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Why did we create Meet People and Make Friends in Luxembourg?

Luxemburg, LuxembourgPosted on 12 July 2021 by Team@LuxExpats

We go-to school, make good friends and we have a good time. These relationships tend to be stronger. We then grow-up to college, and build beautiful friendships. Then, we find our first job, then relationships, break-ups, jobs, colleagues, marriage, kids and more.

One day, we start feeling that our friendships are intact but our friends are far. We want to meet new people, we look around, and the world is filled with dating apps. We move to a new country, new city, new place, we are suddenly devoid of friends. How we wish we had a place where we can search for people, look at interests we share, get talking, and build new friendships. We felt so, and we know many of you share this feeling. That's when we attempted to create Meet People and make friends feature on LuxExpats.

Meeting new people should not be difficult. In fact, it should be very easy. In fact, all of us want to make friends. Now, this has become a reality with Meet People with matching interests.

Once you join Meet People with few clicks, all you've to do is simply look for shared interests and start chatting in no-time with new and interesting people.

Anything that's built to last has to be sustainable. For all basic members, we enable 10 profiles for free chat, and these profiles are regularly refreshed with new people. At the cost of only buying one Cappucino a month, you can become a Premium Member and get access to all filters, preferences, searches, and unlimited chats in LuxExpats. We are constantly adding to the Premium benefits, including upcoming new ways to earn money, exclusive special discounts, and LuxExpats team support.

With Meet People, filter and say hi to new people. With one button, you can find all people matching your interests. You can also share your feeling with "Feelings status" and add a description of whom do you want to reach you with simple descrptions. The world is now your oyster; meet badminton players, parents, travelers, and more in one place.

More power to women: We have introduced more power to all, but particularly also to women. As a woman, you want your profile to be shown only to other women, you can simply select to show your profile to other women only. Men can do the same, or can simply leave at the default setting of meeting any gender with shared interests.

Looking back:

Since we started LuxExpats as a community in 2012, one of the recurring themes was how to meet new people. We now have an answer to this. This is just the beginning, and more features on language, country of origin and many more awesome features are being developed as we speak.

Making friends has never been easier in the new app driven world. We are glad to be part of the LuxExpats community. Hurray!

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