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4 amazing health benefits of eating lemon - From heart health to glowing skin!

Posted on 03 June 2021 by Team@LuxExpats

1.Lemons are good for heart health

Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C. One lemon contains about 31 grams of Vitamin C. According to studies, intake of fruits high in vitamin C is linked to reduced heart disease risk.Lemon is also rich in dietary fiber, which can reduce risk factors for heart disease by lowering LDL or bad cholesterol.

2.Lemons can help to prevent cancer

Lemons contain plant compounds hesperidin and d-limonene which are known to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

3.Lemons can help against anemia

Anemia is caused by iron deficiency. The Vitamin C in lemon helps in better absorption of iron and hence can help prevent anaemia.

4.Lemons can help in maintaining blood sugar level

Lemon is high in fibre and eating food items that are high in fibre content can help maintain your blood glucose levels and also reduce your risk of getting diabetes.

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