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Luxemburg, LuxembourgPosted on 26 May 2021 by Team

Take a moment to think about today morning...Did you feel stressed or lost ? Were you running late ? Did you feel you have not rested well ?
If this how most mornings begin for you, it would help to plan a morning routine that can help set the tone for a productive & fulfilling day... 

How you spend the first hour of your morning matters; here are a few suggestions to create a routine that works: 

1. Wake up early 

Plan to wake up atleast 30 mins earlier than you need to, this way you have some quiet time for yourself. Make sure that you don’t snooze your alarm, get up when you need to. 

2. Stay off your phone for the first 20-30 minutes 

Laying in bed and starting your day off on your phone does not set a great tune for the day and also it can upset your morning schedule. Allow your brain time to wake up and start functioning before you feed new information from your phone ! This will help boost productivity in addition to being better for your mental wellness. 

3. Make your bed 

As trivial as it sounds, this act helps create order first thing in the morning. By creating a sense of order and organisation around you, you’ve already got a day of productivity underway. And you’ll be more motivated to take on the next task.  

4. Drink water 

Start your morning with drinking a glass of water before you start with the coffee. Better still add a few drops of lemon juice with few drops of honey to warm water & drink up for a quick detox.  

5. Meditate 

Spending a few moments in stillness and silencing your mind is empowering. Use guided apps to help you create atleast 10 mins of calm. Meditation is all about gaining mental clarity so that you’re calm & ready to tackle the day. 

If meditation has never really been your thing,listen to a podcast which is a great self-development tool too.  

6. Maintain a journal 

Spending a few minutes writing down a few thoughts or documenting what you’re grateful for gives your mind a moment to create. It’s also a peaceful and uplifting addition to your healthy morning routine. 

7. Exercise 

Adding exercise to your morning routine is a great way to have a more productive day & boost your energy levels.Exercising seems like a chore when you’re not used to it, try a few stretches or a quick workout video or go for a walk outside. Even fifteen minutes can be fantastic. 

8. Spend a few minutes outside 

A dose of sunlight combined with fresh air can really wake up you. Even simply drinking your water or coffee outside can really lift you up not to mention that sunlight is important to help our bodies process Vitamin D.  

9. Eat a healthy breakfast 

Eating a healthy breakfast is not only an important step to replenish nutrients for your body but also takes care of any mid-day cravings. An ideal breakfast should be high in protein. Skip sugary cereals,add a teaspoon of unsalted seeds & nuts for essential fatty acids. 

If you struggle for time in the morning, try putting together some yoghurt, chopped fruit in a jar in the refrigerator before going to bed & carry along some nuts &
seeds for a quick but healthy breakfast on the way to work.

10. Review your calendar for the day 

Check what your day looks like by reviewing your planner or calendar. Set yourself up for a successful day by knowing what is in store for you. You may use planning apps if you need help in organising your tasks better.

Check for the next days schedule before you end the day to be better planned for the next day. 

11. Tackle the most important task first 

Pick out either the most important task or the task you dread the most and get it dealt with right away.It will help you have a less stressful and more productive day. 

12. Plan short breaks between tasks 

Most days can be filled with deadlines & can leave you stressed out. Plan for short 5 min breaks between tasks. You may say hello to your colleague or listen to music or nibble on a snack or just do some stretching but plan for breaks during the day. This will help you calm your mind & help re-focus between tasks. 

When you are planning your routine, remember to add the ones you choose gradually. Preferably, not more than 2 habits a month. That way you can really make sure it sticks & it helps you from getting overwhelmed which can happen if you add too many at once. 

Remember to always be patient with yourself. Best of luck in adding some new positive morning routine habits to your day !

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