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The importance of face-to-face interactions, meetups, and the art of making new friends has surged remarkably.

In an era defined by digital connections, the importance of face-to-face interactions, meetups, and the art of making new friends has surged remarkably. While technology has undoubtedly bridged geographical gaps, it has simultaneously created a void in genuine human connections. Meetups offer a potent remedy to this modern predicament. At the heart of the matter lies the intrinsic human need for social interaction. Making new friends through meetups satisfies this need, cultivating a sense of belonging and reducing feelings of isolation that are increasingly common in our hyperconnected yet paradoxically distant world. Personal interactions foster empathy and emotional intelligence, skills often overshadowed in virtual communication. Meetups facilitate diverse encounters, allowing individuals from various backgrounds to exchange ideas, perspectives, and experiences. These interactions transcend online echo chambers, enriching personal growth by exposing individuals to fresh viewpoints. Such diversity nurtures tolerance, understanding, and open-mindedness, vital qualities for navigating today's globalized landscape. Moreover, meetups empower individuals to step out of their comfort zones, enhancing communication skills and boosting self-confidence. In an age where meaningful relationships are sometimes substituted with online acquaintances, forging bonds face-to-face adds authenticity to connections. The nuances of body language, tone, and shared experiences contribute to profound connections that cannot be replicated on screens. In conclusion, meetups and making new friends have assumed renewed importance in contemporary society. They bridge the gap between digital interactions and genuine human connections, enriching lives with diversity, empathy, and personal growth. As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, prioritizing in-person interactions through meetups is pivotal for our emotional well-being and societal cohesion. Meet people with common interest Make Friends:


