Five ways to have a stress-free morning

luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Luxembourg Expats

Prepare the night before

Try to prepare what you can the night before, from food to deciding your clothes. Checking the weather forecast, keeping your calendar up to date and taking care of any time-intensive grooming routines the night before will also help you feel more prepared.

Dont hit snooze 

Snooze disrupts uninterrupted, quality sleep; instead set your alarm for when you actually need to wake up. If you struggle not to press the button, leave the alarm across the room, so you have to walk over to silence it. You could also try one that eases you awake with light or vibrations.

Get breakfast ready 

Try to plan the the breakfast  beforehand this will help to keep the mornings organised and quick. 


Organize the morning essentials in a way that is easy to grab. Like watch, keys, lunch box, etc.

Take a few minutes

Many of us make the mistake of reaching for our phones first thing. Instead, starting the day with at least five minutes away from gadgets, perhaps spent making a cup of tea and sitting down to drink will bring peace. The daily commute can also be made less stressful if you leave in plenty of time, wear comfortable shoes and have a book or a podcast ready for your journey.

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