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We provide French trainings and consultancy services in order to develop and certificate French communicative skills for foreigners, whatever his background, level of education and economical situation.

We are dedicated to help you, your employees and especially new comers in Luxembourg to feel more comfortable when using French in his/her job and daily life.

We have a strong experience by providing trainings for all levels for all types of organizations: multinationals, European institutions, banks, universities, start-ups and individuals.

We have a deep knowledge of the Common European Framework of reference for Languages and we focuse all our courses and evaluations.

French trainings are starting soon ! ONLINE ! IN LIVE!!!!

* Goal 1: Make French language accessible to everyone

* Goal 2: Express oneself clearly in French

* Goal 3: Promoting social inclusion through language proficiency

-> Intensive and Progressive sessions (25h/ session)

Register directly on our website ;


->  1 session booked = 475 euros -> 19 euros / hour for 25 h

-> 2 sessions booked together=  850 euros -> 17 € / hour for 50h

-> 3 sessions booked together=  1125 euros -> 15 € / hour for 75 h

We cannot accept OLAI tickets.

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