So what have you been using? Cacao or Coco powder? or any other alternatives?

LuxembourgPosted on 02 February 2023 by Team

Health Tips!

From a 2-year-old to a grown-up Adult we all love chocolates which are included in all our day-to-day recipes from smoothies to cookies to cakes to shakes to ice creams and whatnot.

So let us see which version is healthier:

As raw chocolate, dark chocolate is the healthiest form and when it comes to the powder version let's see the difference between Cacao VS Cocoa powder.

We all are familiar with cocoa powder as its commonly used for baking chocolate cakes/brownies.

The latest research says that Cacao powder is the healthiest version since cacao powder is made from fermented cacao beans and has not been roasted & is processed at low temperatures that’s bitter in taste and high in nutritional content. Confusing is in it?

Let's now see how the cocoa powder is processed to have a better understanding. The cocoa powder is processed at a higher temperature and also this powder contains added sugar and dairy as a taste enhancer which results in it being less bitter, slightly darker and has lost some of the nutritional value.

So what have you been using? Cacao or Cocoa powder? or any other  alternatives?

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