The Week Gone By from Luxembourg Expats

Luxembourg based Iranian origin director's short film "The Red Suitcase" is nominated for an Oscar. Cyrus Neshvad is an Iranian film director based in Luxembourg. Cyrus was born in Tehran. His family fled the country when he was five years old. He completed his secondary school education at the Lycée Michel Rodange in Luxembourg and studied film in Montpellier and Paris." Bitstamp, the Luxembourg-based company obtained licenses in other European nations over the past several months. It registered as a virtual asset service provider (VASP) in Italy in July 2022 and was authorized by the Spanish regulators in November & now it has registered with the Financial Markets Authority in France. Students from humble backgrounds who have completed secondary school education have an opportunity to further their studies free of charge at a university in Luxembourg. The European Business University (EBU) of Luxembourg is offering scholarships to students in Asia, Latin America and Africa, primarily to Kenyan learners. If you live in the U.S., a Twitter account called World of Statistics reveals that it only requires Americans around 1.8 percent of their total annual salary to purchase an iPhone 14. These statistics also reveal that if you live in Luxembourg, you have to spend less than U.S. consumers to purchase an iPhone 14. The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival will open on February 16, 2023 with the world premiere of the US production ‘She Came to Me’. Vicky Krieps, the acclaimed Luxembourg-born actor who made her breakthrough opposite Daniel Day-Lewis in 'Phantom Thread', will unveil her turn as renowned Austrian writer Ingeborg Bachmann in a biopic by veteran German director Margarethe von Trotta. The ability to perform multiple searches with Google Lens has been made available worldwide. The company has officially announced the rollout of multi-search features to Google Lens. The function enables simultaneous text and image searches using Lens. The “Search Screen” is an additional feature that has been added to Lens. Globally, tourism is expected to continue on its strong-recovery path, both domestically and internationally. International travel is expected to surge by almost 40% in 2023, as compared to an 80% growth rate in 2022. However, a report by Euromonitor claims that the decline in growth pace doesn't necessarily signify a decline a trips but simply a difference in growth, owing to inflationary pressures. In this article, we shall take a look at the 25 Best Countries for Solo Female Travelers. A small nation with deep historical roots, Luxembourg offers rich cultural stories, beautiful landscapes, fairytale architecture and depth of character. It now also counts around 500 startups and has gained a global reputation as a reliable data hub with impressive connectivity, cybersecurity and data processing capacities – as well as being regarded as a launchpad for reaching the whole EU market. The Luxembourg national statistical agency Statec published a report showing that in the summer of 2022, people made 916,000 leisure stays during the summer. The most popular vacation destinations for Luxembourgers were Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Retirement in the future may not be what it was. Retirement length has started to flatline — or even dwindle in some countries — as the pace of life expectancy increases slow and the effective age of retirement gradually increases. If you’re struggling ideas, consider using tech to your advantage. From couple’s playlists to AI-generated Valentine’s Day messages, your fave apps and software can help embellish date night. As part of Samsung's partnership with Natural Cycles, the temperature sensor on the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro will be used to track users' menstrual cycle. According to the latest data from the European Statistical Institute, the Grand Duchy had an average of 9 students per teacher in 2019 , just behind Greece (8.7 students), therefore one of the best results on the Old Continent. In the Greater Region, the neighbors do much less well with an average of one teacher for 12.7 pupils in Belgium, 15.1 in Germany and even 18.7 for French primary schools . Of a total of 10,499 people who acquired Luxembourgish nationality last year, 40 per cent of them have obtained nationality by recovery, meaning that they have national roots in Luxembourg, that date back to January 1, 1900. Three new images have been released by the Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg to mark the 42nd wedding anniversary of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. The photos were taken by court photographer, Sophie Margue. WAIFC announces the launch of the Young Academic Award 2023. WAIFC invites young academics to submit papers or essays on the future of a sustainable and inclusive financial sector.Application deadline: 15 May 2023 A report published by the Idea Foundation on 9 February found that Luxembourg’s financial sector has indirectly generated 70,000 jobs. Added to the 64,600 jobs directly generated by the sector, the report found that the sector is linked to a total of 135,000 positions. The business of Sports, "When Federer left Nike in the summer of 2018 after 24 years, moving to Japanese clothing retail chain Uniqlo on a 10-year, $300 million contract, that came as a shock to Nakajima." 2023 is already setting out to be record year for women in leadership roles. For the first time since the Fortune 500 list began 68 years ago, more than 10% of CEOs leading Fortune 500 Companies were women. Artec 3D, a developer and manufacturer of 3D hardware and software technology including 3D scanning solutions, opened an optoelectronics production facility in Luxembourg. The facility includes a 300-sq-m clean zone with ISO 7 cleanliness classification and customized temperature, pressure, and humidity control. Nine in ten adults reported knowing at least one foreign language in Sweden (96.6 %), Latvia (95.7 %), Denmark (95.7 %), Lithuania (95.6 %), Luxembourg (94.5 %), Finland (92.1 %), Malta (91.8 %) and Estonia (91.2 %). Sony's horde of valuable IP, thoughtful design, and new eye tracking tech make the PlayStation VR2 a tempting purchase. The delegation of the Egyptian artistic gymnastics team for men and women will participate in the Luxembourg Open Championship from 16 to 19 February. Known for high-income levels and a low unemployment rate, Luxembourg is the richest country in the world. Ireland, on the rise thanks to favorable corporate tax policies, is projected to hit #1 by 2027. The resource-rich land with the world's biggest economy, the United States, ranks 9th on the list. Quilling is an art form that has been around for centuries. Its the art of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls, and arranging them to form elegant filigree. Who can learn this art form? Anyone who has the passion to learn any new art form and for kids -  6 years is the best age at which a child can quill. With an adult present to guidethem / a child at the age of 4+ can create all the basic Quilling shapes. It’s an extraordinary activity for kids because it intrigues their creativity and develops their perception of geometric shapes. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Linkedin & also subscribe to our website LuxembourgExpats 

