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3 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere!

luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Jan

Squats, side planks, and pushups - the triple threat of body weight exercises that a live online coach can help enhance and take to the next level.


As the pandemic continues to take its toll on people around the world, it’s driven most of us to move our gym workouts, to home or park workouts. Sure, you may not have the same high-quality equipment that you’d normally find in your local gym, but nevertheless, staying fit is a way of life, and incorporating bodyweight exercises (like squats and side planks) into your routine will work wonders on keeping you mentally and physically healthy. 

Coming up are 3 of the best  bodyweight exercises you can do to strengthen your stride, and maintain (or push towards gaining!) your incredible physique.


What bodyweight exercise allows you to not be able to walk properly the next day?

First of all, get your mind out of the gutter! The answer is: the squat. But why are squats often deemed as the ‘kings of lift’? Well, that’s because this particular bodyweight exercise comes with a wide variety of health benefits, and is a great way to achieve the booty of dreams!

Possibly the best thing about squatting is that it never gets stale. With technology moving at such a fast pace, you are presented with 1-1 online coaching programs like Sport Activator. It gives you the ability to connect with an online coach, live, and from anywhere in the world. This alone leaves you with absolutely no reason not to squat! 

Sit back and stay tight (pun intended) - We have a couple of reasons as to why you should shape that booty, backed by science:

  • When you squat it builds character and discipline
  • It strengthens your core
  • Absolutely crushes calories
  • Boosts athletic ability and strength
  • They can be done anywhere

Doing the squat bodyweight exercise is simple! But for those who are beginners, let’s take a look at exactly how to do it: 

  1. Start with making sure your toes, knee, hips, and shoulders are all in line.
  2. When going down breathe in, and when going up slowly breathe out as you move.



Pushups are incredibly good for us. The main reason for this is because this bodyweight exercise literally gets the whole body involved, and stands as a staple for many other workouts such as yoga, HIIT, and pure strength training. 

Let’s set the record straight on pushups by explaining the legitimate health benefits you’ll get from doing them on the regular and how to do pushups correctly:

  • Pushups improve your upper body strength
  • They can double as cardio
  • Improves posture
  • Strengthens your bones

How to do pushups correctly: 

  1. Make sure to hold abs in tight and maintain a straight posture.
  2. Align your shoulders with your arms.
  3. When going down breathe in, as you begin to go up, breathe out.


Even if you don’t consider yourself a master yogi, the side plank is a pose you’ll want to start practicing on the regular. When you hold this pose for even a few seconds, your body will punish you by reminding you that you’re definitely not working out your obliques nearly enough. 


Side planks are exercises that are unilateral, meaning that they only work one side of your body at a time. You’ll also really feel it since your muscles will be working double-time to support your entire body. 

Let’s find out what the benefits of the side plank are: 

  • Less stress on center abdominal muscles.
  • Helps in building your balance and coordination.
  • Sustain great posture and ease of movement by building a strong core and better balance.

How to correctly do a side plank: 

  1. Align your heal, hips, and shoulders
  2. Make sure to keep your body nice and tight
  3. Set a timer to hold as long as you can
  4. Continue to take big deep breaths in and out throughout the plank

Ideally, you should be able to hold the side plank position for at least 60 seconds. If not, then it’ time to work harder! 


Unlike other coaching platforms who just send you videos to imitate, Sports Activator provides you with 1-1 live online coaching directly from the comfort of your own home. They bring together a team of expert online coaches, along with professional athletes, in order to assist you in achieving your life goals, anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, or a professional, SA will stand alongside you and adapt according to your needs.


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