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luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Luxembourg Expats

The year was 1980, we built a new house. Doors, windows, and many other small and big things in the house were taken from our old house that was tore down before this new construction. We did see wastage, but a lot of them were biodegradable. Today, a phone I bought for EUR 800 fell once and stopped working. Needless to say, I have 3 more phones that are unused for various reasons. All gone, not recyclable, at least not easily. And the only thing I can do is, throw it away. This will eventually end up in some landfill, most likely in a developing country. Mobile phones have toxic elements such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chlorine and bromine. It is shuddering to think that many lesser developed countries are paying a huge price for the precious metals and minerals from Graphite to Cobalt mined and used in mobile phones. 

If you're wondering what my point is, I am getting there. We used to recycle a lot. Things we produced also were modular enough to be recycled. Today, we are in a throwaway and EUR 5 fast fashion skirts. Most of the things once used, are not reused. A lot many things that can be reused are thrown away because we can't be bothered to give it to those who need it. This precisely has to change, and can change. 

If we need to produce again modular recyclable things, the world has to change. Apple has to stop pushing us to buy mobile phones every 2 years, and there should not be any plastic used anywhere. But that's not going to happen anytime soon. Whilst we continue to strive to change the world, we all should do things that we already can. Practice minimalism, and give or sell away used items. It's incredible to think we all can do something about the plundering of earth's resources problem.

Minimalism is nothing but you buy what you only need. Not more, not less. We should no starve, neither should we be overloading. Just act responsibly to the world around us. Don't buy because someone else has got it, or you think its nice to have, or Apple tells its cool. Discard things responsibly, and give things you consider trash to someone else, to whom it might be a treasure. This is the only way we can build a sustainable world. Well, just the first step of building a sustainable world. 

We at Luxembourg Expats support recycling through our Buy and Sell section on our platform, and also through the Buy/Sell Facebook community. Look around you, there are things that others can use. Use our platform and Fb channels to make others use. When you sell, there are buyers to buy. Let's do our bit to make this world sustainable, one used item sale a time

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