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The Art of Quilling Paper

Quilling is an art form that has been around for centuries. Its the art of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls, and arranging them to form elegant filigree. The art of quilling works on fine motor skills including coordination and strength. It is a great way to build hand-eye coordination. Quilling is incredibly relaxing and calming. Wonderful for helping build mindfulness and reduce anxiety. Today, quilling is seeing a resurgence in popularity. It is sometimes used for decorating wedding invitations, for Christmas, birth announcements, greeting cards, Scrapbook pages,and boxes. Quilling can be used to decorate greeting cards, frames, books etc. and one can also create beautiful jewellery sets, key chains, models, hanging decor, vase, embellishments, gift tags, wall art, candle holder, 3d quilled gift box and many more….. Who can learn this art form? Anyone who has the passion to learn any new art form and for kids -   6 years is the best age at which a child can quill. With an adult present to guidethem / a child at the age of 4+ can create all the basic Quilling shapes. It’s an extraordinary activity for kids because it intrigues their creativity and develops their perception of geometric shapes. Let’s now look at the History of quilling: In England, with the appearance of first paper mills around 1495, the establishment of paper manufacturing was significant factor in the development of quill work. Paper, elaborately constructed into design and then gilded, substituted more expensive metal. There are records of French and Italian nuns using the torn edges of gilt-edged Holy books from 1200s - 1600s. These pieces were wrapped around goose quills to create coiled shapes for decoration of reliquaries and holy pictures. They used paper and then gilded or painted the finished work replicating expensive intricacies of wrought iron or carved ivory. This practice of using quills resulted in the craft's name - quilling. Many sources claim that in Europe the ladies of affluence were taught quilling along with the needle work in Edwardian and Victorian times. Special reassesses were made in tea caddies, baskets, portraits, screens and even in furniture sides to allocate the surface for intricate paper coils and shapes. The instructions and templates were published in magazines of the time. The quality of quilling was at its highest standard. These were mostly genteel women in Europe, and particularly in England, where quilling was seen as a proper hobby for young ladies to take up along with needlework. It flourished among the ladies of upper classes who had no need for gainful work and were spared domestic chores. Quilling guild of England makes references to The New Lady's Magazine of 1786: "... it affords an amusement to the female mind capable of the most pleasing and extensive variety; and at the same time, it conduces to fill up a leisure hour with an innocent recreation ..:' Another source, an Edwardian book of household management entitled 'Floral Mosaicon,'provided a reference to Queen Mary and Queen Alexandra purchasing paper pieces. Only those with money could afford to purchase the supplies needed for quilling such as foil, mica or flaked shell, which were often used as backgrounds. Wooden frames were sold for the sole purpose of being decorated with pieces of paper rolled, shaped and glued into patterns.The projects were usually finished by painting or gilding. The ladies were touse quilling to while away their hours in the pursuit of becoming accomplished women, comfortable knowing that in time, an eligible bachelor would likely take them as a wife. Quilling thereby became a means of signalling wealth and leisure time to prospective husbands. Until then they decorated screens, cabinets, frames,tea caddies, cribbage boards, wine coasters, work baskets and work boxes, urns and over time, even furniture. Certainly the craft was popular in the early 1810s (the Regency period), but its popularity waned soon after. In 1875 quilling was reintroduced in Europe by William Bemrose, who produced a kit called 'Mosaicon' that included a handbook on quilling. But by the beginning of 20th century it was only introduced as part of a school craft education. Many European museums hold examples of quilled work, and two major exhibitions of quilling have been held in 1927 in London, one reportedly displaying items quilled presumably by Charles I. The exhibition of 1988 in New York at the Florian-Papp Gallery presented for exhibition and sale some exquisite examples,mostly of European origin. Patricia Caputo also writes extensively on the revival of quilling in America. She has mentioned the American Quilling Guild, surviving suppliers, exhibitions, and overall growing popularity of the craft in 1970s-1980s. The Quilling guild of England is a very popular organisation across Europe and Australia, staging exhibitions and providing classes extensively in both modern and classic styles of quilling. British quilling guild staged festivals of the craft across the country since the 1990s, and hopes to have a permanent display of its archives. The best literary example of quilling as a ladies' pastime was given in Jane Austin's novel Sense and Sensibility. Lucy Steele, attempting to curry favour with the Middletons, in particular with Lady Middleton, creates a filigree work basket for the Middleton's spoilt daughter, Anna-Maria: "Perhaps," continued Elinor, "if I should happen to cut out, I may be of some use to Miss Lucy Steele, in rolling her papers for her; and there is so much still to be done to the basket, that it must be impossible, I think, for her labour singly, to finish it this evening. I should like the work exceedingly, if she would allow me a share in it." But later Austin depicts the filigree basket as a waste of time and money because of its useless fragility. (Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austin, Chapter 23) If you have ever wondered what the Bennet sisters were doing with a number of pieces of rolled paper spread over the table in one scene, fortunately, you will now be in the know! Many examples of quilled art can be found on cabinets and stands, cribbage boards, ladies' purses, a wide range of both pictures and frames, work baskets, tea caddies, coats of arms and wine coasters. Storage boxes, larger than most jewellery boxes with drawers and/or tops that opened, quilled lock boxes, are popular. In recent times, quilling jewellery has become a trend for fashion lovers, as it can be very light and easy to carry on them. Some items were specially designed for quilling, with recessed surfaces. Quilling was also combined or married with other techniques such as  embroidery & painting. Quilling can be found in art galleries in Europe and in the United States, and is an art that is practiced around the world. Difficulty level of this art: Quilling is relatively easy to learn compared to most other crafts, and with the resources available today, it can be learned by almost everyone. Basic quilling techniques can be learned almost anywhere and there are several videos online that teach how to start quilling. There are more exotic styles of quilling that aren't commonly taught, but can be learned through books that teach the specific styles. Notable Paper Quilling Artists If you are looking for some inspirations to help you kick-start your paper quilling journey make sure to view some of the works of these artists. ParthKothekar: Ann Martin: Yulia Brodskaya: Archana Kumar: Justine Kuran: To explore more: Some Quilling tools available in the market: Quilling paper strips Slotted quilling tool & quilling needle Electric quilling Craft Tweezers Quilling shape board Circle Sizer Curling coach Quilling comb Border Buddy Paper crimper Quilling Fringer DIY quilling kit for kids / Adults Paper quilling instructions and guides can be found in many book stores. Beginners of any age can start with books written for kids which have great instructions. Besides being very easy to understand, children’s paper quilling books come loaded with quick and easy do it yourself projects. Yes,  the key to be successful in any art form is practice, practice & practice……..quilling requires plenty of practice to master the skill. So if you want to quill it like the pros, you need to practice as often as you can. Try more complex shapes, and creative patterns and have fun along the way. . Once you have mastered the skill, you could probably create your own tutorial! Getting started with quilling tutorials list: We had a great time putting this piece together and hope you enjoyed reading it. Happy Quilling! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Linkedin & also subscribe to our website LuxembourgExpats

