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luxembourgPosted on 01 January 2050 by Voices International

It is with great pride and honor that we share with you all, Voices International most recent project - VI Virtual Choir singing "No Time", directed by James Libbey. 🎉


Two months ago, we had to stop our VI rehearsals.
We had to stop seeing each other on Mondays, we had to stop singing together, we had to put everything on hold.


We were forced to be physically separated, but we can happily say that we never stopped being together! 👫👭👬

We kept our online meetings on Mondays, and we worked together for this project! Each one of us in their own homes, but still singing as a choir! 🎼


57 singers (from 35 different nationalities), our concert pianist Katrin, and our conductor James! 🌎🎹🙋‍♂️


We are the Voices International choir and we will always sing together! 🎶


This video is dedicated to all our families, friends and dedicated audience members - we will miss seeing you at our concerts this season! ❤️


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Link to the YouTube video below ⬇️

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