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☆☆☆Make your childrend's art into batik☆☆☆

Limpertsberg, LuxembourgPosted on 02 October 2021 by Erinahk

If you observe little children, they draw whatever they have in their mind and wherever they want if they have a chance. The way and kind how they draw is only for a limited short time in their growing stage. As they grow, they learn how to draw ''correctly'' and ''better'', but they are losing their unique way to visualise their world and memory. 

The amount of their sketches are often big but easily lost as it's on throw-away papers, often behind any unnecessary documents or paper mat served in restaurant. I have been always impressed what and how my child drew and so started to conserve his art. Batik is a method to draw and dye using wax on textiles existing in many culture in the world.  

I would love to make your child's own batik which is only one in the world!! If you wish, I can sew cushion cover, triangle party flags, scarf/bandana etc. with your own batik. If you are interested, please contact me by Email with your plan. I will give you the quotation. (

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