What does your wine preference say about you ?

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According to Food & Wine, a survey conducted by Coravin (a wine preservation product) of 2,000 Americans over 21 (of course) revealed some interesting personality differences between people who preferred red wine and those who preferred white.


It also found that those who prefer

White wine: tend to be curious night owls with a penchant for punk music, perfectionism and cats. Red wine: drinkers meanwhile, were found to be adventurous, early rising, dog-loving jazz aficionados.


In terms of their wine spend, red wine lovers were £2 ahead of their white wine-loving counterparts, and were willing to splash out £31 on a bottle of wine. Red wine fans were also found to be humble, organised and more likely to be knowledgeable about wine.


Despite the differences between red and white drinkers, both groups tended to drink around four glasses of wine a week and preferred to drink at home.


A woman’s choice of wine says a lot about her. Whether Merlot or Pinot, White Zin or Shiraz, the distinct qualities that make a woman so special are embodied in her wine, and her wine is infused with her personality.


Click the link to know more what your wine choice says about your personality : https://buff.ly/2YIQKDy

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