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Luxembourg based director's short-film nominated for Oscar

Luxembourg based Iranian director"s THE RED SUITCASE is nominated to the Oscar in Short Film category. Celebrations are in order. Cyrus Neshvad was born in Tehran. His family fled the country when he was five years old. He completed his secondary school education at the Lycée Michel Rodange in Luxembourg and studied film in Montpellier and Paris. His short film THE RED SUITCASE has been nominated to the Oscar under short film category. This short has to be considered for Best Live Action Short. The movie was considered as “A NECESSARY FILM” by Oscar Qualifying Tirana Film Festival and Rhode Island Film Festival. This film focuses on women’s oppression not only in Iran but all over the world even in the West. Cyrus feels proud of having made THE RED SUITCASE  which was scary for him to tell a story about anything connected to Iran & now he could do so and create a Social Impact. He continues what inspired him to make this film and says that he has lots of members of his family still living in Iran and his parents have kept the connection to Iran and what’s going on.Two years ago his family was telling his mother that a lot of women were disappearing as soon as the hijab was not worn properly or when you say something which is against the regime. Women are disappearing and will never appear back.That was terrifying news for him and he really wanted to talk about this he didn’t want to do a documentary, so did a live action short. THE RED SUITCASE  is an 18-minute film which tells the harrowing story of the plight of Iranian girls who are victims of forced marriage and human trafficking, and the ongoing human rights violations against girls, women, filmmakers, and activists in Iran. It follows a 16-year-old Iranian girl who must decide whether to accept being forced into marrying a middle-aged man she has never met in a foreign country - or try to escape and seek freedom. The film was shot over six days at the airport in Findel in 2021 and produced by Cyrus Neshvad’s production company Cynefilms. Shot in Persian, English, Luxembourg and French, the film will be screened at the upcoming Luxembourg City Film Festival in March. The 2023 Oscars take place on Sunday, March 12, 2023. Cyrus has directed several short films, including “The Orchid,” “Antoine,” “Son” and “Portraitist,” which have all been produced by Cynefilms. Collectively these films have officially been selected in over 300 festivals, over 30 of them Oscar-qualifying. “Portraitist” qualified for the Oscars in 2020 and won 55 awards, including the Letzebuerger Filmpraïs 2021 in Luxembourg. Currently, Cyrus Neshvad is developing his first feature film which is supported by the Film Fund Luxembourg - “Le Refuge / The Shelter” is about 6 years old boy who escapes Iran during the revolution and finds shelter in Luxembourg. There in the refugee camp, he gets befriended by an old Russian woman. Links: Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Linkedin & also subscribe to our website LuxembourgExpats 

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Weekend Fun with Kids – Open Terrarium

