An interview with Andrea and Luca: Founders' Bivius, Hotel and Restaurant

BIVIUS eat & sleep, Route d'Arlon, Strassen, LuxembourgPosted on 27 January 2022 by Team

Luxembourg Expats Network is the go-to network for expats and locals in Luxembourg for socializing, and finding everything for your life in Luxembourg. We particularly partner with local businesses in bringing great deals to the community and highlight the entrepreneurial stories of our community in our Featured Story Series (FSS). Today, we are speaking to Andrea and Luca, two Italian brothers who have founded Bivius ( Hotel and Restaurant in Luxembourg. Without further ado, let’s dig right in:

As its customary, let’s start with who you are and your Luxembourg story:

We are two italian brothers, Andrea and Luca We grew up in Luxembourg. Andrea always lived here, whilst Luca has been working across different continents for over 10 years since he was 20. The opportunity for us, 2 brothers, to work together reunited them again in Luxembourg.

What's your entrepreneurial journey? How did you get started with Bivius?

We started in 2016 by taking over the management of the former “Dany Hotel”. Over the years we have been developing our services with a major focus on quality, loyal to the values we were acquainted to throughout our various experiences in luxury hotels. Yet we kept the concept, peace and ambience rather casual and more accessible.

What services does Bivius offer? Who are your target?

Bivius is mainly divided in 2 parts: Hotel and Restaurant. Recently we developed our wine-shop, as we offer wine that we import directly. The online version of the shop is about to get launched soon.

What are you most proud of in developing Bivius?

Whilst the building is not owned and thus we are limited in certain areas, we have given the establishment an international posture, and since our beginnings we have embraced a process of continuous improvement throughout all areas of the company.

Shifting gears, what are your hobbies and interests?

Hobbies may vary, interests are multiple, continuously developing our knowledge is the driver.

Well put. What's your favourite spot in Luxembourg?

The heart of the City Center and Mullerthal.

What's your favorite quote?

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult. – Seneca

Brilliant line, applicable for all entrepreneurs. Anything else interesting we should've asked?

Curious? Visit …  oh yes, we do also host some small corporate and private events…

What would you say would be the recommendations of people who want to start their own business today?

Luxembourg has its very own specificities, it’s cosmopolitan but not an international city… the House of Entrepreneurship can also be of great help!

It’s great to connect with you Andrea and Luca. As rightly said, starting on your own can be daunting but when done, it's one of the most satisfying endeavours of our life. It’s always inspiring to learn such successful stories with Bivius. Thank you for sharing your story with us Andrea and Luca. Cheers to more success!

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