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Posted on 31 July 2021 by Team

How about a place we can request something and get matched with people who offer what are looking for? That's what we have done.

Luxembourg Expats has just launched a request and offer matching platform for our members in Luxembourg.  If you post a request, all people Offering in the same category will be instantly notified. They can pick-up the gauntlet and reach you easily and make offers. Sounds simple, because it is. Our ambition is to instantly match people requesting and offer just about anything. As of now we are matching the following:

Time, Cleaning Services, Mover, Airport Shuttle / Taxi,  Babysitting, Carpentry, Plumbing, Language exchange, Flooring, Bathroom,  Fixing, House Renovation, Jobs & Mini-Jobs, Goods, Help, Gardening,  Tutoring, Carpooling, Colocation/Flat sharing, Volunteering, Others,  Handyman, Electrician, Ironing / Washing, Sports, Housing, Photography

We have to say, our team's favourite among all the above categories is Time. You can request and offer your Time, the most valuable resource of our lives. You can share Time with others. How cool is it? You tell us :)

And you know what. We have also turned into a place where micro entrepreneurs can earn money. You can offer your time or services for Free or mention a price or discuss the price later. How about some change for a quick drop in Airport or helping out in moving. If you can imagine doing it, you can now do it and earn as you like.

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