All about terrarium: The word terrarium came from the word aquarium. Terre means land and aqua means water, viva means to live. It is usually transparent and one can keep plants or reptiles like turtles, lizards or frogs. The longest-known terrarium lasted on its own for 53 years & they may even outlast us. The purpose of terrarium, in general, is for decoration and in many cases for scientific observation or plant-animal propagation. Two different types of terrariums are open or closed and the 4 levels of layering up the terrarium are in the order from the bottom to up - pebbles,moss, soil and decorative layer. The most common terrarium types are Bonsai terrarium, Succulent terrarium, Moss terrarium, Desret terrarium , Tropical terrarium & Aqua terrarium is also called waterfall terrarium. Let us collect some things before we start. Glass bowl - You may recycle from old jam jars to large pasta containers. Pick any glass container that has enough room to place a couple of plants. Potting soil – any soil will do and we may require two handful maximum. Activated Charcoal – Optional, this keeps the terrarium water fresh and avoids bacteria from growing Sphagnum moss - Optional Tools - Pencil / Chopstick / long spoons/stick will do Sand - Optional Small rocks An assortment of small indoor plants (like succulents, moss, tropical plants). Choose an assortment of small indoor plants and slow growing like succulents/moss/cacti/ nerve plants/air plants etc. An assortment of decorations and toys—like toadstool mushrooms, plastic dinosaurs, moss, grassy rocks and craft birds.Other favourites include larger rocks, coloured sand, mini garden gnomes and fairies, other plastic animals, etc. Let your kid pick out whatever he or she wants to give the terrarium an extra special touch. Now how do we set up the Terrarium? Fill the bottom of your cleaned and dried glass bowl with small pebbles—about 2–3 cm high. This allows for proper drainage. Next, add the charcoal. Just scatter them to cover the pebbles & if you have sphagnum moss you may layer them on charcoal. Fill the glass bowl with potting soil about ¾ of the way up. Make sure there is enough soil so that the plant's roots sit comfortably inside it. Next pick your plants according to their size and the bigger plants go in first. You may use tools like a pencil to make a hole for the plant. Next, you may use moss or sand to cover up the soil. So layer them up accordingly. Let your child fill their terrarium with special objects of their choice now. Place your terrarium in a sunny indoor spot but not in direct sunlight and water when the soil becomes dry. Preferably spray them with water. Do not overwater the soil. It should remain barely moist. Feel free to tag us in a photo or share it in the Facebook group so we can see your spectacular creations  😊 Some surprising facts to explore:


B2B: Art In Office - how to arrange it - insight from art-advisor

B2B: Dear Community, corporates, business institutions, entrepreneurs! Here I would like to share with you the insights of art-advisor's job, my experience and observations which I do regulary on LinkedIn. gHope it will be useful and interesting. According to FORBES, the work efficiency is 17% higher in the offices where the artworks & plants are present. #ArtInOffice is a power tool to affect your staff, clients as well as the cheapest way to add the refined touch to your office. Why & how it’s possible?! I’ll explain in a simple way and give a #lifehacks in the next posts on LinkedIn😉 But before I would like to encourage you to commission the professionals, because… -      The amateur approach can spoil even the best ides. If you want to try and think you are ready to unpredictable consequences, delegate your T-ager kid to fill out your tax declaration at first. “I can do it by myself” – is not for that kind of services, except you have the multilateral expertise & experience in curatorial studies, psychology, tracing the trends in contemporary art, a feeling of suitability additionally to impeccable taste. -      If you love adrenalin and ready to take the risk, remember that all the responsibility will be yours, because it supposed to be clearly visible. So, estimate its diapason from “great success” to “complete fall”. It doesn’t matter, are you an owner, CEO or employee, this quote will apply: “The doctor can bury the results of his experiments but not the architect”. -      Finally, good news: it’s much cheaper than to host the temporary exhibition in your office than to re-paint the walls, but the effect is incomparably bigger as well as to pay an external provider for 1-time service than to employ a dedicated person. Especially when you really need it for special occasion, like new office opening or important meetings with clients/investors/partners. Afterwards based on measurable results and feed-backs, you can re-consider it for a long-term perspective. Wish you a Happy Friday and wonderful week-end! 😊 #artmanagement #business #contemporaryart #experience #success #entrepreneurs #ceo #b2b #wellbeing #businessneeds #outsourcing #outsourcingservices #work #reason

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