with their production. Here are some reasons why buying and using used items is good for sustainability:

  1. Reduced waste: Every year, millions of tons of waste end up in landfills, polluting the environment and causing harm to wildlife. By using and reusing already-existing items, we reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. By choosing to buy used items, we are diverting these products from becoming waste and giving them a new life.
  2. Conservation of resources: The production of new products requires the use of natural resources such as timber, metals, and water, which are finite and non-renewable. By purchasing used items, we reduce the demand for new resources and promote their conservation.
  3. Energy conservation: Manufacturing new products requires a significant amount of energy, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions. By buying and using used items, we reduce the need for new production, leading to a decrease in energy consumption and associated emissions.
  4. Cost-effective: Buying used items is often more affordable than buying new ones. By purchasing used items, we can save money and reduce our overall consumption.
  5. Promotion of circular economy: A circular economy is an economic model that promotes the reuse of resources and products, as opposed to the traditional linear economy of take-make-dispose. By buying and using used items, we are supporting the circular economy model and promoting a more sustainable economic system.



Maybe you got convinced with our why you need to buy used items. Now comes the how to buy, sell, and rent. It's simple.

Take a photograph, think of a price and post in:

- Our marketplace luxembourgexpats.lu/buy-sell - we feature the links in all our social media channels for wider reach.

- Our Facebook community facebook.com/groups/luxexpatsbuysell


Do's and dont's of buying and selling:

We rely on the goodness of the buyer and seller in our community to make good of the transaction. We do not check the items being sold or the seller and neither do we play a middle men in the sale. What we offer is a place for buyer and seller to connect and transact without our involvement in-between. We have some suggestions though:


- Take clear photograph

- Post in the marketplace and community

- Give a clear description on the status of the item, what's working and what's damaged

- Quote a reasonable price and ask for a reasonable price

- Be flexible with the price

- Handover the items in public places, if you can.

- Be honest in the transaction


- Do not give money before seeing and receiving the item

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