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When it comes to breakfast different countries have a variety of options, lets see how people enjoy their first meal around the globe. Following are some delicious diversity of our world's breakfast cultures:


On weekdays, the Swiss frequently stick to quick but filling breakfasts like the traditional birchermüesli, while on weekends, it's time for Swiss brunch. Along with roesti (potato pancakes), cheeses, and cold cuts, the centerpiece of the brunch table is zopf.


Morning usually include fish like salmon or mackerel, miso soup, pickled vegetables and rice. There's also tamagoyaki, a slightly sweet rolled omelet made from thin layers of egg in a rectangular pan that gives it its signature shape.


For a traditional hawker-style breakfast, kaya toast is a must-have. The sandwich is spread with flavorful kaya, a sweet jam made with coconut milk, eggs, and sometimes pandan leaf for vibrant green color and flavor.


 Australia's "brekkie" is for them who love grain bowls, avocado and other savory toasts. Australian breakfasts can range from the classic avocado toast on seeded bread to a farro bowl topped with a poached egg and pickled vegetables or rice pudding with yogurt, seeds and berries.


Coffee drinks with lots of milk are the first order of business when getting breakfast in Portugal. the perfect pairing for these milky coffees are pasteis de nata, or egg custard tarts.

United States of America

American brunch, mostly include fluffy buttermilk pancakes stacked high alongside a pile of crispy bacon. The classic  toppings of butter and maple syrup remain the gold standard.


Caviar is actually a Russian breakfast food. A pot of black tea is a fixture on every breakfast table.

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